Your Mileage May Vary
How To NOT Earn 30,000 Frequent Flyer Miles

Y’all, I have a confession to make. Although Your Mileage May Vary initially started because of Joe’s talents with points and miles and other ways to save... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Independence Day 2020: Traveling Back To Look Forward

Every Independence Day in the USA I like to offer a few thoughts on my heart. This year Independence Day takes on a whole new meaning in light of all that has occurred... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Weekly Review: July 4th, 2020

Hello from Miami! There's not much fun to report on the travel front, as we've been staying inside the past week in order to stay safe, given how many new cases we have... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Does It Matter What Type Of Face Covering You Use? Yes! Here’s The Difference

There’s broad consensus within the scientific community that one of the best ways to slow the community spread of coronavirus is for everyone to use a facemask.... Read More

Miles To Memories
How To Get Targeted For ALL The Amazon Pay With Points Deals

I show you how to get targeted for 20% off Amazon pay with points offers. No matter which currency the offer is for this is how to get massive savings. The post How To... Read More

Pizza in Motion
From Our Daughter: Hersheypark During a Pandemic With Anxiety

Earlier this week our family took a socially distanced visit to Hersheypark.  There was general nervousness as parents.  The risk was really low that someone... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Bis 500 Euro STRAFE bei Einreise nach Griechenland OHNE QR-Code

Griechenland droht mit Strafe bei Einreise ohne QR-Code ... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Österreich belegt den Westbalkan mit einer Reisewarnung

Der Westbalkan wurde von Österreich mit einer Reisewarnung belegt ... Read More

View from the Wing
Man Walks Out Of Hong Kong Airport After Three Months In Transit

A Cathay Pacific passenger boarded a flight from Canada to Hong Kong back in March, intending to connect to Vietnam. Hong Kong transit was shut down March 25. Vietnam... Read More

The Gate
Earn 5,000 Radisson Rewards Bonus Points Per Stay 2020

You can earn 5,000 Radisson Rewards bonus points with every paid eligible stay at greater than 1,100 different participating hotel and resort properties worldwide... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
British Airways hat die coolste Lounge Innovation in 2020 geschafft

Bei British Airways gibt es eine neue innovative Form der Bestellung ... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Should Delta Waive Change Fees Indefinitely?

Like many airlines, Delta Air Lines has relaxed its change fees on its tickets due to coronavirus, and has currently has extended a change fee waiver on all flights... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Passport/Global Entry/PreCheck Update, Marriott’s New Cancellation Policy, Spirit’s New Extra Charge, Why Do Airlines Copy bad Ideas?

Hello, travel friends, happy Saturday and happy Independence Day for those of us in the U.S., as well! Here’s a recap of what’s gone on at YMMV this week.... Read More

Miles To Memories
$1500 Bank Bonus, Miami Airport Cop Punches Lady & Walmart Returns Lawsuit

My latest edition of articles from around the web. Around the web is collection of articles that I found interesting that are travel related. The post $1500 Bank Bonus,... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
United Airlines Re-Introduces Coffee, Tea, Ice, and Alcohol

After a multi-month hiatus, United Airlines has restored a number of beverage options to its cabins. United Restores Ice, Alcohol, Coffee, Tea…On Select Flights... Read More

Fly with Moxie
코로나 테스트 후기입니다.

안녕하세요, 포조동입니다. 텍사스 출장을 다녀온... Read More

View from the Wing
After Winning Credit Card Disputes, Passengers Are Getting Bills From One Airline’s Trustee

The advice when an airline goes bankrupt is to get your money back for future tickets from your credit card company. If a business doesn't provide the services you paid... Read More

Miles To Memories
(Massive Clawbacks) Is Amex Delaying 12X Hilton Honors Payouts? Data Points Needed

Is Amex delaying 12X Hilton Honors payouts with the recent promo or is this something that has been happening for a while? Share you data points. The post (Massive... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
DLD 298: Mixed awards, mixed messages

