Last year I wrote that Hyatt had selected KenetMD to replace Portico’s White Ginger as its standard bath amenities.

I then followed up that breaking the news was premature, it was the likely choice but Hyatt was still doing testing before final sign off. And these things, apparently, move slowly.

Because it took 16 months. Now the Wall Street Journal‘s Scott McCartney writes that the changeover will take place on Saturday (although no doubt some hotels will continue to burn through existing stock after that).

On Saturday, the company will change to new brands of bathroom products tested on women for its properties world-wide. Hyatt Regency Hotels in North America, for instance, will carry KenetMD Skin Care products instead of the Portico products they use now.

This revelation was part of a larger piece on the travel habits and preferences of men and women, drawing some of its quotes from passengers on the recent Star MegaDO frequent flyer trip. The comments by readers to the article are pretty interesting, I guess it’s like Larry Summers making comments about innate differences between the genders, only not being written by the President of Harvard.

Me, I’m just happy to see Hyatt finally implement a change. I love how well the Portico soap lathers, but not its strong smell. At last year’s Star MegaDO, Hyatt’s Jeff Zidell revealed that the White Ginger products are the best selling item that people buy from Hyatt’s store — which suggests that some people like it though I suspect it’s also because other items are more expensive.

(Thanks to Hack My Trip for the pointer to the Wall Street Journal piece.)

  1. Desmond said,

    Hey Gary,

    Is there a way, besides booking a room, of keeping a Hyatt points account active? I haven’t had occasion to stay at a Hyatt and my expiration date is coming up.



  2. Gary said,

    @Desmond – in my experience points don’t expire strictly when they are ‘supposed’ to. But what about transferring in some points from Chase Ultimate Rewards? Or buying some points? Or having a meal at a Hyatt restaurant while not a registered guest?

  3. Keri said,

    I’m not a fan of Portico White Ginger at all, in fact, being on the recent StarMegaDo with several hundred people who all smelled of white ginger was sometimes a little overpowering :) But I got to try the Portico VIP collection at SFO Hyatt Regency, which is a Quince and Bergamot scent. I was pretty happy with it, in fact, wish more Hyatts offered it.

  4. Desmond said,

    All 3 are good suggestions. I have Chase points so thats’s probably the way to go. How many points are earned for a meal? Does a few drinks at the bar count?

  5. luke said,

    i went out to the store and bought some product because the white ginger was horrible.

  6. Larry said,

    At a recent stay at The Chicago Hyatt Regency I sampled the KenetMD moisturizer and really liked it; it absorbs quickly and thoroughly. I’m not into care products, however this product got my attention.

    I emailed their website and the actual product is not yet available, but will be through Hyatt.

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