New Blogger Onboarding

Welcome to BoardingArea. We are going to be working with you to help migrate your blog to BoardingArea. It’s a relatively easy process that won’t take much time at all. We are first looking for a few items to help us get started:

What We Need from You:

1. Please provide us with Admin access to your blog. You can do this by creating a new user with the username ffsadmin and the email
2. A close up photo of yourself, a headshot.
3. A short bio that is 2-4 sentences long.

4. Your logo hi-res or a vector file, if you have them.

Questions for You:

1. Do you currently have Google Analytics? YesNo If so, please add so that we may have access to your stats.

2. Are you currently self hosted? YesNo If so, who is hosting your site?

One of the benefits of joining the BoardingArea network of bloggers is the ability to be hosted on our servers reducing both maintenance time and costs on your end. We handle all the technical needs of your blog with daily backups, update plugins, Secure Certificates (https://) on your site.

3. Do you own your domain? YesNo
Please list your domain(s)

a. Are you capable of updating your domain’s DNS? YesNo
b. If you are not sure how to do it, we can do it. We need the following:

Domain Registrar:

Domain Login:

Domain Password:

4. If you have your own domain, do you have an email address with that domain you use? If so, which email platform do you use?

5. Do you currently run your own ads? YesNo
If yes, our advertising manager will reach out to you.
6. What social media platforms, if any, do you use in conjunction with your blog.

Do you use any auto posting plugins? YesNo If so, which one?

7. Do you have a newsletter for your blog? YesNo If not, we can discuss options that best fit your blog. If so,
a. What platform do you use to send out the newsletter?

b. How often does your newsletter go out?

c. Is it automated to just share your daily posts?
d. Do you ever make custom emails with this platform and send to your readers?

8. Is there a day and time window you'd like to do the migration?

The migration is really just a content freeze.  We’ll lock comments on your blog to prevent content getting lost while the migration process is happening. You also don't want to blog, schedule posts or publish posts during the migration process. Rest assured, your readers will still be able to read existing content during this process.

Migration Process:

1. We’ll install a plugin and disable comments on your blog. This way we won't lose any content during the migration.

2. The migration normally takes anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours.  It's based on the amount photos / disk space that needs to be copied from the original server.  It's an automated tool that helps make the process almost hands free. We’ll share a link so you can monitor along with us the progress of the migration once we start.

3. Once the content is copied over to BoardingArea servers, we'll need you to look around at the blog to ensure all things are working the way the did on your server.

4. If this all looks good with the site on our server, we'll need to point your domain to our server.

5. The domain DNS is updated to point to our server. We can help with this step if you are not comfortable  It can take 24 - 48 hours for the domain to redirect to our servers, but usually happens in a few hours.

6. You'll begin blogging again, but now on our server.  All your login credentials will stay the same. You’ll still login with the same url and username and password. We are copying the site and only changing where it's hosted.

7. We’ll add the BoardingArea plugin to your site so you’ll see our logo tab in the bottom right corner of your blog so readers know you are on our network.  We are continuing to enhance features from this tab. The plugin also has a variety of custom blogging features that we’ve built over the years from work with our bloggers special needs.

8. We add your blog to the BoardingArea system, so your blog posts will start showing up on the home page.  BoardingArea goes out about every 7 minutes and looks for new content from all our bloggers. Please note sometimes if you published at the right after we’ve looked, it could take an additional 7 minutes for it to cycle around meaning it could be anywhere from 8 - 14 minutes for your post to be pulled in on the homepage.

How to get Help:

We mentioned above that BoardingArea handles many technical needs of your blog with daily backups, update plugins, Secure Certificates (https://) on your site. We also help promote your blog through our social channels, Flipboard magazine, and our weekly newsletter. We have a dedicated Facebook group for our bloggers allowing you to ask questions, get advice and make connects with your fellow bloggers or our team. Once you have been on boarded, we will add you to the Facebook group. We will also devote the first few weeks to analyzing your analytics, looking at your sources of traffic, your landing and exit pages, understanding the importance of social channels and as well the percentages of devices used in reading their content.

Knowledge Base

We also have created a great knowledge base resource we continue to add to.  You can find it and it’s worth looking around.

Connect with BoardingArea Team

We have a full spectrum of support available within the BoardingArea team inclusive of design, technical, programming, SEO and content support. We offer a simple way to communicate with our team for all topics the Knowledge Base doesn’t have. Simply email and your email will create a ticket with our system.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the process. We are excited to add your blog to BoardingArea.