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Island time is more than the few times a year you visit the islands. Some would even say it’s a mentality or way of life. A friend and I have a running joke that he’s always on “island time” where ever he is. He grew up on an island and now takes time to enjoy his life where ever he is, with or without drink in hand.


When you do find yourself on an island, on island time, a very important question usually comes up. What to order from the beach bar?


There’s always the pina colada, the strawberry daiquiri, or the frozen lemonade with vodka. Those drinks I typically leave to the ladies, but they have their place and time.


For me, the choice is easy. I always go with a nice cold beer. It doesn’t matter what kind of beer, as long as it is ice cold. A silver bullet did the trick this time, but it doesn’t matter. A Red Strip, Land Shark, or even a Carib can cool you down just as easily. I usually ask the bartender what is the coldest beer they have because they know what they just stocked into the fridge and what has been on ice for a while.


Spending time on an island is a great way to spend the day. But island time is always better at a beach bar with a cold drink. I don’t have any scientific results to support my claim, but I’m hoping you Points, Miles & Martinis readers can help me support the claim with a comment on your favorite beach bar drink.

With that said, what do you order when you walk up to the beach bar?

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  • Chris said,


  • Glenn said,

    Mai tai. Good kick. Rum (generally the local drink in most Caribbean locations). With squeezed line and not too sweet. Worth your money.

  • Ben said,

    Aperol spritz (in the rare instances it’s available) or negroni sbagliato. For both I offer mixing assistance to the bartender

  • adam said,

    I’m with you, nice cold beer on the beach is the way to go. I like Banks and Presidente in the Caribbean and Chang in SE Asia.

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