I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life to earn miles. I had a hair loss consultation for 20,000 Delta miles (even though I am far from balding). Then there was the Lasik eye exam (I don’t wear glasses). And the Wendys-Airtran promotion which led to a rash of dumpster diving.

Once upon a time you could even earn miles by donating blood.

But here’s one I hadn’t seen: Earn miles for making child support payments.

I had no idea this existed. Apparently Mastercard and Discover are accepted by Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. (This settles a mystery of ‘what merchants take Mastercard but not Visa..?) Visa and Mastercard are accepted by Arizona, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

The author of the Milepoint thread on this earns miles in Georgia, I haven’t researched the rules on which cards are accepted there.

New Jersey stopped accepting credit cards on November 8th. I’m not sure why that deal was killed, it doesn’t apparently have anything to do with overexposure on blogs.

Now that this has been uncovered, though, I predict a major surge in unmarried, unprotected sex. Or mileage-junkie divorces.

  1. Gene said,

    I guess it’s time for you to have kids. (JK) :)

  2. David Williams said,

    I have a couple of employees that have child support orders. Their child support payments are automatically withheld from their paychecks, I make the child support payments on the employee’s behalf via online through the State of California Child Support Website using Visa or Master card. Thus as an employer my employees earn me miles by having to pay child support. There are no fee’s or surcharges charged for this service to employers or employees.

  3. Zz said,

    parents who love points and have avoided paying childsupport, finally have a reason to pay.

  4. tony said,

    I’ve been paying child support with a cc in a roundabout way for the last 5 years. My ex and I get along well so my support is not court ordered. Once I got my HHonors Amex she let me pay my child support in the form of paying her cell phone bill and get 6x points

  5. Gary said,


  6. DavidS said,

    HAHAHAHAH I really really enjoyed this post — hilarious

  7. AlohaDaveKennedy said,

    Oh great – now the bloggers have caused a sudden surge in the divorce rate since all the newbies are going after this new gold mine!

    “New Jersey stopped accepting credit cards on November 8th. I’m not sure why that deal was killed, it doesn’t apparently have anything to do with overexposure on blogs.”

  8. DaninSTL said,

    I’m just shocked they accept Discover card.

  9. nsx at FlyerTalk said,

    Priceless. Is there a frequent fathering forum for these deals?

    Gary, we look forward to future articles explaining how you managed to churn this opportunity!

  10. longroller said,

    Wow, never thought my post would make it to the big time.

    After I have learned so much from your blog and others I am glad I could contribute.

    In Georgia they take MC and Visa only and they charge $1.78 service fee for making payment online. YMMV but I wished I had started earlier my points would have been in the high 5 digits just from these payments alone.

  11. DONNA said,


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    [...] Pay Child Support [...]

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    […] Pay Child Support […]

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