When an airline says it is concerned about passenger safety and then increases the number of seats sold that can be hard to reconcile. But at least they're leaving it... Read More

A Beginner’s Guide on Working Remotely While RV Travelling

Previously, the concept of living in a house on four wheels was associated with old, retired people. But now people of all ages are becoming interested in making the... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Supermodel’s Stinging Rebuke Of American Airlines Rings Hollow

I’m normally quite impressed by the knowledge and passion Chrissy Teigen displays when it comes to air travel. Not this time, however. A stinging rebuke of... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Why Disney’s Main Street U.S.A. Always Looks So Patriotic

When you’re at a Disney resort or enter a Disney park, you’re surrounded by what is considered to be a “show.” That’s why Disney employees... Read More

Miles To Memories
(More People Targeted) $30/$50 Off Your Amazon Purchase with 1 Amex MR Point

Save 30% or 40% on Amazon, up to $30 or $50 in savings, when you you purchase eligible products and use at least one Membership Rewards point as payment. The post (More... Read More

The Gate
Earn Hilton Honors Points on Disney+; Bid on Drive-In Concerts

You may not be traveling right now because of the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic — you may even be going stir crazy — but as a member of the Hilton... Read More

Pontos e Viagens
Promoção TudoAzul de passagens nacionais – Trechos a partir de 1.600 pontos mais taxas

O TudoAzul tem passagens nacionais a partir de 1.600 pontos o trecho mais taxas para vários destinos nacionais. Confira os detalhes abaixo. A... Read More

View from the Wing
Why Southwest and Delta Are Blocking Middle Seats – While American And United Aren’t

It makes sense why American and United would sell every last seat on a plane customers are willing to buy, why Southwest doesn't lose as much capping load factors and... Read More

Michael W Travels
A Stop On The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail: Hiram’s Roadstand

The late Anthony Bourdain has inspired many around the world to make food a big part of their travels. While planning to visit new places, I look for ideas where to eat... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
Air France to cut 7,500 jobs

It seems that COVID-19 has hammered Air France hard, with over 7,500 jobs to be cut from Air France and HOP! Air France Airbus A319 taking off from Birmingham Airport... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Chase Sapphire Reserve Review (2020)

I don't think there's a single card that has changed the premium credit card landscape like the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card did back when it was... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
How Did I End Up With Three Different Point Value Marriott Free Night Certificates?

One of the great perks of the Marriott co-brand credit cards has always been the free night certificate you get every year at your account anniversary. I have several... Read More

Miles To Memories
Amex Delta Offers with NO Lifetime Restriction Are Back

American Express is sending out targeted offer for its personal Delta credit cards once again. While these are the best offers we have seen, they also have an added... Read More

Sam Chui
5 Ways Commercial Air Travel Has Changed

I have observed 5 ways that commercial air travel has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Airlines are retiring their 4 engine, less fuel efficient, wide body... Read More

Live from a Lounge
Deal: Get 35% off on Hilton Hotels across India through March 2021

If you had a hotel booking in your post lockdown list, here a great offer for you! Get up to 35% off on Indian hotel bookings. Time to book up a room for the next trip... Read More

Mexico closes U.S border, citing fear of Covid-19 spread

Sonora officials rushed to close the US Mexico border for the 4th of July, citing sudden spikes in Covid-19 cases in neighboring states, especially Arizona. The post... Read More

So Where in the World Can Americans Travel Right Now?

Coworkaholic Travel Countries around the world are starting to figure out how to contain the coronavirus. But for the US, it’s not quite there yet. Therefore,... Read More

View from the Wing
New Australian COVID Outbreak Linked To Sex Scandal In Quarantine Hotels

Australia has fewer than 8500 total confirmed cases of COVID-19. The country's success appears to be a combination of effective policy response and luck. International... Read More

The Gate
Independence Day Weekend 2020: Listen to Radio Decades Ago From New York — Music, News, Commercials, and More

If you want to temporarily get away from all of the ridiculous nonsense of the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic and the rest of the hysteria which is going on in... Read More

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