When Delta acquired a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic, lots of change was expected — such as reciprocal lounge benefits, and reciprocal mileage earn and burn.

Not a whole lot has been implemented yet, but Virgin has a page dedicated to the changes (HT: Head for Points).

Virgin Atlantic’s silver status isn’t the most rewarding, but it will provide some priority benefits when flying Delta in the very near future.

And though I don’t expect this offer to last, you can sign up for Virgin Atlantic’s program at the silver level.

Generally this should provide priority airport services, and I have to imagine that Delta will wind up waiving checked baggage fees for Virgin silvers.

Of course this will usually require entering your Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer number into your reservation. I suppose my strategy — assuming I didn’t want to collect Virgin miles — would be to leave the number in the reservation until check-in (and until bags are checked, if applicable) and then have the number changed to the frequent flyer account I preferred to accumulate miles with such as Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan.

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  1. William said,

    Very useful tip, thank you. Finally all those Virgin miles can go towards the only NYC-Athens, Greece direct route I’m aware of. And I can finally get back up to silver.

  2. Gary said,

    @William – Delta rarely releases award space so it’ll be tough to use Virgin miles for that.

  3. Gene said,

    Gary, any clue when we may be able to use DL miles to book VS? I sure hope it is pre-devaluation.

  4. Sean M. said,

    Thanks Gary! My pile of orphaned Virgin miles (earned from hotel and car rental partners) seems to have become exponentially more valuable this week with first the fuel surcharge change and then this.

  5. Joey said,

    @William, I believe Qatar Airways will start NYC-ATH route sometime this year.

  6. Steve @ Canadian Travel Hacking said,

    Thanks for letting me know about this – looking at using Virgin Atlantic for a redemption with my SPG points.

  7. Marc W said,

    Any chance that this could be status matched to other airlines?

  8. Mike @ The #hustle Blog said,

    At the very least, this might be helpful for NYC-LHR 13k + $98 award flights – using the Premium Economy check-in line.

  9. naif said,

    i cannot use the link you provided..it says “We are unable to process your request.Please contact your local flying club office”

  10. Jen said,

    The link’s good, worked for me but now the system is down (per call center) and DH can’t get his status. Try again in a bit.

  11. William said,

    @Joey Another great tip. The idea of flying in something other than Delta on my regular Athens trip would be a dream. Thank you.

  12. ASW said,

    Are there any requirements to maintain Silver Status with Virgin – such as flying +25K miles per year?

  13. William said,

    @ASW, I believe its just 15 tier points in a year, and you can get 2 tier points a month with Virgin amex spend

    @Joey, or not—http://www.thenationalherald.com/article/58947

  14. RP said,

    Instant Silver !! Thanks Gary.

  15. lu said,

    can you match this with united or delta?

  16. naif said,

    it worked after trying 3 times,got instant Silver status but my membership number was changed..

  17. Gil said,

    You need to earn 15 TPs (Tier Points) per membership year (not calendar year). Read all about it here – http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/en/us/frequentflyer/membershipbenefits/tier_points/index.jsp

  18. Raffles said,

    If this is the link I think it is (you didn’t include the source page) then it was meant to expire on May 31st – and of course was targetted at a specific group with a hefty membership fee. No guarantee sign ups after May 31st will stick.

  19. Tommy said,

    I got the “Sorry, this account has already been registered.” error.. but log into my account and still only see Red status.

  20. DG said,

    Worked. Thanks

  21. Tim said,

    Hello, and thank you for this great tip.

    Virgin Atlantic Silver will equal what status level on Delta?

    Thank you so much!

  22. c2d said,

    Thanks Gary. Just signed up and got silver.

  23. Robert said,

    Thanx Gary, well done.

  24. JM said,

    So far, so good. I am now silver. Time will tell if it “sticks,” per Raffles observation. The upgrade on Heathrow Express as a silver would be timely. I have been contemplating going for the card anyway, so William’s note about the tier points I could earn per month is a bit of added incentive.

  25. HockeyCoachBen said,

    Thanks! Worked for me…instant Silver upgrade!

  26. Colleen said,

    Gary – seems I recall you saying there was one transaction (specific hotel or car rental) you always credited to VS. Which one was it, and is it still true? Thanks.

  27. trojan said,

    I am a bit confused….when does the status expire?

  28. Alex said,

    Gary -

    This also worked for me – thanks! I went into an existing Delta award reservation I have and wasn’t able to give the number though, there was no option for Virgin Atlantic. There was V Australia and Virgin Australia, but nothing else.

    Any thoughts? Is this because it’s an award booking?

  29. J said,

    Worked for me as well!

    Thanks Gary.

  30. trojan said,

    Worked for me! When does status expire? Do we need 15 or 40 points to hit gold now(eyes on the clubhouse)

  31. Lily said,

    Thanks Gary! This also worked for me. However, I am a bit confused as to how to change an existing Delta reservation so that I can use this Silver status..

  32. Rob A. said,

    Clicking the “at the silver level” did nothing for me (took me to a page asking for my membership number). But I clicked on the “a page dedicated to the changes” link, then “flying club” then “join” and after my registration was complete it showed me as Silver status! (although my confirmation email says “Red”, when I click through to my account, it again says “Silver”). Thanks Gary!

