Michael W Travels
Food Quest: Limited Time- Arby’s Venison Sandwich

I’ve only tried Arby’s a handful of times but when I heard (last year, I think) that they would be serving a Venison Sandwich, I definitely wanted to give it... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Der S7 Status Match von Topbonus ist jetzt offiziell

Die russische Airline S7 hat den Status Match für Airberlin Topbonus Kunden nun offiziell gemacht ... Read More

Romp in the Sky: First Class Passengers Pay Flight Attendants For Sex?

Premise This fascinating story from the NY Post (yes, take it with a grain of salt) talks about a British airline stewardess sharing plenty of tantalizing stories of sex... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Review: Xiamen Air Business Class 757 Xiamen To Chengdu

As I mentioned in the last installment, I was fully expecting our flight to Chengdu to be operated by a 737, so I was surprised when we pulled up to a 757 instead. I'm... Read More

Popular: 747 Tears + Delta’s new jet + United burger + Dreamliner + Madrid nonstop

TravelSkills’ 10 most popular posts over the last week (descending order): 1 “Fond farewell to our 747”- a tearjerker video from United... Read More

Have You Ever Received Gifts From Your Cabin Crew?

The first time I ever received gifts from the cabin crew was on a flight from London Heathrow to Moscow. I was travelling in business class and after the main service I... Read More

Magic of Miles
What Do Dragon Ribs, Whiskey on the Rocks, and Aviation Museums Have in Common?

In Laguna Beach, California you can find a Pirate Tower. Lalibela in Ethiopia is home to Ben Abeba, a famed restaurant that juts out over a cliff. The post What Do... Read More

Deals We Like
All Deals in One Spot!

Here is a compiled list with all of the currently active deals in the points and miles world! Make sure to scroll through to check on any offers expiring soon that... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Business Class: China Railway High-speed

While living in England, traveling by train became a way of life and when you bought your ticket, you knew exactly what to expect. However, during a trip to China, our... Read More

View from the Wing
Award Alert: Business Class Saver Space Available for Delta’s New Suites

Delta's new Airbus A350s feature 48 premium economy seats and also 32 business class suites with doors. Award space is pretty much non-existent on the initially... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Review: Xiamen Air Domestic Lounge Xiamen Airport

Our inbound flight arrived at 5:30AM, and our connection was at 7:35AM, so we had about two hours to make our connection. Upon arrival we walked down a long hallway... Read More

Frequent Miler
Last Chance Deals: 20% off Amazon, 25% more to JetBlue, and more

Welcome to our weekly list of what’s ending this week as well as a collection of some of the best ongoing deals around. This week, a great targeted (but... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Spart Oman Air jetzt auch beim Amenity Kit?

Nach Etihad hat auch Oman Air die Sparwelle getroffen. Gibt es noch einen Amenity Kit in der Business? Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Noch besser: Dreifache Avios mit Hilton (Iberia Plus)

Hilton hat gerade mehrere dreifache Avios Promos laufen. Bei der Iberia Plus Hilton Promo gibt es dreifache Avios ... Read More

Дайджест за неделю: 22 октября

Дайджест новостей и... Read More

Live from a Lounge
Air India launching Family Pooling on Flying Returns

Air India's Flying Returns program will shortly allow you to pool miles with up to 9 members in your immediate and extended family! That just means more miles for you to... Read More

Pizza in Motion
$99 Flights To Europe! Another Airline To Keep An Eye On

How many airlines do we need to offer cheap fares between the US and Europe? At least one airline believes there's room for one more. The post $99 Flights To Europe! ... Read More

View from the Wing
Airport Adds Beer & Wine “To Go” and Data on the Number of Elites in Airline Program

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips.... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
How Turkish Airlines Plays Politics with Airline Meals

For this week’s Meal of the Week, I share a delicious little snack I enjoyed on a Turkish Airlines flight from Ercan (ECN) in occupied Northern Cyprus to Istanbul... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Swiss First UK – Kanada (Return): 3000 Euro

Swiss ist mit guten First Tickets abgehend von London wieder dabei. Um 3 000 Euro fliegt man Return nach Kanada ... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Save At Disney With New Amex Offer For You!

If you are planning a trip to Disney anytime soon, you might want to check out this American Express Offer for You where you can score discounted Disney tickets (and... Read More

View from the Wing
Smartphone Catches Fire on a Flight — Plane’s Fire Extinguishers Don’t Work

Just fifteen minutes into Jet Airways flight 791's 411 mile jaunt a passenger noticed smoke coming from her carry on bag which was beneath the seat in front of her. She... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Ein Landeanflug durch das wunderschöne Kathmandu Tal

Ein Flug durch das Kathmandu Tal und Landeanflug auf KTM Airport ... Read More

The Gate
Update: Super Typhoon Lan to Impact Japan October 2017

If Japan is in your travel plans over the next few days, you may want to seriously consider delaying your travel — or, at least, keep yourself updated as to... Read More

Points With a Crew
It’s Official: Details on Kimpton Karma/IHG Rewards Club Merger

It's been a long time coming (almost three years!), but we now have details on the integration of the Kimpton Karma and IHG Rewards Club merger! Read More

View from the Wing
Family Couldn’t Bury Their Daughter Because United Airlines Lost Paperwork on the Body

Ms. Sanchez was killed in a highway accident 3 weeks ago three weeks ago in Texas. She was born in Houston but her family is in Mexico. Her co-workers raised $7000 so... Read More

Magic of Miles
Revealed: The Target Customer of the New Belmond Social Campaign

Getting a peek into who Belmond wants to attract as an ideal guest for many of their offerings is interesting. The post Revealed: The Target Customer of the New Belmond... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Delta A350 Routes and Gold Medallion Status, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Martini Review of the Week:  It’s Saturday and it’s time for the Martini Review of the Week. Take a look at this week’s top news, deals, and... Read More

God Save The Points
How To Fly Around Japan Or New Zealand For Just 12,000 Points Round Trip…

We have a rule of thumb here at God Save The Points- and it’s that if you’re going to travel halfway around the world- you better see a lot. Flying all the... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Weekly Review: October 21, 2017

I've been in Hawaii for the past week, which was my first time ever taking an extended vacation here. I'll have a separate post about my overall impressions of our time... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
Summer adventures to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur – I need another break…

I need another break… Summer adventures to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Contents Seriously – Take a holiday! Morning Manoeuvres in the dark, Terminal 5 and... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Dreifache Avios mit Hilton

Bei Hilton Honors bekommt man gerade dreifache Avios ... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
How I Nearly Ruined My Qatar QSuite Trip

As if the yellow fever snafu was not enough, I had a visa issue as well in Bangkok and had to pay dearly for a solution. Yesterday, I had to get from Bangkok (where my... Read More

Live from a Lounge
Samsung phone catches fire on Jet Airways flight

On a Jet Airways flight a couple of days ago, there was an incident related to a Samsung phone which went up in smoke mid-air. Ouch! The post Samsung phone catches fire... Read More

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