American Express is offering a $25 statement credit when you spend $75 or more on a single purchase.

Sign into your American Express account and you may find this offer under the “My Offers” tab (that’s all I had to do).

You can also tweet #AmexAmazon to register. You need to have synced your American Express card and twitter account.

Be sure to register right away, before the offer disappears. If you don’t have an immediate $75 Amazon purchase, but want to lock in the $25 savings, just buy a $75 Amazon gift card. Then you can split the purchases of into amounts below $75, or make the purchase(s) at any time in the future.

This is another example of American Express’ new partnership with that can even get you free Amazon Prime.

(HT: Frugal Travel Lawyer)

  1. HCXL said,

    Is Amazon Payment transaction count?

  2. Gary said,

    @HCXL – i do not think so

  3. Austin said,

    Do you know if the offer be redeemed on multiple AmEx card accounts if it shows up under “My Offers” for each of my card accounts?

    BTW, thanks for pointing me to “My Offers” — I never knew this existed before today, and there were actually a couple other useful offers for me!

  4. Austin said,

    You can ignore my previous question; as soon as I saved it to one card it disappeared from my other cards.

  5. Bender said,

    There have been a few pretty decent offers for me over the past few months. Really helps offset the PRG fee for me.

  6. Gary said,

    Enroll your other cards here:

  7. Andy said,

    Given that gift cards are now sold on Amazon’s site by “ACI Gift Cards, an Amazon company,” I’m not at all sure that a gift card purchase will be reimbursed by Amex—the terms specify that the purchase has to be with, not one of its affiliates.

    I’m pretty sure this change of the nominal merchant selling the gift cards is a recent one, and may well have been made to distinguish gift card purchases from others to make it harder to apply promotions like this to gift cards.

  8. Andy said,

    . . . however, in Amex pending transactions it shows up as “ LLC,” and I got an email from Amex thanking me for using an enrolled card at Amazon, so it may be just fine!

  9. Jake said,

    Do items not sold by qualify? (e.g.,”Shipped and sold by ACME Co., USA”)

  10. Robert Hanson said,

    One warning about Amazon Gift Cards. As a long time Amazon customer, I have learned to look up reviews before making a purchase. So I looked up the reviews for Amazon gift cards…

    Go to the Amazon website, look up the various Gift Card options, and read the Customer Reviews. “Amazon Gift Card – E-mail” has 815 one star reviews. “ Gift Cards – In a Greeting Card – Free One-Day Shipping” has 406 one star reviews.

    Caveat Emptor….

  11. Marek said,

    I have been using Amazon gift cards extensively ($500-1000 per month) and the system have worked very well (= no problems of any sort + efficient/fast execution). Of course, it doesn’t imply that the AmEx offer will work. As a proxy, purchases of gift cards made with Chase Freedom always counted as Amazon purchases. If anybody gets a data point, please report!

  12. Scott C said,

    @Robert Hanson,

    What about the reviews did you find troubling. There are over 28,000 reviews of the electronic gift cards. The overwhelming majority are positive. Amazon has pretty great customer service in my experience so I would not be troubled in the slightest by a relatively small number of negative reviews.

  13. easy victor said,

    Odd thing happened when I went to sign up at Amex. Offer was there, and I clicked on “save offer”. Got a response that said: “Offer no longer available” Then it disappeared.

    Very weird.

  14. Mooper said,

    I maintain a complete list of all Amex Offers and a FAQ on how to use, maximized them, here (SD):

  15. Robert Hanson said,

    @Scott C I am a long time happy customer of Amazon, and a monthly user of Amazon payments ;)

    But if you look up the Amazon customer reviews for the gift cards, just under the email delivery option alone, there are 815 one star reviews. Many complaining they were charged, but either did not get the digital card, or when they went to use it Amazon said it had “already been used”.

    IMHO that’s not a “relatively small number of negative reviews”. It’s 3% of the reviews, not counting the folks who gave 2 stars because it took extended wrangling with Amazon to straighten things out. Would you keep an account with a bank that “only” lost your deposits 3% of the time?

    I’m open to the possibility that these bad reviews, over a thousand of them if you combine the various delivery options, are false reports posted by brick and mortar retailers. But I don’t see these sort of reports on orders of actual products.

    TSA agents have been arrested for stealing laptops from people while they are being screened. Postal employees are occasionally arrested with hundreds of stolen packages at their homes. Employee theft in retail stores is estimated at Billions of dollars a year. Why is it unthinkable that some Amazon employees skim off 2% of the orders they process, figuring that management will think those customers who complain are lying?

  16. J.C. said,

    Holy cow! Talk about fast.

    The T&C of the offer state American Express will post the credit within something like 60 days. I bought two GCs yesterday evening and by this morning the $25 kickback posted to my account. Amazon? Amazing!

  17. J.C. said,

    P.S. I wonder if it will be as speedy with non-AmEx issued American Express Cards.

  18. Mike said,

    New signups are no longer allowed. Glad I registered last night!

  19. Cindi said,

    Wow, I didn’t know those offers were there. But there is no Amazon offer on my list (12/3/13). Bummer.

  20. Cindi said,

    One of my AmEx cards is managed by FIA through Fidelity. I don’t see any offers listed when I sign in there. Is there a place where I can go to register this card for varous promotions? (Someone posted a link above to the Amazon promotion, which is showing expired. But there are some other promotions I would like to do with this FIA card.)


  21. Tom C said,

    Looks like it is no longer available :-(

  22. David G said,

    You don’t need to spend $75 in a single shot to qualify for the rebate.

    I had a series of less-than-$75-each purchases (that cumulatively were in excess of $75) post to a registered card and received the $25 rebate.

    Not sure where the “single purchase” language in Gary’s post came from — since that’s not how I read the Amazon rebate terms language.

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