Man Sets World Record by Buying (and Drinking) at $47 coffee at Starbucks.

A customer in the US state of Washington paid US$47.30 for an extra large, otherwise known as vente, Starbucks Frappucino, to secure the world record for the most expensive drink from the coffee house franchise.

Beau Chevassus ordered a 52 ounce drink with 48 shots of mocha, soya milk, protein powder, strawberries, two bananas, caramel topping, vanilla bean chips among other ingredients.

Of course if it was just about the price of the coffee, and not about the price of coffee at Starbucks, he could have simply had a cup of Kopi Luwak

(HT: uggboy on Milepoint)

  1. Autumn said,

    Wait, he actually drank it? ALL? How did he not DIE!?!?

  2. Adam K said,


    It was FREE!

    Look carefully at the end – you can see it on both the register when she announces the price and the receipt right after – he got it as his FREE birthday drink for being a member of the Starbucks loyalty program

    THAT’s maximizing the value of an offer!

  3. Taylor said,

    Adam K is absolutely right! On the register, it shows “MSR Birthday -47.30,” or register speak for My Starbucks Rewards! This man’s $47.30 drink was completely free.

  4. Peter S said,

    Holy smoking cow!! Not the price of the drink but how Starbucks would pay for that with their birthday free drink perks with seemingly no cap on the value of the drink. On my birthday in two months, I am going to bring my beer keg with me and order a $2000 starbucks drink with 1500 shots. Seriously, once this video go viral and other people start taking advantage of this perk, Starbuck may put a cap on how much ppl can redeem the free drink for.

  5. Owen G said,

    There is a cap on the b-day drink, but they comped him as part of the fun. Also, he drank most of it over several days.

  6. Amol (@PointsToPointB) said,

    You’re forgetting that Chase Freedom offers 5x at Starbucks this quarter, and with grandfathered Exclusives, would earn more than Ink ;)

    Of course, many of us have already maxed out Freedom because of the pharmacy bonus :D

    Personally, I reload my cards in-store using a Citi Forward for 5X.

  7. Mark Jackson said,

    I’m going to ask them for the exact same drink but in their cup to beat him by $0.10…

  8. Joe said,

    A funny little blog on Kopi Lowak:

  9. Kalboz said,

    Not impressed … Elephant dung coffee goes for $50 per cup! :)

  10. swag said,

    Isn’t this the coffee equivalent of the way some people redeem miles or hotel points? Instead of ordering the coffee you actually most want to drink, you get the one that costs the most. It’s like booking to maximize “dollars per point”, instead of deciding where you actually most want to stay.

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