Points With a Crew
IHG Point Breaks sneak peek out; full list coming on Monday

IHG has announced a few of the hotels that will be bookable on the Point Breaks list on Monday. As expected (feared?), there are now no new ... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
LATAM Airlines Brasil reduz as tarifas para voos nacionais e internacionais com a campanha Última Chamada

A LATAM Airlines Brasil iniciou às 17h desta sexta-feira (22) a campanha Última Chamada, com ofertas para diversos destinos nacionais e internacionais. As... Read More

Simple Flying
Southwest Hawaii Flights Closer As ETOPS Test Flights Have Been Completed

Verification flights for the long-awaited Southwest Airlines ETOPS certification have finally concluded. Now it should be just a matter of … The post Southwest... Read More

Sam Chui
BREAKING: Amazon Prime Air 767 Freighter Crash Near Houston

This is a developing story, check back here as we update with new information The FAA is reporting that an Amazon Prime Air 767 operated by Atlas Air (N1217A) has gone... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Upcoming Delta Fleet Changes, American Airlines Admirals Clubs Access, How to Earn $100 in Gift Cards

Martini Review of the Week:  It’s Saturday and it’s time for the Martini Review of the Week. Take a look at this week’s top news, deals, and... Read More

Обзор: United Polaris Lounge, Сан-Франциско

Я до сих пор не могу поверить.... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Amazon Cargo 767 Crashes Shortly Before Landing In Houston

The FAA is reporting that a cargo Boeing 767-300 crashed today while enrotue from Miami to Houston. This was an Atlas Air jet with the registration code N1217A operating... Read More

Miles To Memories
Pizza & Pasta?!? My Experience At The World’s Largest McDonald’s

Pizza, pasta, an arcade, and a PlayPlace all at a McDonald's? If you are visiting the world's largest McDonald's it is all on the table! The post Pizza & Pasta?!? My... Read More

View from the Wing
Leaked Details of New Southwest Airlines Snack Service for Hawaii Flights

After many years of speculation, sixteen months ago Southwest finally announced they would fly to Hawaii. How long have we been waiting? In December 2010 they... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
DAUERSALE: Air China Business Deutschland – Asien (Return): 1400 Euro

Mit der Air China Business von Deutschland nach Asien ...  Read More

Monkey Miles
This engine failure proposal is the perfect ad for GoPro

This video made its rounds and has amassed over 7 Million views, and without ruining much, and as I’m sure you can gather from the title it involves a mock engine... Read More

Running with Miles
Two Bluffworks Discounts Going On Now – My Favorite Travel and Everyday Clothes!

If you want to get a Bluffworks discount for some of the best travel clothes in the world, check out these discounts for combos! There is one combo for casual and one... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Our Stays In Haunted Hotels

If you search the internet enough, you can find a ghost story about almost anywhere. I try to avoid these stories if I can. I’ve talked about how I feel about... Read More

One Mile at a Time
America’s Most Powerful Flight Attendant

Fortunately the government isn't shut down anymore, though late last year and early this year we had the longest partial government shutdown ever. While federal workers... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Why The Willard InterContinental Is My Favorite Hotel In Washington, DC

I’m generally a very loyal Hyatt patron, but there are exceptions. Washington, DC is one such exception. In the District, my favorite hotel is not one of the three... Read More

Miles To Memories
China Closes Tibet to Tourists for Two Months

Tibet is an increasingly popular destination. In 2018, more than 33 million trips from around the world were made to Tibet, an increase of 31.5 percent over the... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Good American Business Class Fares From LAX To Bangkok

Generally speaking we see a lot of good business class fares for travel from Asia to the US, but good fares from the US to Asia are rarer. Furthermore, when there are... Read More

Window Seat
Martinair MD-11 Landing in Miami – Flight deck!

MD11 aircraft no longer operate for commercial passengers but still are frequently used for cargo. Here's a flight deck view into Miami in the freighter version. The... Read More

האם יש סיבה לחשוש משימוש בטריק Hidden City?

מוקדם יותר החודש עלתה... Read More

View from the Wing
Boeing 747 Pilot Takes a Nap in Cockpit Mid-Flight, the Co-Pilot Rats Him Out and Gets Disciplined

A pilot of a China Airlines Boeing 747 is filmed – by another pilot int he cockpit – taking a nap during a flight. The SkyTeam member airline and Delta... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Are United’s Cabins Competitive Against American and Delta?

With so many options for air travel, airlines must constantly expand and improve their aircraft cabins. Over the years, many advances in design and technology have... Read More

Revealed: These are the next three British Airways retro liveries

Since the utterly gorgeous British Airways Boeing 747-400 painted in BOAC colours made such a splash recently, it is good to know that there are more retro liveries on... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Last Chance: Buy Hilton Points With Up To A 100% Bonus

This is an update to a previous post to note that Hilton's bonus on purchased Honors points ends in a few days, on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. So if you’re... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Air France Cancels Venezuela Flights While Air Europa Offers Crews Kidnapping Advice

In the wake of escalating civil unrest, Air France is temporarily halting flights to Caracas. Meanwhile, Air Europa has issued an advisory to crews on how to avoid... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
DLD 232: Surprise!

What's in store this week?? Perhaps it is a surprise for everyone. Owing to some excitement in the recording and editing process we're all about to find out together!... Read More

Michael W Travels
A Visit To The French Version of McD’s, Quick Burger Restaurant

When visiting international destinations, I always visit McDonald’s to check out what local menu items might be available. We also like to try local fast food... Read More

Miles To Memories
(Final Days!) Hilton Honors Highest Points Bonus Promo is Back

There are only a few days left for the Hilton points sale where you can snag points at an all time low cost of $0.005 a piece. The post (Final Days!) Hilton Honors... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Please Don’t Go Kamikaze On Us American Airlines!

Rumors are swirling that American Airlines is considering restricting the use of systemwide upgrades to only recipient account holders. To do so would take AAdvantage on... Read More

Points With a Crew
Delta Award Sale: U.S. to Japan / Seoul in premium economy from 70K SkyMiles Round Trip

Book award flights by Feb. 25, from US cities to Japan or South Korea, for spring travel in Delta's comfortable Premium Select! Read More

One Mile at a Time
Preview: New IHG PointBreaks List Coming Monday

For years, IHG Rewards Club has been offering PointBreaks, which is one of the best promotions in the hotel industry. When the promotion was first launched, IHG would... Read More

View from the Wing
As Airlines Raise Drink Prices, Man Carries Giant Beer Through the Airport

The price of inflight beer and wine - like all other airline fees - has gone up. You may now pay $9 for a drink. And just like the movie theater you aren't supposed to... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
EOS R Review: Night Time Model photography (featuring the Rotolight Neo II)

Night Time Model photography with the EOS R Featuring the Rotolight Neo II In this series: Introducing the Canon EOS R City and Street Photography in Brussels Urban... Read More

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