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Delta is adding new flights to the east and the west from their expanded presence in Seattle. With all the new flights and partnership with Alaska Airlines the Sky Club is sure to get a lot of vistors.

Delta’s Seattle Sky Club was renovated back in August of 2011, but it still shows well. The club is located near gate S-10. It’s 8,300 square feet so there is plenty of room to stretch out. The wall of windows allow for views of Mt. Rainier from the floor to ceiling windows.


Even though I have access to both the Alaska and Delta lounges from my Platinum Card® from American Express and the Delta lounge from my Delta Reserve card, I choose the Delta lounge because of the beer selection at the time. It’s also good to know that the Delta lounge offers a shower facility while the Alaska Airlines lounge does not.

There was a bit of a wait to check-in to the lounge, but once past the lobby area, I settled in near the bar.

Seattle Sky Club Entrance

Seattle Sky Club Bar

Seattle Sky Club Sitting Area

Bottom Line

The Seattle Sky Club is still relatively new and offers wifi, a full service bar and shower facilities. If you are seeking a shower facility the Delta Sky Club is your place as opposed to the Alaska Airlines Board Room.

It was conveniently located for my flight and I certainly enjoyed the complimentary wifi and beverage selection at the time of the visit.

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  • Steve @ Canadian Travel Hacking said,

    I was not impressed with the Alaska lounge last week in SEA. I will consider looking at the Delta or American Airlines lounge, next trip.

  • vc said,

    Only issue is when Delta does not use that terminal. Wife and I flew out of Seatac in June and we were in the A Terminal around gate 12 or so. Even though we would both have had entrance into the either the Skyclub or Alaska Airlines lounge, they were both really to far away to really justify the travel time to them and back. Especially since we used the light rail into the airport from downtown Seattle and had already walked a fair bit for a 8am flight.

    I was surprised a flight from SEA to MSP was not in the S Terminal but it was not. I had been planning on visiting the lounge especially since we had a morning flight and had not had breakfast yet.

  • Carl said,

    Since you mention the beer selection, are you aware that DL has decimated the SkyClub beer selection? I think the only free choices are Bud Light and Miller Lite, and all other beers have to be paid for.

    United Clubs offer Heineken and a regional microbrew. The United Club is near gate A9. Alaska Boardroom has Alaska Amber and a rotating microbrew on tap.

  • Gene said,

    And DL has no limit on drinks…

  • Scott said,

    I use both, and also prefer Delta. The Boardroom is too small and too crowded. The Boardroom is closing for a week in August for a remodel – perhaps that will improve things. I hope they don’t take away the pancake machine.

    Also heard of plans to open a Boardroom out in the North satellite. Anyone hear anything about that?

  • Stephan said,

    Last visit to SEA TAC Skyclub left me disappointed – pretty dirty seats with lots of trash and little cleaning evident and the barman is too loud for my tastes. Also even though the Boardroom is really shabby looking now, the Alaska Amber Ale makes it worthwhile. Sorry, but neither are great IMO.

  • Carl said,

    The official plan is that AS will open a Boardroom in the North Satellite in 2016… which is completely ridiculous since they have 16 gates there now and it is a primary connecting point and not really convenient to the existing BR since the train stations are near the end of the C concourse, and halfway up the D concourse.

    The former UC could easily be opened up as a lounge, even if the long term plan is to build one on top of the concourse.

  • DL Flyer said,

    Keep in mind only free beer now at DL is Budweiser etc

  • DL Flyer said,

    Keep in mind Delta downgraded the skyclub drinks so only free beer is MGD and Budweiser I think.

  • Scott said,

    On Sunday, July 21, the Seattle Delta Sky Club was open for business, but was not serving alcohol, as they had no bartender. This is a busy club during a busy part of the day, and they could not serve drinks! Lame Lame Lame

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