Lufthansa Flyer
SWISS Retires Its Last ‘Jumbolino’

SWISS closes its chapter on the Jumbolino after 2 decades of service. Read More

Mommy Points
Thinking Back to Barcelona

When I was pregnant with my now two year old daughter, my mom, my five year old, and I traveled together to Spain. This was a Christmas gift to my mom as she was a... Read More

View from the Wing
Another JetBlue Crew Falls Ill in a Matter of Days, and the Airline Savvy Fliers Fly

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips.... Read More

Frequent Miler
Great deal: Flight + $250 in GCs + Uber credit for about $400 (depending on your itinerary)

At conferences like Frequent Traveler University, I have often heard rumblings about Upside, but until today I had never given it much of a look. Then, I saw a promotion... Read More

Travel With Grant
View Card Bonus Detail Popup for American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card in Membership Reward Account

Good afternoon everyone.  I have a short post to share about a new feature I discovered this afternoon when I was browsing the Activity Detail tab of my American... Read More

The Gate
Your Chance to Win a Road Trip Across Austria

The Auto Europe Sweepstakes from both the Austrian Tourist Office and Auto Europe offers you the opportunity to win a trip with a travel companion of... Read More

Wild About Travel
My Favourite Hikes in the World

I love hiking and have now explored rural paths in a dozen countries now. I was trying today to come up with my Top Ten hikes in the world. I got to 14 in my Top Ten! My... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Visiting Dubai? Have Coffee At Emirates Headquarters

Over the years I've spent a significant amount of time in Dubai. I got the objections people have with the UAE (and I suspect I share almost all of them), though it's... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
Ganhe até 12 pontos por real em parceiros do Tudo Azul

O programa TudoAzul está oferecendo 10 pontos por real gasto nas suas compras até o dia 20 de Julho de 2017 em conjunto com as Casas Bahia, já no... Read More

Dots, Lines & Destinations
DLD 155: Georgia on our minds

We've got two guests on the show this week to talk about Georgia (the country, not the state), Azerbaijan, and all sort of other fun bits. Nudity, massages and a bonus... Read More

Points With a Crew
Adventures in Scotland: Riding the Jacobite Steam train

If you're a fan of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express, or just a fan of classic train travel, you need to check out the Jacobite Steam Train in Fort William Scotland Read More

View from the Wing
American Keeps Hitting Customers With Fuel Surcharge Mistakes On Award Tickets

Hong Kong law doesn't allow fuel surcharges on travel originating there. Even British Airways, for instance, doesn't add fuel surcharges to Hong Kong - London flights. ... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
GEE scores connectivity line-fit first on 737MAX line

Getting wifi on to new 737MAX planes just got a little easier. Global Eagle is the first vendor to secure line-fit offerability from Boeing for connectivity on the type... Read More

One Mile at a Time
How To Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points To United

Ben recommends earning transferable points when possible. They provide a lot of flexibility since you can hold them in your account until you are ready to redeem them.... Read More

Travel With Grant
Why Do I Keep the American Express SPG Business Credit Card?

There are a few credit cards I always carry just for the benefits. Because I have a business, I put plenty of spend on my American Express SPG Business Credit Card. I... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Qatar Airways will jetzt die Airberlin Piloten?

Qatar Airways hält in Berlin in den kommenden Tagen Rekrutierungsgespräche. Na wer da wohl mitmachen soll ... Read More

God Save The Points
Deal Alert: $400+ Many U.S. Cities To Beijing, Hong Kong Or Shanghai Round Trip…

No, you’re not seeing double. That really is a 4, and you can really go to any of these incredible cities: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai -all for a ridiculously low... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
21 Hours in Saudia First Class…

Hello from Dubai, where it is a moderate 102ºF today. Yesterday, I wrote about the travails of transferring points from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Korean Air... Read More

Wild About Travel
Ten buyers interested in Alitalia

I first flew Alitalia almost 50 years ago!* I remember it as a chic airline flying people to the glamour and history of Italy. The jumbo era was not good for the airline... Read More

Running with Miles
Cool New SPG Auction for Runners – Run with an Olympian

Use your SPG points to win this special auction and run with an Olympian! This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a beautiful location and pick up tips! The post Cool New... Read More

Canadian Kilometers
Cell Phone Insurance Free With a Credit Card!

Canadian credit cards don’t have as many features as I’d like. Whether it’s foreign transaction fees, bonus categories, or airline and hotel partners,... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
Orlando a 5 mil reais com American Airlines em classe executiva

Super dica do leitor e amigo Marco Passareli, que a AA entrou na briga pelas tarifas em classe executiva para Orlando juntamente com a Latam. O diferencial é que... Read More

View from the Wing
Life Imitates the Onion: Basic Economy Fares

Two years ago The Onion ran a piece about Basic Economy "Airlines Installing Uncomfortable Bumps In Seatbacks Because It Pleases Them" They had the scoop on a new less... Read More

One Mile at a Time
The Single Biggest Reason I Avoid Spirit And Other Low Cost Carriers

Ben and I have recently been sharing our experiences flying low cost carriers. He and I both flew Spirit for the first time this summer, while I've also had several... Read More

Live from a Lounge
World of Hyatt Globalist for 20 nights only!

Hyatt is running a promotion through September 2017 where you could get instant Explorist tier and also a fast track to Hyatt Globalist status at 20 nights only, valid... Read More

Deals We Like
Earn $30 in Amazon Gift Cards with a $10 Purchase

The online shopping portal Swagbucks is offering 3,000 bonus Swagbucks for a $9.95 purchase. 3,000 Swagbucks can be redeemed for $30 in Amazon gift cards (or many other... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
Multiplus permitirá resgate de passagens da Oneworld via Aplicativo

Pessoal, uma excelente notícia que pode facilitar em muito nossas vidas no momento de resgatar uma passagem aérea, principalmente por ser de parceira da... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Are You Owed Money For Free Cruise Calls?

Are you owed money for free cruise calls? As part of a class action settlement, if you received robocalls for free cruises between July 2009-March 2014, you are eligible... Read More

One Mile at a Time
5 Reasons I Love The Ink Business Cash Card

Last week I wrote about the Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card, which is probably the single most well rounded business credit card out there. The card has a... Read More

Running with Miles
One Way American Express Crushes The Competition

Even though American Express loses to their competitors in some categories, this one area is one that Amex crushes their competition - and saves us a lot of money! The... Read More

Mommy Points
Flying in a Private Plane With a Two Year Old

I think it is pretty clear at this point that the coolest airline miles related promotion I have ever participated in (and potentially will ever participate in) came... Read More

Points With a Crew
10,000 American AAdvantage miles for switching energy providers

You can get 10,000 American miles for switching energy providers. But is it worth it? The catch to this offer is that after ... Read More

View from the Wing
Phone Survives After Being Dropped From a Plane and Inside Singapore Airlines

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips.... Read More

Deals We Like
Last Days to Use Your Jetsetter Credits!

This is a quick reminder that if you have Jetsetter credits or gift cards you should try to use them now! Last week I found out that the Jetsetter site (3rd party hotel... Read More

Travel With Grant
Ultimate Disneyland Playbook Update: Disney Vacation Accounts (DVA) Ending on 9/27

When I wrote the Ultimate Disneyland Playbook, setting up and using a Disney Vacation Account and using that account was the number one hack that everyone suggested... Read More