by: the skeptical traveler

From 11 Amazing Places to Visit Before They Disappear:

“Have you ever thought of the places to see before they vanish? I’ve never thought of them until now. Many of these places are quite devastating since they’re so beautiful and rare. No matter where they’re situated, they’re still places that will not be around much longer.”





  1. Paul said,

    Yep, what great sights to see! But I guess the irony of visiting these disappearing sights by using the most polluting method of travel is lost on you?

  2. Wendy said,

    I’m planning a trip to one of the places on the list for summer 2014. Glacier National Park will be on my agenda. I will either be taking a road trip or taking Amtrak. Leaning towards the road trip. Love to drive back roads in the US and Canada. It will be interesting to see how much different Glacier looks since my last visit in August of 1991.

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