British Airways First Class Swag Giveaway - Points Miles and Martinis

I recently had the chance to experience British Airways First Class and shared my “First Impressions” on the product. This was my first chance to fly in their new First Class seats. I chose 2A and settled into a long day time flight. As a result of the day time flight, I never used the swag they provide to their First Class passengers including an amenity kit, a blanket, and a set of First Class pajamas. So I’m giving our readers a chance to win all three.

How To Enter

I’ve taken flights on British Airways and on other airlines using British Airways Avios points. But never both at the same time. This is because British Airways has relatively high fuel surcharges on their flights. So I chose to redeem my Avios points elsewhere like with the 4,500 point one-way awards on partner airlines. So I’d like to hear from you. In order to enter this giveaway for a chance to win, simply answer the following question in the comment section:

  • Where do / would you redeem your Avios points for the best value and why?

Prize Details

One lucky winner will be selected at random to receive the following:

  • 1 British Airways Large First Class Pajamas set
  • 1 British Airways First Class blanket
  • 1 British Airways First Class amenity kit

British Airways First Class Pajamas Amenity Kit

Giveaway Rules

  • One entry per person
  • Winner must have ship-to address in the US or Canada
  • Winner will be selected on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 5 PM ET from eligible entries

Bottom Line

If you like swag and your First Class pajamas don’t go to waste, enter through this post for your chance to win a set of British Airways pajamas, a First Class blanket and a First Class amenity kit.

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  • Owen said,

    I redeem them for direct flights from DCA to ORD – 9,000 r/t coach, and sometimes 27,000 r/t in first.

  • mikey said,

    inter europe flights on partner airlines, low fees

  • mspswede said,

    I used my Avios for short-haul intra-European (BA and sometimes partners) or domestic US (AA) flights. 4500 ow is awesome!

  • Stewart Sheinfeld said,

    I use Avios for the 2 for 1 first class intl travel after 30k credit card spend

  • Andrew in A2 said,

    I would redeem them for cheap American Airlines flights around the USA. Perhaps a trip to Ft. Meyers/Naples area, maybe Arizona?

  • Allison said,

    I used them for flights within South America earlier this year. SCL-EZE, EZE-MDZ, UIO-LIM. All inexpensive flights with Avios points!

  • Denise L said,

    Although I haven’t used any yet, I plan to use my Avios for intra-European flights.

  • MidTierStatus said,

    Short direct flights on partner airlines.

  • Mike said,

    I use my avios between nyc-yul, nyc-yyz and boston-dublin in business class.
    I save tons of $ this way.

  • Don said,

    BOS-DUB-BOS round trips (on EI)…. to get my Temple Bar on!

  • Adrienne said,

    I use them for flights within Europe.

  • lu said,

    short hops on AA

  • Jack said,

    I love using avios for DCA-MIA.

  • Paul Merc said,

    inter europe flights are always good as are AA flights up and down the east and west coasts of the USA.. sometimes, I’ll do a Biz fare from ORD or JFK to LHR, but only if I can get the flights I want – which is less and less often.

  • Neer Shah said,

    Jfk-yvr on cathay pacific first class! Absolutely every avios spent on that flight worth it!

  • Rings said,

    AA redemptions fro MIA to the Carribean and Central Americas. My fave is MIA-CUN for 9K

  • Jamie said,

    Favorite uses are short flights on AA for 4,500 Avios one way in economy or BOS-DUB on Aer Lingus for 25,000 Avios one way in business.

  • Up&Away said,

    Would love to use mine on AA for our return flight MBJ- DFW direct. No availability so far…

  • F. Eugene said,

    Redempt on AA when in the US of A for short to medium hops.

  • Michael A said,

    Shorthauls rock!

  • Joey said,

    I use avios for AA short routes like jfk-fll

  • Harold said,

    LAX-HNL! Other airlines ask for 35k miles at least for US-Hawaii, with Avios, only 25k miles needed.

  • tiffany l said,

    short haul domestic flights!

  • GetToThePoints said,

    Short hauls within the US

  • Jim F. said,

    Short-haul domestic flights in order to position myself for more lucrative mileage runs

  • Phil said,

    I typically use avios for short hops on AA, but the new a380 service LAX-LHR has caught my eye

  • SSM said,

    BOS-DUB RT via Aer Lingus because of the low number of Avios points needed to book a flight!

  • Corey said,

    Short distance within the USA or within Europe. Typically 4500 avios ow.

  • naif said,

    definitely short-haul AA flights probably to Florida

  • Jon said,

    Vegas baby! LAX to LAS on AA for 4500 Avios o/w in coach or 13500 o/w in First.

