The card that brought us the very first 100,000 mile signup bonus has brought it back.

I had heard rumblings yesterday that it would be coming, likely introduced during the day on Wednesday. But it appears to be both real and early, since there’s a banner on the British Airways Executive Club website:

Clicking on the banner takes you to an application page that doesn’t provide details on the bonus. I’d wait until Wednesday afternoon to apply as I’ll explain in a moment, and I’ll lay out in this post how the offer works.

The British Airways Visa is offering 50,000 bonus miles after first purchase and 50,000 after spending $2,500 on the card within three months. There’s a $75 $95 annual fee for the card.

If you haven’t already had a BA Visa, this is a great time to sign up. It’s even a pretty good card in its own right:

  • Earns 1.25 miles per dollar. This way, it’s as good for earning BA miles as spend on a Starwood Amex (though of course without the same flexibility)
  • No foreign currency transaction fees. International travelers need one of those, and this card provides a reasonable compromise between cost and earning from among the cards with this benefit (same fee as the Hyatt card with better earn, much lower fee than the Continetnal Presidential Plus Mastercard, the United Visa that comes with lounge membership, or the Amex Platinum).
  • Free companion award ticket after $30,000 in spend each year. This makes even awards which are pretty pricey through the BA chart much more manageable. You must fly British Airways metal, though, and that does mean incurring some pretty high fuel surcharges.

The British Airways program is really good, provided you’re willing to swallow the fuel surcharges they add onto award tickets. For a US to Europe award, assume about $450 per person. Flying via London to Africa it can be double that. Still, when you’re getting a $10,000 or $20,000 airline ticket it can be worthwhile.

The 100,000 miles don’t have to be spent on British Airways, of course. They’ve even started adding fuel surcharges onto American Airlines awards (since American has started including such charges in fares). But the charges are quite reasonable on some partners like Cathay Pacific. 100,000 miles is enough for a roundtrip business class award on Cathay Pacific from the US to much of Asia, and total taxes and fees are likely to be in the $250 per person range.

One other caveat about British Airways is that awards on its partners should only be booked using a single partner or a single partner plus BA itself. Awards on two partners get very expensive miles-wise.

Still, 100,000 miles is 100,000 miles and British Airways award availability, especially in premium cabins, is outstanding. If you want first class awards from the West Coast of the US to Europe, or from London to South Africa or Kenya, BA is among the most likely to deliver. And if you want multiple award seats on a single flight, again BA comes out on top — I often find six or more award seats in business and first on the Houston-London flight, for instance, and similar offerings from Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia. Of course you can fly American Airlines or Alaska as your one partner to get to those gateway cities.

Anyone who hasn’t had the card, and at least if you haven’t signed up for any cards with Chase recently, it’s time to grab this one. To me this is more lucrative than the recent Capital One 100,000 point signup offer, and it’s a whole lot less complicated (since there’s no ‘matching’ procedure involved).

The offer isn’t officially set to launch until tomorrow afternoon, there’s no hurry in applying as I understand they intend to run the offer through the month of April. In fact, it may well be a mistake that it’s on the BA website so early, as I say I don’t think it was supposed to be up yet.

Of course there’s no guarantee it’ll last for a month, of course, but you don’t need to apply on Wednesday or even this week in order to get the bonus. Just don’t let it go for too long as you won’t want to miss out on this.

  1. stormy said,

    BA now has a fuel surcharge on AA metal only redemptions? Ugh! Is this for AA international only or AA domestic too?

  2. JohnnieD said,

    Just an FYI…. The companion award is valid on US departures only not on a YYZ departure like I had planned when I got the card during the first 100k promotion

  3. Yosef Greenberg said,

    How would you compare this to the AA 100,000 offer. Although it had a higher spending threshold, the benefits were potentially higher, without all these fees.

    Also, how would you compare this to the 80,000 targeted Priority Club offer; just because I have to choose between these two now.

  4. stormy said,

    Holy moly! you are right about BA now charging fuel surcharge on AA flights. I just dummy booked a dfw-mad-dfw flight all on AA and the price in fees came to $440/person!!! This has seriously devalued the program! I will immediately cancel my BA card…and ugh i just transferred over 100,000 amex MR points to BA.

    At least the fuel surcharge on AA doesn’t seem to apply to domestic flights on AA, but who wastes miles on domestic redemptions!??

  5. kim said,

    How long do you typically need to wait in between each Chase application? I just got the BA card by Chase in Feb.

