Frequent Flyer Bonuses
Summary of current airline and hotel buy miles/points bonuses (12 in total)

Here’s our frequent summary post of all the buy miles & points offers that are available. Right now there are 11 offers in the market with bunch ending over the... Read More

View from the Wing
Loud Bang And Power Loss In Cabin Forces Air France Boeing 777 To Make Emergency Landing

On Saturday morning Air France flight AF393 from Beijing to Paris burst a pipe in the passenger cabin, reported as an ‘explosion’, which forced the Boeing 777-300 to... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
DLD 351: Mandates and Contracts

What if, instead of changing the contract to match the active policies, we fixed the policies to not suck?? Seems worth at least considering. The post DLD 351: Mandates... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Citi Premier Card $100 Hotel Credit Benefit Details

TheCiti PremierCardis a phenomenal credit card. The card offers lots of perks, and one of the often overlooked perks is the $100 annual hotel credit. In this post I... Read More

Monkey Miles
American Airlines Same-Day Flight Change can save you a ton of money

American Airlines Same Day Flight Change policy and how you can use it to save money, score upgrades, and get the most out of your travel The post American Airlines... Read More

Miles To Memories
Profitable Deal Dead, 17 Best Small Towns In Europe & New Timeshare Offer

My latest edition of articles from around the web. Around the web is collection of articles that I found interesting that are travel related. The post Profitable Deal... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
UK Government to attempts to simplify inbound travel into the United Kingdom

In a case of bolting the barn after the horse escaped, Grant Shapps, Minister for Transport is simplifying the travel system that is the current hot mess when coming to... Read More

View from the Wing
Why Your Local Government Shouldn’t Own The AIrport

Airports are worth billions of dollars, but they generally don't contribute to paying for local services even though they're almost invariably owned by local... Read More

The Gate
My Visit to the Roanoke Star and Its Overlook

I recently stayed overnight in the city of Roanoke in western Virginia; and the next morning, I decided to check out the symbol of the city — and arguably most well... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Guide To British Airways Visa 10% Flight Discount

The British Airways Visa Signature Card (review) is one of the better airline co-branded credit cards out there, as it offers lots of benefits for those who fly British... Read More

Pontos pra Voar
Beabá dos Pontos: A transferência de pontos entre programas de fidelidade

Em mais um post sobre o Beabá dos Pontos vamos discutir um conceito básico, porém extremamente importante para quem está ingressando no mundo dos pontos e milhas,... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Dear W Hotels – Stop With The Impossible To Understand Room Categories

Trying to figure out what type of room you’re booking is difficult enough without hotels giving fancy names to the categories. No hotel is worse than W Hotels. I... Read More

Miles To Memories
Amazon Promotion, Save $10 When You Use Chase Points (Targeted)

Amazon has a new promotion for Chase cardholders that can save you $10 on your next purchases. You need one of the Ultimate Rewards earning cards for this promotion. The... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Emirates Adds Iced Americano & Affogato To Menu

Usually when I write about Emirates improving its premium cabin beverage selection, it’s because the airline is serving a new $500 bottle of wine in first class.... Read More

Live from a Lounge
Book Tickets for Mileage Mentor MasterClass (Online) October 2021 (at a never before early bird price!)

Use the time on the ground to learn at the Lounge and get set for the mileage earning and burning opportunities after. Sign up at the link inside. The post Book Tickets... Read More

Paddle Your Own Kanoo
Air France Flight Makes Emergency Landing After “Explosion” in Cabin Sends Passengers Scrambling for Safety

The pilots of a packed Air France flight from Beijing to Paris were forced to declare a ‘mayday’ and make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff after an... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Roku Kyoto, New Hilton LXR Hotel In Japan

This spring I wrote about an exciting new addition to Hilton’s luxury hotel portfolio. It’s nice to see that this hotel has now officially opened, on schedule for... Read More

View from the Wing
This United Flight Shows Why Weight & Balance Matters, Even For A Mainline Jet

This United Airlines sports charter provides perhaps the most graphic visualization of why weight and balance matters on a mainline jet. after arriving with USC Trojans... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Delta Reserve Credit Card Review (2021)

American Express and Delta have had a close relationship for many years, and as part of that, they issue seven co-branded Delta Amex cards, including... Read More

Pontos pra Voar
Mercado Pago lança tag de pedágio Ultrapasse em parceria com a ConectCar

O Mercado Pago lançou essa semana a sua tag de pedágio, chamada Ultrapasse, em parceria com a ConectCar, com a possibilidade de isenção da mensalidade. O novo... Read More

Eye of the Flyer
Move Over, RVs: Here Comes Hearse Travel! A Hockey Jersey Might Get You Priority Boarding on Alaska Airlines.

