May 11, 2011

Our fifth year anniversary trip-Tahiti, New Zealand and (No Japan)-Everything is fine in Japan

We were suppose to go to Japan on our way back to see cherry flowers in Osaka,  but earthquake happened while we were at Bora Bora, then nuclear power station crisis was all over the news too, but I still decided to go because I really didn’t think there would be any problem for Osaka. After our family heard we insisted to go, they started to keep calling us every day, every few hour and tried to change my mind. Eventually, I changed the flight.

But how is Japan now? They are fine, everything is ok. I just went to Osaka and Kyoto with my mom last week, street was packed with locals. now the key word here is local. You don’t see many tourists, especially tourist group, so when you go to local attractions, you don’t have to worry about places will be packed with tourists anymore. Airport was empty, only one exit immigration window opened when I was there. It’s Osaka KIX airport!

Economy in Japan is not looking too good, less tourist, currency appreciated a lot, foreigner doesn’t want to buy anything anymore because everything is too expensive. Duty free is expensive too, not a single passenger in the duty free shop.

Still, if you don’t care about price, then it’s a great time to go!! Very safe!

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  1. Ed said,

    I love Japan and would be back in an instant if I could afford it. It is now 33% more expensive than when I went just a few years ago.

    Great place—”the safest foreign planet you can visit” !!


  2. Troy said,

    @ed, it’s too expensive compare to their neighbor South Korea, where stuff are too cheap in their duty free MALL, even cheaper than US

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