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I’ve rented a lot of cars during my travels. Whether renting for business or pleasure, I always notice if my rental car is clean or dirty. I’ve had my fair share of both.

Once, I picked up a car that had a bananna peel in the passenger seat. Another time, I picked up a car that had someone’s old mocha latte in the cup holder.

But with my most recent rental, I didn’t have any of these problems. The Toyota Camry I picked up from Avis was brand new. Only 9 miles on the odometer.


It got me thinking about all of the cars I’ve rented. This was definitely the newest car I’ve ever picked up at an airport rental location.

What was the newest car you’ve ever rented and how many miles did it have?

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  • gomike said,

    Alamo in Maui, a Impala with 7 miles

  • Ninmurai said,

    I once had 7km!

  • DaninSTL said,

    I’ve had a few with under 100 but never 9. Wow.

  • Marilynn S said,

    9 miles in MCO.

  • FrequentBusinessFlyer said,

    Corvette Convertible from Hertz in Maui with 7 miles on it. Awesome-ness.

  • Brad said,

    4 miles at LAX from Hertz

  • Cristian said,

    Lincoln MKX with 5 miles

  • PSL said,

    A Ford Fusion with 4 miles that I got from Avis at the Burbank airport. The funny thing was that the agent initally swore he did not have the full-size car I reserved and that I would have to accept an “upgrade” to an SUV, which I vehemently refused because I did not want a gas-guzzler for my week driving around Southern California nor did I want to pay extra charges in parking garages. Only then did the Fusion magically appear!

  • The Miles Professor said,

    Nice! I really like the new car smell too :)

  • Vince said,

    @ National LAX
    2013 Genesis

    Miles/Kms out: 3.0
    Miles/Kms Driven: 944.0
    Miles/Kms In: 947.0


  • Tony said,

    Two brand new cars, both in LAS.

    One was at Fox rent-a-car. The second was at Budget.

    I had zero status with both.

    Not sure how much timing matters, but both were rented in the early afternoon.

  • Conifer1 said,

    A Toyota Corolla with 2 miles from Hertz @ BWI

  • Jayson said,

    0 mile (twice) Nissan Altimas (two different rentals, but from same location) TPA.

    I pealed the plastic off the interior of both.

  • nelton said,

    barcelona/ europe car/ mercede a 180/ 5km

  • Debra said,

    Compared to Jayson I picked up a an old car with 5 miles on it at TPA today. Almost no plastic left on it. I need to complain.

  • Jim said,

    10 miles. 2013 fusion at SAN Avis

  • Spencer F said,

    6 miles in SLC

  • Joshua Pickles said,

    An Avis Chrysler 300 2013 last weekend for free http://first2board.com/themrpickles/2013/03/25/shhhh-secret-code-reviled/

  • w4 said,

    4 miles last week @ LAX!

  • Arthur H said,

    The last 2 times I rented vehicles at BHM they were brand new without tags. Apparently, it’s not a problem to drive a rental car without a license plate in Alabama.


  • Gary said,

    Cadillac. 3 miles:

  • Alex said,

    6miles Tahoe @ TPA

  • Wendy said,

    Years ago I had a rental of a Ford Tempo with 2 miles on it. The mileage was from loading and unloading the car from transport.

    Lately when I rent cars they seem to give me ones that need a oil change before I’m done using it. I’ve had that happen the last two times I rented a car for 3 weeks at a time. Hertz and Alamo have both did this to me.

    Note to the rental agencies.

    If a car goes out that is due for a oil change in the next 500 miles. Change the oil before it goes out on a 3 or 4 week rental.

  • Gizmosdad said,

    National @ BUF

    I once thought I hit the jackpot with a car that had 10.4 miles on it, until I took the same trip the following week, and the car had 2.0 miles on it.
    I’ve never been in a car that new!

  • mark said,

    Well, you are all welcome to the brand new ones. The outgasing of the plastic (new car smell) gives me a headache so I ask for a car with quite a few miles on it. Yes, I do get some funny looks from the employees.

  • NewNomads said,

    4 miles…. Impala LTE with leather and all the toys at ATL.

  • Bill said,

    26 miles in Tampa

  • Jay said,

    2 miles on a jeep a few weeks ago at SDF

  • Rich C said,

    Less than a mile.

  • Stephen said,

    12 miles – at the MAN airport. Proceeded to put over 1800 miles on it over 2 weeks before we returned it.

  • flyer708 said,

    2013 BMW 335i. February 10km. SixT @ FRA

  • FLYGVA said,

    And Volvo XC60 with 8 km at DUS from SIXT, an Ford Mondeo Station Wagon with 12 km in Düsseldorf Main Station from Sixt as well. A Peugeot 407 a couple of years agon had 75 km but already a quite substantially damaged back door (also from SIXT – changed it due to the damage at a different station against an BMW 3series)

  • JP said,

    6.0 mile car from BWI

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