  6. Mike said,

    What’s chase policy on sign ups if just did one pass over thirty days ago…ughh

  7. stealph said,

    Kim- with Chase you should wait 30 days..although I have gotten a 2nd card with less than 30 days..but didn’t get instant approval. I offered to reduce some credit from another chase card. If I try for this one, I will wait 30 days from last Chase app and this time offer to cancel my oldest (united) chase card

  8. Yosef Greenberg said,


    Chase typically doesn’t allow more that one signup bonus for each card’s lifetime.

    In your case, you stand a good chance of getting the difference in miles by emailing chase a link to the new offer and nicely asking for the difference of what you got. Chase typically says you have 60 days for this king of adjustment.

  9. Grace said,

    I can start churning credit cards again now that the deadbeat’s credit card debt is off my name.

  10. Erik said,

    @Yosef:Go for BA. 80k priority club points are only worth $480.

  11. tivoboy said,

    @gary, I think the annual fee is now 95$, now 75$

  12. stormy said,

    I don’t think you can churn the same chase cards anymore.

  13. A. S. said,

    @kim, @Yosef,

    That’s exactly what I did the last time BA offered the 100K (I had just received a BA card with 50K) and they did offer me the difference. The additional 50K posted on the following statement. Very nice, if you ask me. I’ve tried this with other banks on different occasions and got the “tough luck” answer.

  14. Tim said,

    For us cattle class travelers, BA offers peak season AA awards to Hawaii for 35K. Six summer tickets for $180. Too bad there’s no business card.

  15. Rich said,

    This question is from someone not too familiar with AA/BA but if I got this card and the 100K miles how hard would it be to book two award tickets with 100K miles on BA and 100K+ on AA?

    In other words how hard would it be to coordinate the ticketing so that a couple would end up on the same flights?

  16. Lantean said,

    How long do I have to wait if I just got the Continental Air 50K card from Chase? Is it still half year?
    Thanks kids.

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    [...] [...]

  18. Darrell said,

    Lantean you shouldnt have to wait if you have a different card from chase.

    My question is if I have a card currently can I cancel that card and get a new one?

  19. beltway said,

    Lantean, contrary to the oft-repeated maxim, Chase does not have a hard “one app per 6 months” rule. It’s true their practices in fall 2009 were along those lines (and I know; I ran into an issue then), but more recently they’ve been much more reasonable. I applied for 2 different Chase cards last fall about 2.5 months apart and had no problems at all.

    If you apply for the BA card & get turned down, don’t be bashful about writing a reconsideration letter. If your credit is good, you don’t have an excessive number of hard pulls in recent months, and you’re willing to keep Chase’s total exposure low (say, by agreeing to a reduction in your CO card line), I like your odds.

  20. Andrew said,

    I got the card with the 100k bonus miles last March. Booked r/t JFK-LAX in coach for me and my wife. Used the next 50k for two o/w business class tickets JFK-LAX.

    I recently used my next 100k earned miles to book a business class ticket to Asia. I originally booked JFK-NRT-PVG on JAL with the return trip PVG-HKG-JFK on CX.

    While in China, I needed to add a stop in Taipei to my itinerary before returning home. It was easy to just call BA and have them change my return ticket to TPE-HKG-JFK for just a small fee and no additional miles. They were able to put me on exactly the flights I wanted with a nice full day stop in Hong Kong.

    The only downside to the card is the ridiculous fuel surcharges. I could not even imagine using miles to fly coach to Europe. Also, if BA has a flight available to the city you need, you may not have the option to book on partner airlines. Aside for the fuel surcharge, BA redemptions also cost far more miles than partner redemptions.

    Having said that, I have been happy with the card. With some patience, I can find usually find the availability that I need. I am going to sign my wife up tomorrow.

  21. qtpinoy54 said,

    I signed up for this same offer last time and i still have the card open. Is it still possible to sign up for this one?

  22. abcx said,

    OMG, this is going to be huge. And thankfully people on SD and FW are going to keep redeeming for 4x domestic rts on AA.

  23. stormy said,


    With the new AA fuel surcharges to Europe & Asia using BA miles, i think i will be doing the same now!

  24. tassojunior said,

    “Chase prefers no more than 2 applications every 60 days”. I’ve heard that a few times from them but I’ve also talked them into reconsideration approval when I needed more.

    I also heard several times from them “Chase encourages customers to carry a full compliment of our credit cards”.

    I’ve probably pushed the envelope on Chase so I’ll wait until the promo’s last days and try to get a BA by closing my United. I really hear good things about LAN rewards through BA.

  25. Jon said,

    My wife and I got Chase/BA 100K cards when they first came out in Nov ’09, then closed them in Nov ’10 before the second year of annual fees kicked in. What are the prevailing thoughts of trying to get the bonus again with a new round of sign-ups? It seems like opinion is mixed. Thanks!

