by: the skeptical traveler

“You can make a real difference to Aeroplan® – just by sharing your thoughts. Your opinion matters to us – so much that we would like you to join our online Aeroplan Advisors panel.
All you have to do is complete a five-minute survey and, for a limited time, you’ll get a chance to win 50,000 Aeroplan Miles.* That’s enough for two roundtrip flight rewards to anywhere in North America.”

I did not like I had to fill out some basic details for example the postal code and the year and month I was born in.

About the postal code they said “We collect this so we can send you surveys relevant to your local area.” Fair enough, but I filled out the province, that should do it or at most ask only for the first 3 characters of the postal code, they do not need the full postal code.

They did not give any explanations why they needed the year and month I was born in. It makes sense the year, but the month?! Do they need to know the exact age?!

Again age brackets would be sufficient for their marketing purposes.

I could have made up the postal code and year/month but I did not feel good about this so appealing as the chance to win 50,000 Aeroplan miles might be, I decided to pass and not join any panel.


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  1. DavidB said,

    Hey you want to win the prize, you give up what they want to know. If you’re so concerned then don’t bother…they’ve offered this for several years now and your odds of winning are about nil. They give you 20 AE miles to do a survey, then at the end give you the chance to win the big prize. So plan to give up 20-minutes every couple of months before you even get a crack at the big number.

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