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British Airways called for First Class, Club World and Elite members to board and even though there was no first class on this A319, I still boarded with this zone because I had a connecting international flight in First Class with British Airways. What this meant was I could visit the Concorde Room in London for a first rate breakfast, lunch and spend time in a private cabana or enjoy a 15 minute massage in the Elemis spa. But first I had to run the gauntlet of British Airways domestic coach.

Boarding pass was scanned an I headed downstairs to the bus that would take me to my flight.


I lined up on the right side assuming the bus would pull directly up to the plane and I could board first and settle into 1A. My gamble failed and the bus pulled around the plane leaving me last in line to board. Atleast I got to snap a few pictures of the plane from the ground.



I was quite impressed with the legroom in seat 1A. There was even a built in bassinet in front of the seat.


Soon we were off to London. It caught me by surprise that a full meal service would be served on this 1 hour flight. I was in a dilemna. I could eat breakfast in the Concorde Room or eat the domestic meal service. If I didn’t order the domestic meal I wouldn’t be able to report on it, so I chose both:) The breakfast option included choice of English breakfast or veggie option. Surprisingly it was not bad, but not even close to the Comcorde Room.




We arrived into T5 and I headed to the Concorde room. Unlike my last visit, I had no problems entering a British Airways First Class lounge.


One thing I like about the Concorde room is that you can eat at a lounging seat, at the bar or take a seat at a formal table. Since I had several hours to enjoy the lounge I took a seat in the dining area to enjoy a proper English Breakfast with refreshments.


My first order was delivered promptly. The mimosa was a little more orange than I like (normally go for the “splash” of orange juice), but it hit the spot.


Soon after the English Breakfast with fried egg and croissants showed up. It was delicious.


I had some time to kill before my private cabana reservation, so I headed out to the patio to read the morning paper and take in the views. It was a perfect place to relax before the private cabana and spa appointment.



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