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The Associated Press, which Friday had been quoting sources saying the AMR board was scheduled to meet Monday and that the US Airways board would meet over the weekend or Monday, on Sunday said the meetings had been delayed.

The AMR board wants to meet in person rather than have a telephone conference, and the US Airways board would take its vote after the AMR board does, AP reported.

Reuters, which also been reporting a Monday meeting, said Sunday that “AMR needed more time to finalize details and the boards of the two airlines are now not expected to gather until around Wednesday, the sources said.”

The drama has been going on for a year, I guess we can wait just a few more days.

  1. Mike said,

    Just dont change the award policies unless it’s for the better.

  2. Andrew L said,

    At this point is there any chance that they won’t merge?

  3. Dave said,

    Gary…which award program rules do you think will eventually be followed?

  4. Gary said,

    @Dave – American’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see those change in some measure (which they probably would anyway)

  5. Gary said,

    @Andrew L – ain’t done until it’s done but looks highly likely

  6. Jeremy H. said,

    Is this a weather-related delay?

  7. Moving Chicane said,

    LAX-DCA today, AA 1st class stewart mentioned the route was going to Airbus soon due to the merger…..Hahahaha – jumping the gun on several points there I think! :)

  8. Gary said,

    @Moving Chicane – Even after a merger US routes will be operated by US pilots on US planes, more or less, and AA routes with AA pilots on AA planes more or less. There’ll need to be a common operating certificate, merged pilot seniority lists, etc… that takes time.

  9. The Miles Professor said,

    In a year or two, I will have so many miles in a single program!

  10. iahphx said,

    As you’ve observed Terry Maxon at the Dallas News is the single best media authority of all things AA. Ted Reed, who writes for a few publications but mostly, is the media expert on US Airways. You don’t really need to read anyone else on the merger!

  11. adam said,

    will this affect the grandslam 2013?

  12. mark said,

    I understand you write a travel blog, but why are you so obsessed with this potential merger? Even after it is announced it will take many months to close. Do you really need to blog about the blow-by-blow…or are they just pointless posts to get a hit on people’s Twitter feeds (or manufacturer content)?

  13. Mr. N said,

    Just used most of US miles to book award tickets to Japan. Now, no need to worry if they change their policies. I have a feeling that it is getting worse for award ticket redemptions. Given the fact that US Airways is selling miles at cheap prices on many different times, a devaluation on miles is like going to happen.

  14. Cbender49 said,

    @Mark, if it doesn’t interest you, just move on. There’s plenty of other stuff to read on the Internet.

  15. tassojunior said,

    Doug Parker’s American West still hasn’t completely merged with US. AA pilots and US pilots can’t even work in the same cockpit. Parker knows how to do takeovers but not mergers.

    The new AA will be a disorganized, unfriendly, rude, nickle-and-dimeing mess.

  16. Gary said,

    @mark I write about what interests me, nothing more complicated than that.

  17. Gary said,

    @adam probably not.. there are rumors of its return, and i’m confident the programs won’t be combined in 2013

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