  33. Gary said,

    @Colleen Avis for 1k miles per rental even 1 day

  34. Sean said,

    Worked for me. Thank you. Please comment on whether we can use our new status for a status challenge or match on other airlines.

  35. Rob A. said,

    I have the same question as a few others- how do I apply this with Delta since they seem to only acknowledge Virgin Australia?

    (It should also be noted that I went through the “long route” above bc after clicking the “join” link from the landing page of “at the silver level” I thought the page looked messed up. Might just be my browser)

  36. Jay said,

    Worked for me too. Many thanks Gary!

  37. Colleen said,

    Thanks for the link and info, Gary!

  38. Simon Maguire said,

    I just did it and it worked says I have silver status till2014 I actually had an old virgin flyer account but i let it die as the benefits are minimal. Wonder if they will send out new card?!

  39. wise2u said,

    good catch…hope it sticks, just got my VA amex so this is right on time.

  40. Ryan said,

    The links just go to a page that asks to register your membership online…there is a link to sign up at the bottom, is that usable for the Silver status or is there supposed to be a special page?

  41. avidtraveler said,

    Thanks, Gary! I’ll ask it again since no one seems to know the answer: Can we use this for a status match with DL?


  42. mcdullhk88 said,

    @Ryan Yes, that is usable. I just used it, and my account reads “silver.”

    @Gary Thanks a lot for the advice and free Virgin status! Signed up my whole family. I will try to match elsewhere and get temporary Gold on an AA Challenge as well.

  43. Gary said,

    @avidtraveler – I do not expect so. First, they don’t match Virgin as part of their status match program (http://boardingarea.com/viewfromthewing/2013/01/07/getting-another-airline-to-give-you-status-based-on-the-status-you-hold-with-your-current-carrier/) and no reciprocal status matching arangement has been announced. Second, they don’t status match other carriers in joint ventures or that they have investments in. This could be different but I see no reason to expect it to be.

  44. Ryan said,

    Thanks mcdullhk88!

  45. Karl Mitchell said,

    Thanks! Worked a treat.

  46. Joel said,

    I had no Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer number so I signed up for a new one, and I was given silver right off the bat as well. thanks!

  47. avidtraveler said,

    Thanks, Gary! That makes sense. Thanks again for this awesome tip.

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  50. Jeff said,

    Link worked perfectly for me, thanks!

  51. Shaun said,

    Thank you! Upgraded myself and the wife.

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  54. Raffles said,

    To add to my earlier point – if you want this to stick, I would consider changing your VS address to a UK one. No one who genuinely qualifies for this match would have a non-UK address.

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  56. Rob P said,

    Thanks! I have a Delta flight on July 7 and I’m wondering how to apply this.

  57. Charlie said,

    Thank you for the tip… I am flying Delta next week, can I change my FF# on my reservation to Virgin’s now and should Delta waive baggage fees ?? THANKS !!

  58. Uri Fintzy said,

    Will having Virgin Atlantic Silver help me if I do a status match w/ United or Delta?

  59. Ron Miller said,

    FYI Just booked a Delta ticket.Virgin Atlantic was not in the drop down box but VIRGIN AUSTRALIA was.

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  64. skyhigh said,

    Tried friday evening using the “at the silver level” link – no luck. hoped for delayed update – just checked this morning (monday), and still Red. anyone with thoughts on a fix?

  65. Gary said,

    It’s dead…

  66. mcdullhk88 said,

    06/26/2013: Virgin has reverted us back from silver to red.

  67. Dk413 said,

    06/26/2013: Mine has been reverted back as well.

  68. Don said,

    Mine has been reverted too. Is there any way to get Silver back?

  69. profan said,

    revoked my silver status as well, i am now a lowly red.

  70. Jim said,

    Don, get 15 tier points and silver will come back. No other way.

  71. Surffnutt3000 said,

    Was this not a legit offer? I was about to apply for their AmEx card to start earning tier points. Glad I first logged on to learn I was back at Red. (Couldn’t they have sent us an email?) I’ll save the credit pull for another card.

  72. Paul V. said,

    I called Virgin Atlantic and they told me this was a scam and they had to reverse all the submissions to the red level. Sad since I committed to the amex credit card thinking I was silver level!!!

  73. Pat said,

    How can Virgin Atlantic call it a scam unless it was a third party offer? What they cleverly did was get information from many, many people and pulled their offer of Silver Status. I was also degraded to Red after verifying that I indeed had Silver Status. Was it a clever ploy on their part ?? Who knows?

  74. Karl Mitchell said,

    Has anyone had any luck getting them to reverse their decision? Seeing Silver status there for a day or so, then seeing it reverted back to Red, was quite disappointing. I was actually going to use this quite a bit in the next few months.

  75. Yeah Right said,

    Everyone needs to understand that just about everyone who got silver status here was not eligible to get the status. Virgin didn’t put out a promotion where people could just sign up for free silver membership. As mentioned at various points, this was for a promotion run in the UK for members of a business group and was never intended for anyone beyond this group. There is no point complaining that you don’t have status because you weren’t entitled in the first place.

    No one is getting their status reinstated or changed back. If you want VS silver status, get 15 tier points. Simple as that.

  76. Arun said,

    Just noticed my has gone back to Red from Silver…Contacted Flying Club support, and got an email stating that this “promotion” that they ran was only for ‘Founders’ corporate? and the codes were leaked online, therefore they had to revert it back to Red. Sucks!

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