My First Voluntary Denied Boarding Turned into the The Best Airport Day, Ever!

I ended up having one of the best airport day this week. It didn’t start out looking anything like one. The first flight of my trip started off with a bang —... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
Posicionamento do Smiles sobre a Promo “Erro” de Hotéis

Segue o posicionamento oficial do Smiles sobre o que muitos acharam ser um erro na promoção de ontem de milhas em triplo do Smiles. Ainda de acordo com a... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
Urgente: Compre 100 mil pontos multiplus por 2.590 Reais

O Km de Vantagens está com um lote promocional para a transferência de 100 Km de Vantagens para 10 mil pontos multiplus por 259,00 Reais, o que traduz em... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Wild Onboard Bachelorette Party Leads to Ejection and Arrest

A rowdy group of female revelers were removed and arrested after creating a disturbance onboard a Rynair flight to Spain. The evening Liverpool to Alicante flight... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
American Airlines New Baggage Notifications

American Airlines has introduced new customer baggage notifications that went live officially yesterday. This service is designed to notify people flying of... Read More

Deals We Like
Wyndham Rewards Giveaway!

Earlier this week I wrote about a new way to redeem your Wyndham Reward points – instead of using them on a free night at a hotel, you can put them towards an... Read More

airberlin wechselt in New York das Terminal – weg von American willkommen oneworld

Es ist schon eine Ansage. Das angespannte Verhältnis von airlberlin und dem Partner American Airlines (Ihr erinnert Euch? AA wollte/ will weniger bzw. keine... Read More

Heels First Travel
Renting a Car in the US as an International Visitor Without a Credit Card

My dad recently posed this interesting question. Can citizens of other countries rent cars in the US with only a debit card? The answer: It depends. Some missionary... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Oddly, I Was Approved for the United MileagePlus Explorer Card

Last week I wrote a post entitled My Final Credit Card Churn for Two Years. I mentioned that even though I was over 5/24, I applied for the Chase MileagePlus Explorer... Read More

One Mile at a Time
How To Redeem Points For The Great Air France First Class Fares

Yesterday I posted about the amazing Air France first class fares we're seeing at the moment between the US and Europe, which were shared by zoqfotpik on FlyerTalk.... Read More

Mommy Points
Turning Back to School Purchases Into Thousands of Airline Miles

Back to school shopping is here, and so are the corresponding miles and points bonuses that I will outline below. It was somewhat surprising to me that families with... Read More

Review: How Great Is The Waldorf Astoria Berlin?

Background: I was originally going to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin, but then during my extensive (ahem, one day) layover in Atlanta, I found out that Visa... Read More

Miles To Memories
Airfare Steal: British Airways OpenSkies, Fly From NYC to Paris for $302 RT Non-Stop

British Airways has some great fares available right now for travel from NYC to Paris. Lowest fares are from EWR but there's a few from JFK as well. Read More

View from the Wing
Five Things We Learned From American’s Second Quarter Report and Earnings Call

American slightly exceeded Wall Street expectations with its second quarter results earning pre-tax profit of $1.3 billion. They're touting the increase in non-GAAP... Read More

Ultima Llamada
Iberia Presentó Nuevo Video de Seguridad. Meh…

Este es el nuevo video de seguridad de Iberia que se reproducirá en sus vuelos intercontinentales operados por sus aeronaves de fuselaje ancho, los Airbus 330 y... Read More

Travel With Grant
4 Flavors of Club Carlson Credit Cards (High, Medium, Low & Biz)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  A few days ago, I wrote How to Redeem your Club Carlson Domestic Free Night Certificate ($10,000 Yearly Spend Required).... Read More

Points With a Crew
United fare sale: CLE / CVG / ORD to LAX, LAS and more as low as $99 r/t

United is having a fare sale with roundtrips from Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati and other midwest cities to California and the west coast - r/t tickets as low as $99 Read More

Michael W Travels
Jumping By The Most Awesome UNESCO World Heritage Sites Marker

Whenever I travel to new places I check to see if any UNESCO World Heritage Sites are nearby. UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be really interesting while others can... Read More

Pizza in Motion
Apps That Can Help You Save Money On Travel

Everyone wants to save money on travel, right? Money Magazine reached out to ask me for some ways to do just that. The post Apps That Can Help You Save Money On Travel... Read More

Road Warriorette
TSA changes electronics screening guidelines

Yesterday the TSA announced that they would expanding enhanced screening for electronics bigger than a phone. They have been piloting this at ten airports, and are now... Read More

Travel Codex
Review: Magnolia Bluffs Casino Hotel, Natchez, Mississippi

Normally, I don’t plan on reviewing hotels in Small Town USA.  After all, if you’ve seen one Hampton Inn, you’ve seen them all, right?  I... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Is Chase Losing Money On The Sapphire Reserve?

Last August Chase introduced the Sapphire Reserve, which has been immensely popular with consumers. It's no surprise. When the card was first introduced it had a 100,000... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
United Pilots: Foreign Airlines Should Be Required to Hire U.S. Pilots

While management seems more focused on Gulf Carriers, airline unions have set their crosshairs on low-cost carriers like Norwegian. Why? Labor costs, specifically... Read More

God Save The Points
Virgin Atlantic’s Ownership Shake Up Is Good News For Virgin Flyers. Here’s Why…

In the words of Bob Dylan- times, they are changing. The airline world, like a game of poker, is an ever shifting landscape, with brands acquiring stakes in each other... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
A Weekend In: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Intersection of Past and Future

When I was logistically planning this trip, Malaysia was somewhat of an afterthought. I wanted to visit Penang for the food and history, but that was about it to start.... Read More

Voyage Avance
Fifth Freedom Flights : Royal Jordanian Airlines(RJ)

Today I will explain the fifth freedom flights for Roya... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
American sees big boost from Basic Economy fares

Initial results from American's Basic Economy rollout are positive, with a nice boost to the bottom line. Even the competitive advantage of not selling Basic fares isn't... Read More

Medina, Marrakech: The Detox Juice Bar

The Medina has everything. Shops selling handmade leather purses, snakes that siss for photos, monkeys that also demand money, food stalls with some of the best soup in... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Review: Air France First Class 777-300ER Paris To Houston

As I boarded through the forward door I was greeted by name by the chief purser and the first class flight attendant. I guess they could guess my name since I was the... Read More

New Electronics Screening Rule

You know that long security screening line at the airport?  It’s about to get longer. New Screening Process On Wednesday, the TSA announced that they’re... Read More

Delta, Avianca Abandon Venezuela

Venezuela has been going through the worst civil unrest in the Western Hemisphere. Many airlines have either reduced flights, or abandoned it all together. United had... Read More

Miles To Memories
Raise Gift card Sale; Extra 3% Off Select Brands

Gift card reseller Raise has a weekend sale that will give you an extra discount on already discounted gift cards. Read More

Deals We Like
Is Earning Points with Drop Worth it?

I think so! You’ve probably seen many blogs writing about a relatively new app called Drop. But in case you haven’t, it is an app where you link your... Read More

Mommy Points
New IHG PointBreaks Hotels for 5,000 Points Per Night!

Yesterday afternoon we learned that the new IHG PointBreaks preview list that will be valid for bookings and travel from July 31 – October 31, 2017, was going to... Read More

View from the Wing
Chase Worried They’re Losing Money on Sapphire Reserve

People inside Chase are concerned their Sapphire Reserve Card is too generous and they'll never make back their investment and that the bank "is pushing for about $200... Read More