by: the skeptical traveler

And this is according to Conde Nast:

“Qualia is located in Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef and scored the top spot on the list. The hotel is a special place with its sun-drenched location and the intuitive service [my bold] makes it a luxurious resort on world-class standards.”

What is this intuitive service, is it like intuitive interface for apps?

Qualia explains it: “the ineffable luxury of seamless, intuitive service” (click on the link to find out what it means).

“Readers’ Choice Rating: 100.0
Room: 100
Service: 100
Food: 100
Location: 100
Design: 100
Activities: 100″

Wow 100 across the board, skeptic and circumspect as I am I should go there and check for myself. Does it deserve a full 100?

This package looks interesting, for the best resort in the world it does not seem too expensive. However, I could not find anything on the site about the tipping policy. Being a luxurious resort am I supposed to walk around with a wad of bills and tip $50 and $100 for a service?

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qualia 1

qualia 2

Image Sources: hotel website

Full list here Conde Nast ranks the best world resorts

  1. NYBanker said,

    Mates of mine have visited the property and say it lives up to the billing. Australia has a series of these uber-deluxe resorts (I’ve been to several others – check out Luxury Lodges of Australia) and are unlike nearly all properties in the US. I’d say Qualia or Southern Ocean Lodge (or both) warrant a trip! Qualia in the southern winter and SOL in the southern summer, of course.

  2. Erin said,

    It’s Australia, so you don’t have to tip at all, unless you really feel like it.

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