Frequent flyers come in all shapes and sizes—they also come with challenges in traveling. Here on BoardingArea we don’t want reading about that travel to be challenging and as such we are constantly trying to enhance the accessibility of our readers who need assistive technologies such as screen readers, magnification software, text readers and even alternative input devices to get the most out of their enjoyment of travel. This is an ongoing effort, one that we’re pleased to be on the path toward.

As such, you’ll see us:
– Continuing to tweak the pages of BoardingArea so that we meet Levels A and AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
– Continue to improve our landing page for better speed and accessibility in all our design updates.
– Use third party testing to guide our efforts in meeting the challenge of accessibility for all our traveler readers.

We’ve always been proud to be supportive of all things relative to travel and are extremely happy that our former CFO and our former Managing Director are now President and Director of Operations of Meeting the Challenge, an ADA Accessibility Compliance firm. They graciously continue to provide feedback for us.

What can we do better to meet your accessibility needs when reading BoardingArea? Let us know at