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  27. Raffles said,

    Note that the BA fuel surcharges are increasing AGAIN on Friday! You are now at $1,000 per person for a business class return, US to, say, Middle East with a London stopover.

  28. hello said,

    what is the policy of chase for applying for cc after getting recently approved for a cc? how long u have to wait from recent inquiries? i tired and failed from cap one and citi AA 75K cc applications…

  29. Ang said,

    Since both the BA card and the Continental card are both Chase cards, I need to decide between the two. I know 100K miles is more than 50K but the Continental card will never be back, the BA card might be. And I probably can’t do both as I got the Hyatt card in Feb. Any thoughts?

  30. stealph said,

    Hello- most will say you should wait at least 30 days (although I have been approved in less than 30 days for agreeing to reduce credit in the other chase card). You may want to wait till mid/end of April if you are concerned.

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  32. joediver said,

    I’m pretty sure Chase is cracking down on churning too. I don’t have the new banner ad but the 50k offer that is on my BA site does state in the T&C…….”This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.” So if someone wants to be the test dummy and try for a second round, go ahead and please let us know your results.

  33. Jared said,

    Lots of miles, but those fuel surcharges are STEEP!

    Not sure that they apply when you fly with one of their partners though.

  34. Ram said,

    The T&Cs state,

    “Before we approve you for a credit card, we will review your credit report and the information you provide with your response to confirm that you meet the criteria for this offer. Based on this review, you may receive a Platinum card with different benefits and without the no pre-set spending limit feature, or you may not receive a card.”

    So, a 100K CC is not guaranteed, one could be approved for a CC with reduced (30K) bonus?

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  36. tivoboy said,

    @andrew, are you saying you made it to JFK_PVG and return in C for 100K miles? that seems pretty low, mileage chart shows 160K, no?

  37. JohnnieD said,

    @tivoboy That is the hidden gem in the BA award chart–100k US/Canada>N Asia (China,SIN,Japan)!!!!!!!

  38. Gary said,

    @tivoboy remember the partner award chart is different than the all-BA (and the ‘through Heathrow’) award chart…

  39. hello said,

    are we sure this is to last? have they pd for adverts

  40. Prospero said,

    Here is a sample of what you will expect to pay over and above the miles component of your BAEC redemption:

    Economoy Class
    MIA-SCL (LA) 50,000 BA Miles + $87.10
    JFK-EZE (AA) 50,000 BA Miles + $98.60
    SFO-HKG (CX) 50,000 BA Miles + $298.86
    ORD-HEL (AY) 65,000 BA Miles + $312.00
    JFK-NRT (JL) 50,000 BA Miles + $497.50
    ORD-PVG (AA) 50,000 BA Miles + $522.90
    JFK-LHR (BA) 50,000 BA Miles + $535.20
    SEA-LHR (BA) 50,000 BA Miles + $535.20
    IAD-DEL (BA) 90,000 BA Miles + $606.10

    Business Class
    MIA-SCL (LA) 100,000 BA Miles + $87.10
    JFK-EZE (AA) 100,000 BA Miles + $98.60
    SFO-HKG (CX) 100,000 BA Miles + $299.10
    ORD-HEL (AY) 130,000 BA Miles + $312.00
    JFK-NRT (JL) 100,000 BA Miles + $497.50
    ORD-PVG (AA) 100,000 BA Miles + $522.90
    JFK-LHR (BA) 100,000 BA Miles + $772.20
    SEA-LHR (BA) 100,000 BA Miles + $848.00
    IAD-DEL (BA) 180,000 BA Miles + $1044.60

  41. stan ath said,






  42. djp_707 said,


    Just go online to USPS and have them hold your mail at the Post office till you return.

  43. Tom Lochart said,


    As long as you have a valid u.s. address and credit history is tied to that address/name you will be approved for the card (easy part). i would apply and just call chase immediately so they can flag your account and send the plastic to your temporary overseas address.

  44. stan ath said,

    thanks #43 tom and #42 djp–

    fyi the post office will hold mail only for 30 days –found this out the hard way and even with a post office box they hold only 30 days — if the manger is an o.k. guy you can speak to them — but if he is a ……. the rules are return the mail — now that is a problem !!when they start sending back bank and credit card statements

    ref my orig. question — if anyone has done a delivery intervention please let me know


  45. John said,

    I just got a quote of YVR-NRT-TPE-NRT-YVR on JL in business. 100K BA miles plus $786 in taxes and fees. The YQ is too much!

  46. Gary said,

    @John try to route through HKG on CX for somewhat lower YQ. But whether or not it’s too much.. $796 plus a credit card signup for a business class roundtrip to Asia is still a ‘value’. An incredible value, really.

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