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Why is United Being Sued for an Accident That Took Place On A Completely Different Airline’s Plane?

United Airlines is being sued by a passenger who claims she suffered permanent brain damage after heavy luggage fell from an overhead bin and hit her on the head during... Read More

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Pakistani Jet Crash Survivor Speaks Out: Gives Chilling Account of Crash

Two passengers survived the Pakistan International Airlines crash from Friday and one of them speaks out, giving a chilling account of the crash. "I could hear screams... Read More

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Free Customer Care Kits with Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer for Delta Customers

Delta is now providing complimentary customer care kits for passengers. Passengers who've forgotten their face mask or who would may need some hand sanitizer, can... Read More

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Hertz first major rental car company to file for bankruptcy amid COVID-19 – who’s next?

Late Friday night, rental car company Hertz announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as demand for car rentals hits all time lows. The post Hertz... Read More

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Cyber Attack Takes Down Union Website Accusing British Airways of “Betraying Britain”

A top union official claims a website that accuses British Airways of “betraying” Britain was forced offline after being subjected to a cyber attack.... Read More

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Huge Loopholes Exposed in UK’s “10 Weeks Too Late” Quarantine Rules

New 14-day quarantine rules announced yesterday by the British government and set to come into force on June 8 have been blasted as unenforceable after huge loopholes... Read More

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Airline Amenity Kits Have Quickly Adapted for the COVID-19 Era With Face Masks and Sanitising Wipes

Whether you like it or not, face masks are very quickly becoming a mandatory and essential accessory for the few airline passengers that are still flying at the moment.... Read More

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Aer Lingus to “Unilaterally Lay Off Staff” From June 21

Unions representing staff at Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus claim the airline has laid out plans to “unilaterally lay off staff and to reduce hours and... Read More

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Delta Flight Attendant Uniforms Found to Contain Toxic Chemicals in Levels 10x Higher Than What’s Permitted by H&M

An item of uniform worn by Delta’s flight attendants was found to contain a toxic chemical in levels nearly 10x higher than what the popular fast-fashion chain... Read More

Health passports in our future: The Weekly Wrap

Will travelers need health passports to cross borders soon? And will they be tied to biometric scans? There are serious concerns about just how viable those checks could... Read More

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Emirates Denies Reports it Will Retire 40% of Airbus A380 Fleet, Refuses to Discuss Job Losses

The president of Emirates, one of the world’s largest airlines and by far the biggest operator of Airbus A380 superjumbo’s, has dismissed reports the airline... Read More

Air Canada launches all-premium service on key routes

Air Canada is bringing premium seats on two key business markets, reducing passenger density on board as it slowly increases service levels. Read More

Volotea plans for growth into a COVID-affected Summer

At least one airline is bucking the current market trends. European LCC Volotea is showing its flexibility, altering its route network in hopes of carrying more... Read More

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Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 Crashes in Residential Area of Karachi

An Airbus A320 belonging to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has crashed in a residential area of Karachi close to the city’s airport. PIA flight PK8303 from... Read More

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jetBlue Pushes Ahead With Crew Pay Cuts Because “There Are Quite Literally No Hours For Our Crewmembers to Work”

jetBlue says it will push ahead with plans to slash the number of paid hours its flight attendants and many other staffers earn despite accusations that the airline... Read More

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Qatar Airways Accused of Forcing South Asian Cabin Crew to Work COVID-19 Repatriation Flights While Sparing European Crew

A Qatar Airways whistleblower has accused the Doha-based airline of forcing mainly South Asian cabin crew to work COVID-19 repatriation flights while sparing European... Read More

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easyJet Makes Mask Wearing Mandatory But Drops the Idea of Onboard Social Distancing

The low-cost European airline easyJet says passengers will be forced to wear face masks onboard its flights as it prepares to restart a small number of flights from June... Read More

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Delta Restarts Two Routes To Europe & Adds Cape Town To Its Network

As of today, Delta is operating two more routes between the United States and Europe than it operated last week (it plans to offer nine transatlantic routes in June) and... Read More

From 2Ku to 2Ka: Gogo ready for a spectrum shift

What keeps airlines from shifting from one inflight connectivity solution to another? Contracts are certainly part of it, but so is the significant cost to update and... Read More

Virgin Orbit selects Panasonic Avionics for inflight connectivity

What does it take to launch rockets into space from an airborne 747? Among other things, a reliable, high-speed internet connection is key to successful missions. And... Read More

TSA implementing lower-touch screening protocols

The TSA screening process will look a little different next time you pass through an airport. The agency is adjusting its passenger screening protocols to reduce touch... Read More

Working From Home and Dreaming About Travel

We’re all stuck inside figuring out how best to work from home. In this episode of Miles to Go, you’ll learn some tips to improve your office environment.... Read More

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Emirates Redeploys Onboard Cleaning Assistants to Sanitise Onboard Lavatories Every 45 Minutes

As Emirates resumes regularly scheduled flights to just nine destinations today, the Dubai-based airline announced that it will redeploy its onboard cleaning assistants... Read More

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Resumption of flights in India: 1/3rd the schedule will operate, Fares will be capped & the passenger experience sanitized for now.

The new SOP for air travel has been notified, which will allow for travel by planes across India on May 25, 2020, and onwards. Here is how much things have changed for... Read More

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NFL Player Sues United Airlines Alleging Flight Attendants Failed to Protect Him from a Predatory Female Passenger

An unnamed NFL player is suing United Airlines after an incident onboard a February 10 transcontinental redeye flight in which the sports star alleges a predatory female... Read More

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Blockchain inspired (and crypto fueled) travel companies Travala and TravelbyBit merge

Blockhain inspired companies Travala and TravelbyBit announced a merger today bringing together the leading blockchain-based hotel booking company with a major provider... Read More

Beached Whale: A380’s future turns more bleak

The A380 is the biggest passenger aircraft in the skies, and it will continue to operate for some time to come. But it will not be as prevalent as it once was. And this... Read More

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Air France to Write Off Entire Fleet of Airbus A380 Superjumbos by End of June

Air France has brought forward the planned retirement of its fleet of Airbus A380 superjumbos, announcing today that the double-deck aircraft will not return to... Read More

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Aer Lingus Extends Change Fee Waivers & Voucher Bonuses

Towards the end of March, Aer Lingus began offering passengers a 10% bonus if they chose to accept a voucher for future travel in place of the cash refund they were... Read More

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Qatar Airways Is Now Codesharing on American Airlines Flights

Back in February, American Airlines backtracked on two key positions it had taken in recent years. First, the airline did a u-turn on its relationship with Alaska... Read More

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Finnair to Increase Temporary Layoffs Affecting All 6,100 Staff For Up To Three Years

Finnair today announced plans to temporarily layoff a significant number of its workforce for up to three years as it seeks to make permanent cost reductions of up to... Read More

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