A couple weeks back I posted the amazing new British Airways Visa proposition – 1.25 miles per dollar but more importantly a free companion award redemption voucher for spending $30,000 on the card in a year.

Well, it gets better. Much better.

I don’t usually reply to press release/pitch emails that I get, but I just got in my email box.

The signup bonus on the Chase co-branded British Airways Visa is going to be 100,000 miles: 50,000 BA Miles after first purchase, and 50,000 more miles after spending $2,000 on the card within three months. Wow.

Spend 30,000 miles on the card and you’l go from zero to 137,500 BA miles and have a free companion redemption voucher good for a second person traveling in the same class of service. That’s just incredible. I genuinely don’t remember the last time I was blown away by a credit card offer.

I don’t have a link to the offer yet, though details of the two-for-one voucher are available. Stay tuned!

  1. lucky said,

    Holy smokes! Can’t wait to hear the details of this…

  2. Baggageinhall said,

    To put it into context for those of you unfamiliar with the BA Executive Club, an F return from the US to Europe is 150,000 miles.

    So by spending another $10k or buying the remaining miles required (circa $350) you would be able to use the 2-4-1 voucher to get two First Class return tickets from the US to Europe.

    Admittedly the taxes and charges are steep but this is still a fantastic deal.

  3. Benjh said,

    Holly smokes.

  4. Gene said,

    Wow, this is good enough to put a temporary halt to Citi churning! Last time I applied for a Chase card they were not pleased with all the recent pulls…

  5. A mileage addict said,

    Wow. Please share the link when you’re able — I’d really like to apply for this.

  6. jumpdog jump said,

    She does?

  7. Peter said,

    Jeez! I usually forgo the churn game as I don’t wanna mess with my scores, but this one I’ll bite for.

  8. Alex said,

    Gary -

    So the voucher would be usable with an award ticket gained with the bonus miles?

    Any thoughts on what the best redemption for those 137k – 150k 2-4-1 miles would be?

  9. TimA said,

    This promo sounds great, but I recently applied for a Chase rewards card and was denied because I had opened another Chase card within the past year. Is “one card per year” Chase’s normal policy?

  10. The Best Credit Card Sign Up Bonus Ever? - Bucks Blog - NYTimes.com said,

    [...] Gary Leff reported yesterday in his View from the Wing blog, British Airways and Chase Card Services will soon be offering 100,000 miles to people who [...]

  11. Alex said,

    Sounds great. Do you what the taxes typically are currently for a coach award to Europe? Are taxes higher for business or F awards?

    Thanks for the great blog, btw!

  12. Michael said,

    Gary, do you have the link for the signup bonus yet? Thanks so much, in advance.

  13. JG said,

    this just sounds too good to be true. where is something official link or otherwise???

  14. Mike said,

    I am still trying to find a link to the signup bonus… can anyone help me? I read it would be available to the public on Monday Nov 16 but I still can’t find it. Any help?

  15. Eric said,


  16. EconomyBeat.org - user-generated content about the economy » Blog Archive » I can surf for miles and miles… said,

    [...] you can find out about online before the rest of the world gets in on it. View From the Wing first tipped frequent flyers off to the recent and now-ended British Airways Visa promotion, later reported in the New York Times [...]

  17. vj said,

    when i go to british airways it says 30k bonus miles not 100k. has the offer expired?

  18. John said,

    Haven’t found the 100K deal. Adds saying so but card deal is 30K miles after spending a bunch.

  19. larry said,

    I did not see where I can sign up for this 100k mile credit card, I see a 30k mile offer on the web site and thats it. Can you email me a link?

  20. tivoboy said,

    this puppy is BACK!

  21. My British Airways buy one get one reward voucher arrives - MilesQuest said,

    [...] followed Gary’s advice and so we have enough British Airways miles for anywhere in the world in First [...]

  22. Sonja said,

    Somebody puhleeese tell me where to find the 100k miles deal!! Every where I click I get “Site is unavailable.”

  23. Gary said,

    Sonja, it’s long gone…

  24. Dan - BankVibe said,

    You dont need a promo code for this offer, but it will be taken off the market soon. Once you open the card (and approval rate is very low) you will get 50,000 bonus points – which is enough for one roundtrip transatlantic ticket. Then you’ll get another 50,000 bonus points after you spend $2,500 on the card within the first 3 months of opening.

  25. Garipi said,

    The link is still on at the British airways website (www.ba.com).

  26. Catherine said,

    –Before you sign up for this ‘deal’, think about these:
    –The BA inventory is very low for the thousands of us signers;
    –The BA website is one of the most opaque, user unfriendly ones around (their employees/travel agents agree)
    –All BA flights to Europe still charge whopping fees in addition to miles–like 7-800.00 per passenger.

    All the glitters is not (your) gold, just theirs.

    Good luck

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