Government Quarantine Infected COVID-19 in Hotels

Right off the bat, so that the title is not misleading... not in Canada. But this news was reported by a Canadian networt. A news report by CTV a few days ago went over... Read More

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Travel Hoaxes: How To Recognize Them & What To Do When You See One

Note from Sharon: Hi travel friends! We’re pulling this post out of our archives because so many people are home and spending more time on Facebook. With that, not... Read More

Miles To Memories
Walmart Grocery Pick Up Codes Grocery Even When The Store Doesn’t

Walmart stores do not normally trigger bonus earning on credit cards but Walmart Grocery pick up codes grocery for bonus points even when the store doesn't. The post... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
United CEO Thanks Us For The Bailout…

If you’re a United MileagePlus member, you probably received an email last night from CEO Oscar Munoz thanking you for the bailout. It’s a nice note overall,... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
Everything We Know About the Coronavirus Stimulus Payments

This novel virus pandemic has hit the United States especially hard. As of Thursday, the number of reported coronavirus cases in America surpassed China and Italy. But... Read More

The Travelers Club
Humour : quand les hôtesses de l’air sont en télétravail (vidéo)

Le comédien-magicien canadien, WES Barker, révélé par America’s got Talent, a publié cette semaine une nouvelle vidéo sur... Read More

View from the Wing
$13 Cross Country Airfares! But Why Are Airlines Pricing Below Marginal Cost?

Airlines are pricing cross country flights as low as $12.89. All but $2.79 of that is taxes. That's much lower than the marginal cost to the airline for transporting... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Oman Air Sindbad verlängert Status 1-4 Monate

Oman Air verlängert den Status für 1-4 Monate ... Read More

Mike a Bordo
My West Indies Crystal Esprit Itinerary

Como les platiqué en mi artículo anterior, el Crystal Esprit no es un crucero convencional, y por si fuera poco debido a sus características,... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Cool: Wamos Air 747 Pushed Back Manually

While overall demand for air travel is low at the moment, we are seeing a number of rescue and repatriation flights to pick up stranded travelers, as well as a bunch of... Read More

The Travelers Club
Oman Air déserte (temporairement) Paris et prolonge (un peu) le statut de ses membres

La semaine dernière, nous évoquions la situation des compagnies aériennes du Golfe ainsi que les programmes de vol qu’elles entendaient... Read More

Miles To Memories
Terrible! StubHub Is Holding Customers Money Hostage – Refusing Cash Refunds

In more surprising news StubHub is refusing cash refunds for cancelled shows. They are only offering vouchers for future use instead of a cash refund. The post... Read More

Miles To Memories
BB&T and Suntrust Bank Offering 5% Cashback on Groceries & Drugstores

BB&T and Suntrust Bank are offering customers 5% cash back on purchases at grocery stores and pharmacies for a limited time. These are probably the two most used... Read More

Running with Miles
5 Great Ways for Travelers Stuck at Home to Stay Inspired!

Here are some great ways that all of you travelers stuck at home can keep your travel inspiration fresh and be ready to travel like never before! The post 5 Great Ways... Read More

Michael W Travels
Shake Shack x Pat LaFrieda Collab: Steak Frites To-Go

Shake Shack has long been a favorite fast-casual restaurant for my family and I. The restaurant offers quality food like tasty burgers (featuring meat from famed butcher... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Video: When Flight Attendants Work From Home

We could all use a good laugh right about  now. Check out this hilarious skit of what it would be like if flight attendants worked from home: Well played! The post... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
What Is American Airlines Trying To Accomplish With $16 Fares?

One Mile at a Time notes that American Airlines is running $16 one-way fares between Los Angeles and Miami next month. Just what is AA trying to accomplish? I questioned... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Credit Card Review: Chase Sapphire Preferred

Way back in time, the Chase Sapphire Preferred was the darling of the miles and points universe. It earned valuable Ultimate Rewards points with bonus points for... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
Ecuador Isolated Me For a Coronavirus Test in February: My Experience

Nearly a month before the United States started implementing control measures, I had an awaking to the escalating pandemic when I landed in Quito, Ecuador. I was... Read More

The Gate
Answers to Past Articles — Part 5: US Airways Magazine, Fan Feeback, and Highway Signs

