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This seems to be a record in procrastination as I have been meaning to write the post for some time (more than a year to be exact).

So I was in Geneva and our flight to London was at 7:30 AM. I didn’t want to pay one extra day in the hotel only to sleep a few hours not to mention I would have been stressed in the morning that I would not make it in time for the airport. However the thought of spending the night in an airport didn’t seem too appealing to me so I asked my wife hoping she would say no, but she didn’t blink, so I had to go for it.

Prior to coming to Switzerland I did some research about sleeping in airports and the airport in Geneva did not seem too bad. So based on the information gathered we ‘camped’ near the Swiss Chalet cafe near the train station exit. There were some red chairs/sofas and we tried to set them up for a better sleeping arrangement but not very successfully. Near us there was a group of people, they were having a good time, drinking a few biers but they were not too loud. Around midnight they stopped and some of them left and moved to other area of the airport. I was surprised as I couldn’t see a better place to spend the night. However, around 4:30 AM I realized why; the cleaners showed up so everyone had to move. And people from other areas of the airport were “disturbed” much later. So the group of people who left the Swiss Chalet area must have known before and now I know too :) in case I have to spend the night in the Geneva airport again.

And this post really concludes my Switzerland trip report.

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  1. Philippe said,

    It’s funny: my partner is the chef for the Swiss Chalet…

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