Here’s how it works:

  1. Hertz has weekend rates from $14.95 (plus taxes) per day.

  2. These rates seem to work in combination with at least some CDP numbers (discount codes) such as AAA rates. This step won’t save very much for most if booking a $15 rate, so can be skippable.

  3. Coupon code 176396 takes off $10 per day (up to $40 per rental). This coupon is valid through December 31. (HT: Calvin)

Hertz has discount codes (“CDP”) which can sometimes be combined with coupons (“PC”).

This doesn’t have to be used with a cheap weekend rate to be useful. The key points here are that there’s a $10 off per day coupon code which works through end of year and which seems to also work in conjunction with discount (CDP) codes.

  1. patrick said,

    Ha! Hertz website calendar only goes to Dec 2001!!

  2. Del said,

    did this at Lax 2 weeks ago. Car came out to $9 a day after tax. I was floored!

  3. traveldealexpert said,

    Any mileage deals?

  4. Jimmy @TraveByPoints said,

    Hertz recently (about two months ago) updated its system to eliminate the possibility of combining the lower weekend rate of $14.99 (rate code of XCT1) and the $-off PCs. Prior to the system update, while it was not possible to make a booking on, it was still possible to give the check-in agent or a phone agent a PC to be manually applied. Now, it appears that even phone agents can no longer do this, unless you are willing to pay for a higher rate that does not utilize the special rate code.

    For certain markets, though, it is still possible to find a regular low rate at $14.99 or lower (without using the special rate code) and then combine it with the PC. It is all about supply and demand for a certain weekend at a certain airport location.

    Good luck!

  5. Gabe said,

    Thanks that hit the spot!

  6. gbert said,

    I can’t seem to get any coupon code to stack with the weekend rate. How are people getting that to work?

  7. Corey said,

    Doesn’t seem to work at LAX – they want $71 per day for a weekend rental in late December. Thankfully, I still have my avis booking at $21/day

  8. gbert said,

    For me, the $15 weekend rate works, but if I add any coupon code, it reverts to the ridiculous regular rate ($40+).

  9. reeder said,

    Not stacking for me, either.

  10. Andy said,

    Hertz knows about this trick for a while and they fixed the website. Be aware that people have reported that the coupon was refused upon returning the car.

  11. Mena said,

    does this rates work in New York?

  12. John said,

    Hertz closed this loophole over a month ago. And like Andy said, for the few who got weekend rate/PC combo reservations in before Hertz caught on, there have been numerous reports of Hertz billing a higher rate upon return.

  13. FT_Roy said,

    Hertz killed this loophole after it was publicized approximately a month ago (also on another BoardingArea blog, I can’t recall which at the moment).

    The few deals that still managed to get grandfathered in were basically honored at the discretion (and creativity) of the counter reps or check-in people, and all ended shortly after the expiration of the pre-Veterans Day $10/day off PC.

  14. YourFoodSherpa said,

    No $14.95 down here in MLB. :-(

    Stupid snow birds.

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