  • Leigh said,

    Short-haul AA flights in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe Sacramento to Portland or LA.

  • Christian said,

    BOS-DUB in premium cabin!

  • Rui N. said,

    Short US domestic trips; can’t beat the 4,500 miles and $2.50 value!

  • Jonathan said,

    Planning a AUS-LAX-HNL trip next year and it’s only going to cost 45K Avios for RT

  • Samuel said,

    The intra-zone awards, because they’re of incredible value.

  • RKB said,

    Short haul hops for 4500 Avios are hard to beat.

  • ab305 said,

    I use my avios for NYC-YYZ on AA. With as little as 9,000 points you can get a roundtrip ticket that normally costs between 275-500 dollars, and the best part is between both JFK and LGA you can almost always find award availability.

  • Chris said,

    Miami to Turks and Caicos, only 4,500 Avios!

  • phill gold said,

    inter europe is always the best for me.

  • paul v said,

    haven’t used mine yet, but now have enough for 2+ J trips to Ireland or 1 trip to HKG in J for 2 of us

  • Nick O said,

    LAX to LIH. I have southwest points to get me to LAX, so Avios to LIH would be great.

  • Philippe B said,

    Short-haul all the way :) Thanks!

  • Rob said,

    I love the redemption on AA for non-stop flights. 9000 r/t is amazing.

  • Kanye said,

    Domestic flights on partner airlines.

  • Synthia said,

    I would use it for short flights on AA. So cheap and easy to use!

  • Brian said,

    Short haul AA flights with cheap cancellation cost if plans change.

  • Sc said,

    Perfect for short weekend getaways.

  • mowogo said,

    Short haul AA flights, which for me means ATL to either DFW, MIA, ORD, or LGA.

  • Adam said,

    CX J or F from JFK – HKG.

  • Mark R. said,

    Cheap American flights.

  • joel a. said,

    Short-haul flights.

  • egwg said,

    i redeem them for short jaunts from HKG

  • Brandon Hamada said,

    I’d fly from any of the west coast to Hawaii for 12.5k avios each way.

  • Anita b said,

    I would like to use it JFK to yvr
    I love Vancouver and heard this is one of the sweet routes where you don’t pay much in taxes and fees using avios

  • Dan Williams said,

    I would use them to go to Wales and visit the childhood home of my grandpa!!! Upgrade to first for sure!!!

  • Atif said,

    I’m hoarding them for now to see what happens with the US/AA merger… Might be able to use them for an award and then my US miles for a different award to make one awesome trip….

  • JAG said,

    I use them to transfer to Flying Blue to get one-ways on Delta from Florida to Atlanta for close family friends whose son is battling throat cancer. BEST value for us!!!

  • JAG said,

    ^ oops – that’s Amex points – ok I feel stupid today. nm! lol. I haveb’t used Avios yet

  • Tom said,

    I haven’t had a chance to use mine yet…planning something big

  • askmrlee said,

    I’d do a US-Canada or west coast-Hawaii flight on AS.

  • DaninSTL said,

    I’ve been saving mine up for a big trip but not sure where I want to go. Maybe Hawaii on American or Spain on Iberia or something like that. If not I’ll use them for staging from STL to MIA for cruise ship trips.
    Anywhere to avoid high surcharges is my plan I guess.

  • Matt said,

    In the past I’ve used them on short hops like MCI to ORD, but now that I live in DOH I’m planning to use them on Qatar Airways once they join OneWorld. Just hoping the taxes/fees aren’t horrible.

  • John777 said,

    Flights between WAS and ORD. Typically high fares, but only 4500 Avios each way in Y.

  • James said,

    Best redemption is on Aer Lingus Biz from Boston to Dublin. Can’t wait to lounge around in those jammies! :-)

  • LincolnPark said,

    A short-haul domestic flight … like ORD-LGA

  • Brad said,

    LAX-HNL for 25K round trip – one of the best values you can find!

  • Ari K said,

    I redeem mine on short PNW lights on Alaska

  • Aleks K said,

    Short domestic hops on AA. They’re usually quite expensive from my surrounding airports.

  • wis said,

    I redeem them for LGA/YUL best bang for your bucks, have a lot of friends in yul, and bus takes 12h… plane cost $400+ so avios is my go to !!!

  • Mariah B said,

    Flying from the middle of the Midwest, the best use of mines is flights from here to California to visit family.

  • SF said,

    Short hop domestic flights — usually a great value compared to high ticket costs…

  • Dan said,

    I’m planning to use for J class to LHR or HKG

  • Lucy said,

    I use Avios for the free companion ticket, first class to LHR or Europe after 30k credit card spend

  • Ellen H said,

    Indianapolis Chicago , and also for the free companion ticket for 1st class after the 30$k spend on the credit card

  • Julia E said,

    short haul flights with the USA.

