Three weeks ago American Express ran an offer with 70,000 Delta miles as a signup bonus for a new Skymiles American Express.

That offer is back: 25,000 miles after first purchase and then 45,000 more after $5000 in spend within 6 months — plus a $100 statement credit after first Delta purchase within three months, no fee the first year.

How to get this offer: Copy and paste this link, but change “John” to your first name, “Smith” to your last name, and “222222222″ to your Skymiles number:

The offer didn’t last long in September and probably won’t last long now, so if this is attractive to you then it’s worth jumping on. I don’t love Skymiles, but 70,000 is a big signup bonus.

(Thanks to loyal reader Rob for the heads up and sharing the working link.)

  1. Paul said,

    What’s the typical min. churn period? I closed my skymiles account in july

  2. Stephanie O said,

    I’m new to this “work the credit cards for miles” thing, and recently got a Delta Skymiles card, but before this bonus was issued (I think I’m getting 30,000 after $500, which I’ve spent already). Is it worth calling customer service to ask for this deal? If I do, is there anything in particular I should do / say (aside from being really nice!) to increase my chances?

  3. Brian said,

    Just tried and received error message currently, our systems are not responding

  4. Zach Dreyfuss said,

    Thanks for sharing.

    @Paul I think AMEX cards are usually Two years from your application date. But that is YMMV.

  5. Time Waster said,

    We’re sorry, the system is down and we were unable to process your request at this time.

  6. jl100 said,

    I think this is a good deal but currently doing other spend requirements so I am going for bonuses with no spend such as Chase Marriott and US Air MC…

  7. Charlene said,

    Should I apply even though I just did a churn which included another Amex card ~30 days ago? Or will I just get denied?

  8. Scott said,

    I just got approved for their normal 40k offer a few weeks ago, how is AMEX at honoring a newer offer like this?

  9. afkabp said,

    Received the same error as Brian

  10. Ck said,

    Very odd, signup does not show an entry box for the first name or last name. First boxes are for middle initial (left) and (full name on card) right.

  11. Ck said,

    Dead? Even after ignoring the lack of name entry boxes (based on another blogs advice)…
    “We’re sorry, the system is down and we were unable to process your request at this time. “

  12. Loyal Reader said,

    Any ideas on whether a phone call to AmEx might work? And which phone #? The website form seems to be dysfunctional — won’t take First Name — and there’s even a typo near the bottom when American isn’t capitalized (a surprising typo given the importance of brands, …).


  13. Acker said,

    Darn. “We’re sorry, the system is down and we were unable to process your request at this time.”

  14. Jonathan said,

    @Stephanie – Unlike Chase, my experience with American Express is that they refuse to give you the better offer. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to call, though.

  15. Stephanie O said,

    Thanks, Jonathan. I’ll give it a try, but won’t get my hopes up. :)

  16. Ken Y. said,

    Could I apply for this if I have had the Delta Plat Amex since April of this year?

  17. ML said,

    @CK – Ignore the odd box (First name Middle Initial). Fill in the rest and continue to next page, you will have your First and Last name right as it is fetched from URL. If you find any error you select “back” and correct it. I did it and got approved.

  18. Tech Trainer said,

    On my Mac, I got the same error in Firefox. But I submitted the application using Safari and it worked!

  19. Andrew said,

    I had no problems using Chrome, submitted apps for both my wife and myself.

  20. Douze Notations said,

    Reapplied this morning using Chrome and it worked! Thanks! Shall I call Amex to verify?

  21. Benny said,

    Just submitted. They said they’ll let me know.

  22. Patty said,

    I have an insurance payment for 3K coming up and this would be perfect except they don’t accept Amex. arggghhh And no other offers are as enticing.

  23. sj said,

    just got approved! chrome rules!

  24. Austin said,

    I just got the SPG Amex at the end of August. Is it too soon to apply for this card?

  25. Sice said,

    Tried to get this one last time it popped up a few weeks ago but it died by the time I tried. Good to see it back, a little unnerving that it’s a 14 day verification period. Guess I’ll be calling in to check it out.

  26. Dave Mo said,

    Does Amex bump the bonus? I signed up for the card in June.

  27. leon said,

    @Zach Is the AMEX cards churn period two years from your previous application date, or account closing date?

  28. A said,

    I had looked at this morning, but now it’s not working. Is it over?

  29. leslie said,

    it said you are not authorized to view this page

  30. Sice said,

    It’s dead on 10/23, no idea when it actually ended.

    Used the card to purchase a sandwich on a flight, $8.50 – 20% for using a Skymiles AMEX (statement credit) then quickly the $100 statement credit for a Delta purchase posted. Very nice!

  31. Delta American Express 45,000 Mile Signup Bonus - View from the Wing said,

    [...] we’ve seen, but it’s better than the standard offer. In September and October there was an offer of 70,000 bonus points for the card. That was really intended to be targeted and took changing around URLs to get it. It’s not [...]

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