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We chose the Ritz Carlton Singapore for our first stay in Singapore. It was really late when my Singapore Airlines flight landed from Korea. I had pre-arranged transportation from the hotel, but could not find my driver. Good thing, because the trip from the airport to the hotel is only about 20 minutes and I found the Singapore taxi’s to be a great option. I hopped into a cab and off I went to check into the Ritz Carlton Singapore in the early hours of the morning.

Hotel Entrance & Lobby Area

The hotel offers views of the Marina Bay and is located at the heart of the Marina Centre. It’s a short walk across a street to the bay. IMG_1279

The lobby entrance is impressive. To the left is the buffet area which serves breakfast lunch and dinner. To the right, is the bar and reception area.

Ritz Carlton Lobby Entrance

The reception area is off to the right when you enter the main entrance of the hotel. It is important to note that this Ritz Carlton is only one of two properties that doesn’t participate in the Ritz Carlton Rewards program. So elite status benefits were not offered. I was glad the breakfast buffet was included in my rate.

Ritz Singapore Reception

The lobby atrium near the bar is bright and open. It’s a great place to relax before or after heading out on the town.

Ritz Singapore Bar Atrium

Ritz Singapore Lobby Bar

The bar seating area is a great place to catch up with friends and have a nice cocktail or afternoon tea service.

Ritz Singapore Lobby Bar Seating

Hotel Bedroom

I was given a Deluxe King bedroom for my few night stay. The area next to the elevator gave away that this place was going to be nice.

Ritz Singapore Floor Lobby

The room absolutely blew my expectations away. Upon entering the room there was a seating area directly in front of the floor to ceiling windows. The room felt minimalistic with a perfect mix of glitz from the wood trimmings.

Ritz Singapore Seating Area

The bed was a large king bed with an awesome looking headboard. The controls for the room were located to the the right side of the bed. One can control everything in the room including the curtains from the bed.

Ritz Singapore Master Bed

The desk area was perfect for working. While my view was of the pool area, another hotel and a distant highway, it gave enough to look at without being distracted.

Ritz Singapore Desk Area

Just past the desk area was a large bathroom decked out with marble and tile.

Ritz Singapore Bathroom

The soaking tub looked great, although I didn’t have a chance to try it out.

Ritz Singapore Soaking Tub

The seating area was a great space to take calls in the morning. I used this iPhone application to make calls over the wifi and the quality was great. I never once had a dropped call and the best part is the calls were completely free.

Ritz Singapore Seating Area In room

Hotel Pool

The pool is located two levels below the main level. You can either take the elevator or the main stairs located in the lobby.

Ritz Singapore Stairway To Pool

The entrance to the pool is a dripping water feature. To the left of the water feature is the restaurant and beyond is the pool.

Ritz Singapore Pool

There was plenty of seating by the pool the entire time I was there.

Ritz Singapore Pool 2

Singapore Views

The hotel has some great views of Singapore.

Singapore 2

Singapore 1

Singapore 3

Buffet Breakfast Option

The buffet has a large selection and is high quality. Here are a few pictures of the lighter options. Over the period of a few days, I tried everything including everything from traditional American breakfast to curry. What a fantastic selection.



Bottom Line

Overall I had a great experience with the Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore. It is in a good location and has a great atmosphere. I just wish this hotel would join the Ritz Carlton Rewards loyalty program.

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  • Truthiness said,

    Looks great, what rate did you book that included breakfast buffet?

  • ThatCase said,

    How much was the taxi fare? Thanks.

  • Teck said,

    Alternatively you can take a airport shuttle bus (S$9/adult) to any hotel in the city if you’re on a budget. They are running 24 hours so it’s probably best used after midnight when taxis are more expensive and the MRT is not in service.


  • SINJim said,

    As a local expat here are some (interesting) notes about the RC:

    Used to have, maybe still has, a no-shorts rule in the lobby which makes it the only SIN hotel I know of to have such a rule. Given SIN’s heat and humidity some find this snobbery inconvenient.

    Unlike most of the neighboring hotels the RC does not have its name or logo on the upper facade. Some believe that the building would look more impressive with the logo affixed.

    Roger Federer posted a hello from the RC when he was on his way to the Australian Open in January.

    A taxi likely will cost about SGD20 but there can be surcharges for peak hours, an airport dep fee, pre-ordering, and 10% for credit card. All in, SGD35 should cover it. Subtract 18% to get USD. Note that not all taxis accept credit cards. The blue or yellow Hyundais typically do. I always ask if the machine is operable before departing to avoid an unpleasant discussion at the destination.

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  • ThatCase said,

    Thanks Teck and SinJim for info! Thanks Weekly Flyer for great article and wonderful pictures.

  • RJ Brown said,

    Just don’t try to use the branded credit card for a suite upgrade as they are essentially worthless……..Ritz Carlton are great hotels just a shame their credit card is such a ripoff……

  • Elizabeth said,

    We are at the RC currently – and your review is pretty spot on. Booked a Kallang view room with TY points that did include the Greenhouse breakfast for 2 (which apparently is 40-50?SGD a head). Needless to say, well worth it to find a rate inclusive of breakfast, if you tend to start your day with a meal. FWIW, I walked through the lobby with shorts and saw many others with the same – I think that “rule” is a goner. For a taxi, we were expecting 30-35SGD but pleasantly surprised at a 19SGD. CC are accepted but they do charge a 10% “admin fee” – FYI.

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