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Up until a couple weeks ago, fliers weren’t able to use portable electronic devices in all stages of flight. Well since that has changed, and you can use devices on the ground, what’s next?

There have been talks that the U.S. would consider allowing cellphones on airplanes now. Yes, that means you would be able to talk on the phone during the flight.


According to this Wall Street Journal article,

The Federal Communications Commission said it will soon propose allowing passengers to use their cellphones on airplanes, setting up a debate that will pit the technically possible against the socially tolerable.

While cellphone use would still be restricted during takeoff and landing, the proposal would lift an FCC ban on airborne calls and cellular-data use by passengers once a flight reaches 10,000 feet.

That would remove a regulatory hurdle to in-flight calls, but it would be up to the airlines themselves whether to allow them. Airlines have said they would approach the matter cautiously because of strong objections from their customers. The carriers also would have to install equipment on their planes to communicate with cellphone towers on the ground.

Bottom Line

Even if this was approved, it would be up to each airline to decide if they want to implement it. My guess, would be that many airlines would not allow this. What are your thoughts though? Is anyone for allowing cell phone use during flight?

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  • Seb said,

    They will probably do it until everyone talks to their friends about how something is “the bomb” and then the plane makes an “emergency” landing so the MiB’s can send the poor sap to the gulag without rights. Not because the airline cares about that one passenger, just because they don’t want to waste fuel on extra TO/L’s

  • VG said,

    Seems like a bad idea to me. Wi-Fi and email provide plenty of communication and connectivity for those that need to stay in touch but without disturbing others. Every flight will have a least one loud mouth whose conversation is audible to the entire plane (well maybe not on A380).

  • ChetThe Jet said,

    I hate the idea. Can you imagine on a packed flight everyone on their cell phones talking at the same time? Flying has been the last place one could go and not have to hear someone else’s phone conversation.

  • andrew said,

    Is it me or does anyone else think this is a SECURITY ISSUE ?
    Terrorists communicating with each other on board and with the ground ???
    Not to mention teenage girls hacking on the phone for the entire flight.
    Phone companies should increase the rates for calling from the air !

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ! ! ! ! !

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    […] Will Airlines Start Allowing Cell Phones During Flight? […]

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