June 18, 2010

Double MQM + bonus miles with Delta from selected cities for rest of 2010

I saw the promotion yesterday, but did not pay attention until I think twice today. It’s a super easy promotion to get Plat+lots of miles with Delta(let’s forget the value of pesos for now)

Basiclly, Delta is offering double MQM+bonus miles for flight from Raleigh, St Loius,Pittsburgh,Nashville

registration is open to anyone and must book before Nov 30th 2010 and travel before Dec 30th, 2010, you will earn the following amount unlimited times,

  • 5,000 bonus miles to Delta hub cities(Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York/JFK and Salt Lake City)
  • 10,000 bonus miles to other cities in the North America
  • 25,000 bonus miles for international travel beyond North America in coach
  • 50,000 bonus miles for international travel beyond North America in business class
  • There are two ways to play with this promotion for members who is not in that area.

    If you have a lot of time, get a position flight to one of these four cities first, then start Mileage Run back and forth to a non hub City, you will earn 10K for each R/T+ double MQM.

    If you don’t have a lot of time, get a position flight to one of these four cities, then fly to Asia(as far as possible such as PEK. PVG. HKG, BKK, SIN, MNL, GUM), All you need is 2 R/Ts from basic member to Platinum. you can easily find sub $800 fares to those Cities after Sep. 25K bonus each + double MQM.

    Since Delta removed miles redeposit fee for Platinum, the value of PLAT is worth a lot more than before.

    I agree DL miles have the worst redemption rate, but if you can figure out how to use them, they can be very powerful and creative. During the past few weeks, I have scored 6 business class low award tickets  to Asia, Europe and beyond including 4 of them are summer high season and 2 in X’mas.So for now, I will still take them.

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    1. RONG said,

      only flights FROM those cities count or both TO and FROM count?

    2. Troy said,

      @ Rong, Both TO and FROM

    3. Maintain AA EXP Status just become easier this year! - TMtravelworld said,

      [...] View from the wing mentioned AA matched the Double Elite Qualifying miles offer from 4 cities that were offered by Delta. [...]

    4. US Airways offered DEQM and DRM offers that are similar to AA and DL Offers - TMtravelworld said,

      [...] Delta offered DEQM offer for R/T flights from RDU/BNA/PIT and STL, then American Airline matched. [...]

    5. weidoo said,

      thanks god, I am in raleigh. :-) Thank you dude. I set your blog as my favorite

    6. Alberto said,

      thanks for tips. how do you find out about these things? does delta send email? you can’t find this type of info on their website.

    7. Troy said,

      @ Alberto, http://www.dividendmileswireless.com/

    8. stefanie said,

      Help! I have the delta Reserve card, 202k miles and 44mqm. We have a cruise scheduled in Dec.leaving budapest on the 18th and arriving in Germany on the 28.

      I was hoping to use my miles for our flight but I also noticed that I am 5600 miles away from the GOLD mqm.

      WHat should I do to make my miles work for me and earn as much MQM’s as possible? I live in Phx and I am willing to fly into Italy, Austria, Hungry or Switzerland. We are looking at flying home from Amsterdam, Hungry or cz. Any suggestions????

    9. Troy said,

      @Stefanie, you miles are enough for 2 business class ticket to Europe and back, for MQM, I think you Reserve card give you MQM after certain amount of spending.

    10. Mo said,

      Reading into the fine print reveals that this DMQM promo is only valid on “Delta or Delta Connection carrier marketed/operated NONSTOP flights ORIGINATING and TERMINATING in RDU/STL/BNA/PIT”. So here are my confusion.

      1. If it is just non-stop flights that are valid, why there are so many DL MR deals posted on flyertalk that are consisted of several segments?

      2. What is exactly defined as a “marketed/operated” flight by Delta? Is it the equivalent of Delta metal? I know this is a newbie question, but I am looking at a Canadair RJ that has a Delta flight number (searched by Delta website), does it count?

      3. Back to the first comment. Does it translate into: if I want to go A-B, getting two tickets as A-*-A, *-B-* (* is one of the four airports) will be both eligible for this promo (provided they are non-stop)?

    11. Troy said,

      1 Forget about T&C, any R/T with connection will count
      2 RJ is DL connection
      3 no, I assume A is promotional city, only A-*-A will count

      even though T&C says ORIGINATING and TERMINATING, flight from any city TO promotional city will count as well

    12. Mo said,

      @Troy,thanks so much. About 3, in my math * is the promotional airport, so I suppose you agree with my original statement.

    13. Troy said,

      @ Mo, then yes. both will count.

    14. Mo said,

      I noticed that on the flyertalk people have been saying that the actual qualified ITIN can be much more flexible than advertised, say, origin and destination do not have to be the same city (as long as both are qualified), and open jaw is permitted. All these seems to indicate that the award is calculated on leg instead of r/t, which brings me to the following question.

      Can I buy two one-way tix and be qualified as long as both have one of four cities as its origin or destination? For example, RDU-LAS and LAS-PIT. To extend further, what about RDU-LAS & PIT-DTW? Or even just single RDU-LAS?

    15. Dyan said,

      Help..I am 5 segments away from Gold status. I need a 3 segment out and return itinerary to fly on DL, but live in ATL where virtually everyplace is non-stop! How can I find out where to fly that is 3 flight segments each way from ATL…Or from MDW – since my next trip will take me there…Need to fly between 12/18 and 12/30. Any ideas? (I’m 15k miles away from Gold so segments can be met with less $$)

    16. Dan said,

      Are there any Delta MQM promotions pending?

    17. Troy said,

      @Dan, these kind promotion does run until second half of the year, of course 2009 was an exception

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