Review: Free Walks Buenos Aires – Great Introduction to BA

While a free walking tour might sound like you get what you pay for, I found out exactly the opposite is true, at least with Free Walks Buenos Aires. Here's a review of... Read More

Miles To Memories
Earn 2.5x with Citi Cards When You Open a Priority Banking Package [Targeted]

Citi is targeting some customers with an offer to earn extra rewards on spending with a Citi Priority Banking Package that also get 2.36% APY on the savings account. The... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
How To Sign Up For Las Vegas Loyalty Programs & What You Get When You Do

You can oftentimes get perks for just signing up for loyalty programs. Hotels will give free WiFi to even base members of their program, and having a rental car... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
Acumule 5 pontos Livelo a cada real gasto em reservas de hotéis no Submarino Viagens

Está aí mais uma boa promoção para acumular pontos livelo com reservas de hotéis. Infelizmente não chega a ser um 10 para 1,... Read More

View from the Wing
Delta Declares the Airport Experience the Next Battleground, But Can’t Actually Make It Better

Delta thinks they have the flight experience part of travel down and won, and their CFO declares "the next area of competition in air travel is in the airport." But... Read More

Скидки на премиальные билеты LATAM Pass

Скидка действует только в... Read More

Michael W Travels
Refunds On Nonrefundable Airline Tickets, Southwest Planes Collide, Airline Bans Taking Inflight Photos, Middle Seat Fix, World’s Most Insane Flight, Renaming Boeing 737 Max- Travel News!

Travel News: USA Today says Yes, It’s Possible To Get A Refund On A Nonrefundable Airline Ticket. Fox reports that Two Southwest Planes Collided While Backing Away... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
My (mis)Adventures Aboard Ryanair

Hello from Milan. With 12 legs down and only two legs to go on my trip around the world, I thought I’d give you an update on my adventures on Ryanair from Amman to... Read More

One Mile at a Time
British Airways Pilots Vote To Go On Strike

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how talks broke down between British Airways management and their pilots union over a new contract. British Airways is experiencing... Read More

The Rio Las Vegas Has Outdated Rooms

During my recent trip to Las Vegas we stayed in The Rio. I wasn't impressed with the outdated, dirty rooms to say the least. The post The Rio Las Vegas Has Outdated... Read More

Travel With Massi
Zusätzliche Vorteile mit der neuen American Express Business Platinum Card

Auch die American Express Business Platinum Card hat ein Relaunch erfahren und kommt ab dem 23. Juli 2019 ebenfalls in einer stylischen Metallversion. Karteninhaber... Read More

Miles To Memories
(Targeted) New Amex Spending Offers – Up To 5% Back on Restaurant Spend

There is a new Amex spending offer that can nab you up to 5% back on your next $1,000 in restauarant spend. There are 2 versions of the offer. The post (Targeted) New... Read More

Frequent Miler $100 Lowes GC for $90

Update 7/22/19: This deal is back again. H/T: Points, Miles, and Martinis is offering a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card for $90. Since this 10% off can be... Read More

Loyalty Traveler
United San Francisco to Barcelona $296-$321 round trip Aug-Oct

United Airlines has Basic Economy tickets from San Francisco SFO to Barcelona BCN priced at $296 in August and September to $321 in October. Prices rise to upper... Read More

God Save The Points
Today Only: Earn 1000’s Of Extra Bonus Airline Miles On Apple Purchases

This is how you earn miles for free without travelling… It’s often the simplest stuff that people overlook when it comes to maximum miles earning. On an... Read More

Travel With Grant
Targeted Citi Promo: $10 Bonus for Making 5 ApplePay Purchases (AT&T Access More Credit Card)

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  I just got this email from Citi regarding a $10 bonus for making 5 ApplePay purchases from today (July 22)... Read More

Auf Nach Irgendwo
Gebucht: Endlich mal mit Finnair unterwegs!

Wie ich schon ein paar mal erwähnt habe, bin ich in diesem Jahr aus persönlichen noch nicht viel unterwegs gewesen. In den letzten Monaten habe ich zwischen... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Staples Discounted Lowe’s Gift Cards

Staples is offering a nice discount on Lowe’s gift cards right now. Check out this deal! Use a card that earns 5x Ultimate Rewards points (first $25,000 spent then... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Odd Feelings About My New Passport…

I just went through the process of renewing my US passport. Ford's passport was due to expire in August, and mine in December, so we figured we might as well both renew... Read More

Live from a Lounge
Booked flights on Amazon Prime Day? Check statement for nasty surprise

Booked your tickets under the Amazon Prime Day liberal offer of 20% cashback? You may be in for a nasty surprise with your purchases being converted to EMIs. Here are... Read More

Miles To Memories
American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards Calendar (August – Sept)

I wanted to take a look at the American Airlines reduced mileage awards program and the sweet spots of their current calendar. The post American Airlines Reduced... Read More

Running with Miles
Great Deal! 8 Miles Per Dollar on Apple + Stack with Education Portal for Free Headphones and Discounts!

Stack this high mileage portal offer at Apple with back-to-school promotions to get some great deals on Apple products! Start with 8 miles per dollar! The post Great... Read More

Review: Comp Room at the Rio Las Vegas

Background: I was planning a trip to visit Lake Powell/Antelope Canyon and Vegas was a good place to stop on the way from LA. Because I have Caesars Diamond Status from... Read More

The Points of Life
Hyatt Centric Bourbon Street: Refuge from the Entry to Hell

I refer to Bourbon Street as the entrance to hell in my Guns & Butter: New Orleans Travel Guide post because it is. To be clear, there's more to New Orleans than... Read More

View from the Wing
Is Airbus Doing Enough to Stop the Fumes that are Making People Sick?

There are scores of Airbus narrowbody fume incidents across diverse carriers -- including some fume occurrences leading to flight diversions and hospitalized passengers... Read More

Traveling For Miles
Big News! BA Club Suites Coming To Multiple New US Destinations

The new British Airways Business Class cabin is among the most eagerly anticipated new airline products in 2019 and we’re currently in the middle of a flurry of... Read More

Loyalty Traveler
Good time to think about New Year’s Eve hotels using points

After a 23-day trip to Europe this past month, my attention has turned to figuring out December holidays travel plans. I am making preliminary assessments of where I... Read More

Miles To Memories
Apple Portal Payouts Increased Up to 8X – One Day Only

There is a deal from some of the shopping portals for Apple products and it is good for today only. The airline portals are paying up to 8X the normal rate. The post... Read More

Frequent Flyer Bonuses
Earn 1,000 bonus airline miles for Marriott stays in Europe until the end of the year

This is a reminder post of the current bonus miles/Avios offers for staying at Marriott Hotels & Resorts in Europe. There are offers for nine different airline... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
DHS Closes LAX Global Entry Enrollment Center Due To Border Deployment

Stretched thin at the U.S. Southern Border, the Department of Homeland Security has shuttered the Global Entry Enrollment Center at Los Angeles International Airport.... Read More

Turning Left for Less Brasil
Duas Promoções Livelo com Pontos Extras – Inclusive com Possibilidade de Comprar Produtos Natura

A Livelo está começando a semana com duas promoções de acúmulo extra de pontos em compras online. Vamos aos detalhes de cada uma... Read More

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