In past articles in which your participation was not only requested but also helpful and humorous, I did not give the answers to questions which I have posed to you; so... Read More

View from the Wing
An Interesting Investment Play For People Who Take Cruises

If you cruise, and will cruise again, cruise line shares are cheap - and shareholders get folio credit when they take trips. A reader passes along that at current... Read More

God Save The Points
Learn A Language, And 5 Things Travelers Should Do From Home…

Every challenge is an opportunity, and every moment of pause is a chance for reflection. I think I just made that up, but it’s probably stolen from a movie. To be... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
The Existential Airline Dilemma: Refund Or Survive

I’ve been hard on airlines all week, noting they are breaking the law by refusing to issue refunds for flight cancellations. My opinion remains principally... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
DLD 285: Filling the gaps

Transit, consolidation, fleet changes and more. Oh, and some COVID-19 coverage beause it still dominates the news. The post DLD 285: Filling the gaps appeared first on... Read More

Miles To Memories
Boeing to Restart 737 MAX Production in May

Boeing is looking to restart the production of the 737 MAX soon. The company has said the production could resume in May and has told suppliers to be ready to start... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
CORONAVIRUS: Auswärtiges Amt muss Rückholflüge aus Neuseeland aussetzen

Das Auswärtige Amt muss aufgrund von Vorgaben Neuseelands die Rückholflüge pausieren ... Read More

One Mile at a Time
American Airlines’ Bizarre $16 Fares

I'm going to write about an airfare deal not because I think people should take advantage of it (quite to the contrary, they shouldn't -- stay home, people), but rather... Read More

Travel With Massi
15.000 British Airways Avios mit The Economist Digitalabo

Aktuell gibt es für das digitale Abo der englischsprachigen Wochenzeitung The Economist 15.000 British Airways Avios als Prämie. Nicht nur für... Read More

The Travelers Club
Aegean s’envole en soutien de l’État grec

Partout dans le monde, les compagnies aériennes apportent leur soutien aux États, que ce soit pour assurer le rapatriement des ressortissants... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
United Airlines Drastically Reduces Service Onboard

I was wondering what took United so long. The carrier has finally matched the cutbacks to onboard product introduced by American and Delta during a time of heightened... Read More

View from the Wing
Hilton Offers 90 Days Of Free Gold Status, Fast Track To Keep Gold Or Diamond

Hilton has offered status matches and fast tracks to elite for years. They’ve just extended their latest offer. Hilton will give you 90 days of Gold status which... Read More

Did you know Japan Air Lines and Aeroflot once used the Tupolev Tu-114 for a joint operation?

At the height of the cold war, an unlikely joint operation began when Japan Air Lines and Aeroflot started working together. Considering the two countries were old foes... Read More

God Save The Points
Earn 40% Cash Back (Or 40X Amex Points) Learning A Language…

Traveling to a new country is always a thrill, but landing and speaking the language is next level. In reality, it can also means friendlier service, better restaurant... Read More

Bald Thoughts
Hotels Streaming Views, Free eBooks & Audio Books, How To Clean Credit Cards

Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you. Here are the... Read More

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Orlando On Lockdown, Why Disney Water Rides Smell Like That, What Was This Hotel Designer THINKING???, & More!

Hey travel friends, it’s Saturday! Although if you’ve been smart and staying at home, it’s kind of hard to keep track. So for those who need to hear it... Read More

Miles To Memories
Amazon Free Trials & Promotions Roundup (Updated Monthly)

A list of all of the Amazon free trials and promotions located in one place. We will be updating this list monthly with all of the latest offers. The post Amazon Free... Read More

View from the Wing
Airport Will Convert To Makeshift Morgue In Preparation For Coronavirus

A part of Birmingham airport in the U.K. is being converted to a makeshift morgue to initially hold 1500 bodies but with plans to covert to 12,000 as the need arises.... Read More

The Gate
Get 10 Percent Additional Value When Exchanging for Future Travel Voucher With Qatar Airways

In order to support passengers who need to travel but are unable to do so because of the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Qatar Airways is offering its customers... Read More

The Travelers Club
La Chine ferme ses portes à compter d’aujourd’hui

Tout est pourtant parti de là. La pandémie de coronavirus dont on parle maintenant depuis plusieurs mois est née à Wuhan, en Chine.... Read More

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