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A few weeks ago I picked up the Air-O-Swiss portable humidifier through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. I purchased the Air-O-Swiss humidifier to use when traveling. As a bonus, I earned 3x points per $1 spent at Sears through the portal. I’ve heard good things about the humidifier so was very interested to try it out myself.


My Experience With Air-O-Swiss

I received the humidifier in time for a recent trip to Las Vegas with American Airlines. The humidifier is easy to assemble and comes with a small carrying case. The package even comes with a European power adapter.

I pulled all of the pieces out of the packaging, placed them into the travel pouch and dropped the travel pouch into my briefcase. It’s that easy to take with you. Things were off to a great start.

The humidifier requires a plug, so I place it on the bed side table in my Luxury suite at the Palazzo. The last time I was in Vegas I stayed at a suite in the Encore and wished I had a portable humidifier. This time I was prepared to combat the dryness that comes with staying in Las Vegas, or so I thought.

The humidifier takes standard size water bottles. The cap of the water bottle fits snugly into the adapter which is then placed into the humidifier. I had no issues using a bottle of water from the Palazzo. I placed the water bottle in the adapter and then on top of the humidifier. At that point, the water fills the humidifier and it’s ready to turn on.

Over all it was an easy process to use the humidifier, but I experienced a few problems.

  • The bright blue light is troubling for those who sleep in complete darkness
  • I used a hard plastic water bottle which prevented the water from easily filling up the humidifier
  • I had to squeeze the bottle to get water into the humidifier, as a result, the humidifier didn’t work as good as it could have
  • The humidifier got pretty hot and left water residue on the wooden table

Bottom Line

The dry Las Vegas air won this battle against the Air-O-Swiss portable humidifier. But the war isn’t over. I have another trip back to Vegas in a few weeks and I’ll give the humidifier another try.

The Air-O-Swiss portable humidifier is compact, lightweight and easy to travel with. I experienced a few problems the first time I used it which were likely due in part to the water bottle I used but also due to the design. The bright blue light is just something users have to get over. It would be great if there was a way to turn off the light somehow. I’ll give the humidifier another try in a few weeks when I’m back in Vegas, but I’ll use a water bottle with lighter plastic.

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  • Delta Points said,

    Be sure you run it on about 60% and put the “wings” out for stability. That way, with a 1 litter, if should last all night.

  • Eric said,

    My girlfriend also had a hard sleeping with the light, so I used some of her fingernail polish to paint over it. Took away about 90% of the light after only 2 coats.

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Hi Eric – This is a great suggestion. Thanks for sharing.

  • organic hcg drops said,

    It’s actually a nice handy little bit of information. I am happy that you simply distributed this convenient data about. You need to stop us updated similar to this. Thank you for spreading.

  • imfr33 said,

    Did you get a chance to give this humidifier another test? If so I’d like to hear your 2nd try result. I recently went to Vegas and suffered from the dryness so want to imvest in a travel humidifier. Thanks!

  • Earn Hyatt Points At 12 Hotels In Vegas Plus Other Benefits - Points Miles and Martinis said,

    [...] Dry Las Vegas Air vs The Air-O-Swiss Portable Humidifier – Travel Gear Review [...]

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