Traveling by RV is so 2020. Now one couple might be starting a new trend: traveling by hearse. Plus, Alaska Airlines is giving priority boarding to people who wear... Read More

Frequent Miler
Would we return to the Maldives?

This week we recorded Frequent Miler on the Air in the air on the way home from the Passing the GUC adventure. As we flew away from the Maldives, whether or not we... Read More

God Save The Points
The Best Credit Cards For Flights (Points, Perks & Savings)

People just don’t accurately weigh the value of booking a flight. Sure, it can be a lot of money, but sometimes between the miles, the elite... The post The Best... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Prediction: France Will Ban U.S. Citizens Due To “Coronavirus Concerns”

I predict France will respond to the new U.S.-Australian nuclear submarine deal by blocking American travelers from Metropolitan France, under the guise of rising... Read More

God Save The Points
Hooray: The Simplified UK Travel Rules Explained

Unless your full time job involves the comings and goings of border rules and regulations, it’s been a really tough year to jump across a border.... The post Hooray:... Read More

Paddle Your Own Kanoo
Dog Owner Books Out Entire Business Class Cabin of Passenger Plane for Spoilt Pet

A pampered pooch had an entire airplane Business Class cabin all to its self after the dog’s owner booked up every single seat to ensure the spoilt pet was able to... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Australien testet 7-tägige Heimquarantäne für Geimpfte

Australien lässt in einem Testlauf Geimpfte in 7-tägige Heimquarantäne ... Read More

Miles from Blighty
New Elizabeth Line in London will require a change between Central London and Heathrow when it opens

When the Elizabeth Line opens next year, Londoners won't be getting what they expected. A seamless transport experience is still some time away. The post New Elizabeth... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
DEAL: Air France / KLM Business Nordeuropa – Dubai (Return(): 780 Euro

Mit der Air France oder KLM Business von Nordeuropa nach Dubai ... Read More

Sam Chui
Trip Report: The Last Qantas B747-400 Antarctica Sightseeing Flight

The story is contributed by reader Yutaro Ehara. I love flying, traveling around the world, taking airplane pictures and aircraft modeling. In 2019, a pre-COVID year, I... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Miles and More App mit neuer Funktion: My Challenge

In der Miles and More App findet man eine neue Funktion ... Read More

The Gate
Spooky Coincidence: Airplane Crash Predicted Almost 13 Years Before It Happened — Because of Another Airplane Crash

Jane Anna Pritchard had no idea of the eerie chain of events she had started by revealing the prediction of an airplane crash in the San Fernando Valley of California... Read More

Riku Miley

皆さま、ごきげんよう!アメリカ駐在員のしろくまです。 毎月隔週で投稿させて頂いております。  ... Read More

Michael W Travels
Win A Trip For 2 To Malibu, California + $500 Billabong Gift Voucher!

Billabong and Wrangler are currently running the Waves of the West Trip Sweepstakes! In the sweepstakes, one lucky winner will win a trip for two to Malibu and a $500... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Surprise (Not)! People Want Travel Credit Cards For Travel Benefits, Not Other Perks

Have you ever looked at the results of a survey and thought, “Did they really need to do a survey about that?” Sometimes the topic is so innocuous that the… Read More

Voyage Avance
Hotel Review : ホテルチェッレターニフィレンツェ Mギャラリー (Hotel Cerretani Firenze MGallery Superior Room)

フィレンツェ滞在中、アコーホテルズグループのホテル   ホテルチェッレターニフィレンツェ Mギャラリー  ... Read More

Deals We Like
A whopping up to 90,000 bonus miles with these limited time Delta credit card offers

Whether you are up in the air traveling or grounded right now, you are probably day dreaming about your next vacation. Regardless of your situation, it’s the perfect... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
LÄUFT: Lufthansa / Swiss Business Spanien – Sao Paulo (Return): 780 Euro

Mit der Lufthansa oder Swiss Business von Spanien nach Sao Paulo ... Read More

Miles To Memories
Question: How Can I Turn A Chase Credit Card Denial Into An Approval?

Our question this week asks about Chase credit card reconsideration after being denied for a card. The same applies to other banks, too. The post Question: How Can I... Read More

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