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“Here’s a paradox: The airline that gets the fewest complaints also seems to have the most things go wrong, according to data compiled by Crain’s Chicago.

Among the five categories surveyed, Southwest led seven U.S.-based airlines for rate of: Involuntary boarding denials, Mishandled baggage, Fewest on-time departures.

Yet, Southwest also had the fewest rate of overall complaints — 0.34 per 100,000 passengers, compared with the leader, United, at 2.3 per 100,000.”

  1. Jimmy said,

    Strong fanbase for WN… very loyal customers regardless of what happens. Many of them still think that WN always offers the lowest fares…

  2. JustSaying said,

    The low complaints are a result of customers with low expectations……..

  3. Alohadavekennedy said,

    The old Southwest used to be great with an excellent safety record, on time arrivals and you could always get a seat. And the prices were great and the mileage program was OK. Then management went and “enhanced” the airline…

  4. Pierre Turpin said,

    They treat their employees very well and they are always happy and helpful. Learn from that, United.

  5. Elijah said,

    This is what happens when (almost) all employees at a company act like they enjoy their job and offer service with a smile. Esp goes a long way when an issue comes up.

  6. Kevin said,

    There’s no head scratcher here. When there is a problem on Southwest, the employees explain it clearly and often. They also keep passengers informed about what happens next and fall over dead on this one, sometimes apologize.

    In my experience, when there is a problem on AA, UA or other legacies, the agent mumbles an incoherent update,if a passenger has a question, they are rebuffed, and the cabin crew will never mention let alone apologize for the service failure.

    So it’s not surprising at all. Most complaints are not about situations but about how the customer was treated when things went wrong.

  7. Danny Lee said,

    NO change fee, no bag fee. Happier customers? Also happier employee makes happier customers!!

  8. belinda said,

    I fly on Southwest and I don’t waste my time complaining about anything because they don’t care! They don’t fix anthing that is wrong, give points for inconvenience, don’ t apologize. You get nothing…they have actually written to me saying we can’t please everyone! Their attitude is take it or leave it. They value their employees way above customers.

  9. tim said,

    I just don’t understand the fascination with Southwest… I have flown it a couple of times and can’t get past the cattle heard process. I understand the attraction for occasional travelers, but not anyone that flies regularly..

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