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With a blog name like Points, Miles & Martinis, it’s not hard to tell that we enjoy a cold beverage from time to time, especially when traveling. But what makes the drinks better is when it’s free. There are a few ways to get free drinks when traveling (see related posts at the bottom of this page for more details) like using free drink coupons, the elite member Have One On Us program, or enjoying a cold beverage in a Sky Club like the new JFK Sky Club.

All of these choices led me to write this article. I have 30,000 SkyBonus points to redeem and the choice isn’t easy. If you don’t have a SkyBonus account, click this link here. I’ve narrowed the selection down to Delta Sky Club lounge passes or Delta Drink certificates.

Sky Bonus 2013 Other Redemption Options

For 10,000 SkyBonus points, members can receive 10 coupons valid for a cocktail, beer, wine or headset.

  • Indicate choice of cocktail, beer, wine or headset on the coupon and present it to the flight attendant when ordering.
  • The coupons have no cash value and are nonrefundable. Coupons cannot be sold, bartered, redeemed for cash or exchanged for any other service item
  • Coupons are valid for up to 12 months.

But for 30,000 points, members can receive 4 coupons for entry to anyone of the Delta Sky Clubs.

  • Coupon is valid for one person’s admission only and may be used for one day during the validity period. Present One-Day Pass to the Delta Sky Club service representative for entry.
  • Bearer must be 18 years of age to become a Delta Sky Club member and to redeem the coupon. Access to Delta Sky Club locations with self-service bars is limited to those ages 21 and older. See our Club Locations for more information.
  • Coupons are valid for one year from date of issuance.

So What’s Better?

For me the choice is easy. I have 30,000 SkyBonus points to redeem and a blog called Points, Miles & Martinis. So I’m going to redeem for 30 drink certificates to give them away here to readers like you. Besides, I already receive complimentary access to Delta lounges with my Delta Reserve card

What would you redeem your SkyBonus points for if you had enough for the drink coupons or the lounge passes?

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  • Frank said,

    The lounge passes for sure.

  • Chris said,

    As a Diamond Medallion I get free membership to the Sky Club, but I do not always get upgraded, so for me, it is the Drink Coupons that win out.

  • anita said,

    definitely the lounge passes since I can not drink (cheap date I know). I would overdose on coca colas, bottled water and other goodies in the lounge.
    Coke is my kryptonite

  • Jim M said,

    Good question has value for either one. But probably the drink tickets?

  • Annie said,

    Lounge passes for me

  • Atif said,

    Lounge passes for sure…. they make AWESOME presents to friends/family who are infrequent fliers and have long layovers where Delta has SkyClubs…. They are usually not jaded and cynical yet so being able to go into a club is still a big deal for many of them! ;)

  • airshadow said,

    Although it doesn’t say on the card – they can also be redeemed for the snack boxes. A couple drinks and snacks even better!

  • Jim F. said,

    Drink coupons since the AmEx Platinum card already gets me into the clubs!

  • Jhawkgirl said,

    Since I am usually squished in coach and aim for flights with short layovers (though since I come from ruralville, I have LOTS of them) I would definitely opt for DRINKS!

  • Jay said,

    Definitely the drink coupons as an AmEx Platinum card holder. But I would have gone for the drink coupons anyway!

  • Philip said,

    Drink coupons, you could forget about the lounge!

  • Rich said,

    Drink coupons

  • Tom said,

    Drink coupons, always time for a drink on a flight but not always enough time to hit the lounge

  • Kevin C said,

    Drink Coupons!

  • idahost said,

    Be careful, SkyBonus Drink coupons usually expire the end of the calendar year they are granted. In fact last year. around 12/15, they took them off their site until Jan 1

  • Truthiness said,

    Drink coupons! I have Amex plat and can visit sky club whenever.

  • Cate said,

    Drink coupons. If there is more than one of you traveling, you have to use up one lounge pass per person; for a couple that’s only two flights. Could have WAY more flight drinks than 2 flights with 30 drink coupons!

  • Aarash said,

    definitely the lounge passes!

  • Heavenlyjane said,

    Lounge passes are a no brainer e cause we carry on our own liquor in the $1 mini bottles you can buy in liquor stores

  • SF said,

    Already have lounge access through AMEX Plat so drink coupons for me. Can always use them when upgrades don’t clear.

  • Suzy said,

    Drink coupons because I have Amex Platinum, otherwise lounge passes for sure.

  • markZLip said,

    I’d take the drink om the flight. Relaxing while above the clouds

  • Kate @KKMLT's Travel Journal said,

    Lounge passes. Never been to any lounge.. :(

  • Don’t Leave Delta Free Drinks On The Table–Do This Next Time - Points Miles and Martinis said,

    […] What’s A Better Deal – 30 Free Drink Coupons Or 4 Free Club Lounge Passes […]

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