  • BOShappyflyer said,

    I like the PJ! It’s awesome. I redeemed for a flight from the states to Scotland.

  • Mario said,

    Partner flights within Europe.

  • Hector said,

    I would redeem them from LON to HAM because flights can be very expensive, but it’s a good value using Avios.

  • Rob said,

    I would use them to fly to South America from the US!

  • Nguyen said,

    I would redeem Avios points from SMF-LAX for 4500 Avios each way + $5 tax, and also in US domestic AA flights. Thanks.

  • Rich said,

    JFK -STT –round trip first class for only 40,000 Avois points

  • jamie said,

    I just booked ORD-YUL for 15000 RT. + $50. Not a shockingly good redemption, but solid, and let us pick the best times instead of taking the cheap flights with less convenient departure times.

  • Enjoy Fine Food said,

    CVG to JFK on an AA commuter. Best of reasons — 2 Delta commuter tix @ 50k. 2 AA commuter tix from BA @ 18k.

  • Vik said,

    You can’t beat the value of 4,500 each way between NYC and Toronto or Montreal. I often get about 10 cents per point as I generally book last minute. In fact, I might head to Toronto this coming weekend…

  • SajerGuy said,

    I use them for short hops under 650miles, like DCA-ORD

  • Rebecca D. said,

    For the great deal of BOS-DUB-BOS on Aer Lingus!

  • Gregory said,

    I would use them to fly BA New First SFO-LHR with the Travel Together award using the Chase BA Visa Card.

  • Marlene said,

    DTW – NYC. 9000 Avios roundtrip when the ticket routinely costs upwards of $300. It’s a steal!

  • Arun said,

    I would love to use it between BOS-DUB, as I would love to visit the Emerald Isle :)

  • Abhishek D said,


  • Susan Golenbock said,

    I’ll be using my Avios on a flight from JFK to Lima to Cuzco, to see Macchu Pichu next June.

  • Suzy S. said,

    Haven’t used mine yet but will for Cathay Pacific from JFK-YVR-JFK and for friends on short AA trips to visit me.

  • Diego said,

    redemptions from US to South America on AA without a doubt!

  • Daniel said,

    Short haul AA flights are the best value, IMO…

  • Julie P said,

    SFO-LHR First class with the companion pass. Even with the taxes/fees, this still gives me the opportunity to experience a once in lifetime experience, which would not be in my budget if I had to use cash instead of avois.

  • Carl B. said,

    Short domestic flights.

  • Ted said,

    Use it for jnb to Vfa!

  • Or N said,

    I use my BA Avios for flights within Europe where I can get max value out of them. I use cash to get to the nearest European country and then hop around using Avios.

  • Emman said,

    Go to Hawaii!

  • Jason Stokes said,

    I use mine for SPI-DFW direct flights. 9k a pop for a return is a great deal!

  • Emil said,

    To get a nice upgrade for a transatlantic flight

  • The Ben said,

    Well: I’d like to redeem my Avios on some exotic one-way intra-Europe flight next year while I’m in Switzerland.

  • TerryH said,

    Avios for short flights between my base and ORD.

  • JeffreyP said,

    I’m using them in Oct to go to Prague on Iberia.

  • John said,

    I would use the for short flights between the US and Canada due to the high fares but short flights

  • DJ said,

    Short haul flights on AA within the US

  • Javier said,

    Short hops in South America. Did Bogota – Guayaquil for cheap.

  • Aj said,

    I would use for Atlanta to Miami

  • Ben said,

    ATL-MIA has worked out well for me.

  • Phxbne said,

    Inter European for us

  • SeaRaptor said,

    Avios is definitely best for short-haul intra-European legs, IMHO.

  • Cate said,

    BOS – DUB on Aer Lingus!

  • Dave said,

    Redeem for short haul flights on AA between NYC and Chicago or Toronto.

  • Chanel @ LaViajeraMorena said,

    I have used them for short haul flights in Europe. :D

  • Andrew said,

    I am planning to use them on short-haul legs on CX in Asia, e.g. HKG-PEK, HKG-PVG.

  • R gage said,

    West coast to Hawaii on aa

  • Elena G said,

    IAH to LBB for 4,500 Avios. Tix usually run around $300

  • FC said,

    NYC to Montreal during ski season. Prices are usually up in $400-500s, but it’s only 4500 Avios OW

  • Wehaf said,

    I would use them for AA flights within the US.

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