Auf Nach Irgendwo
Review: Aspire Lounge Birmingham Airport

Die Loungeoptionen am Flughafen Birmingham halten sich stark in Grenzen. Bis auf Emirates betreibt dort keine Airline eine eigene Lounge. Man merkt, dass der Flughafen... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
DLD 206: London Calling, with some IROPs chaos along the way

Daytime flights from the east coast of North America to London can be great. But starting on the west coast can make them a mess. Fozz and Stephan both did that last... Read More

Travel With Grant
Who Sells Uber Gift Cards?

Have you ever been in the “know” about a topic only to find out you were in the “how did I NOT know about this” with that very same topic? Even... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Hong Kong Airlines Vs. Aeroplan: An Ethics Lesson

Hong Kong Airlines will honor its $500-600 business class fares from the U.S. to Asia. That warrants praise…and an ethics lesson. While not $0 fares, these... Read More

Bald Thoughts
Cook Islands: The Ultimate Travel Guide

My wife and I booked our honeymoon for 13 days in the Cook Islands, and it was such a fun and relaxing experience. Located about 2,000 miles off of the coast of New... Read More

Running with Miles
After Strava Heat Map Revealed Military Sites, Fitness Tracking Bans Are Issued to Active Duty Military

The popular fitness app Strava is used by millions of people worldwide and the Strava heat map that was published months ago shows this. But, it also showed many... Read More

Miles To Memories
Getting Busted Selling Miles, Uber Costs Going Up In NYC?, United’s Customer Unfriendly Policy Change & More!

My latest addition of articles from around the web. The post Getting Busted Selling Miles, Uber Costs Going Up In NYC?, United’s Customer Unfriendly Policy Change... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Marriott’s New Platinum Suite Upgrade Policy Isn’t What We Expected

It's Marriott & Starwood integration day, and while you can't yet log into your account, Marriott has already uploaded their member benefits page and terms &... Read More

God Save The Points
How My View of Points Has Evolved As A Travel Blogger…

This article is brought to you by Capital One. We get approached for sponsored posts all the time, but only take them up when they offer value or useful information to... Read More

View from the Wing
Southwest Introducing Dynamic Pricing for Early Bird Check-in: Here’s Your Strategy

Southwest Airlines is apparently going to vary the price of Early Bird check-in by route instead of charging a flat $15. Some routes will go up to $25 starting August... Read More

One Mile at a Time
It’s Marriott & Starwood Integration Day — What Should You Expect?

Well, the much anticipated (dreaded?) day is finally here, as Marriott is forming a unified loyalty program for Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood... Read More

The Short Final
A Beginner’s Guide to a Vietnamese Food Menu

Vietnamese is one of my favorite cuisines. In fact, when I’m not stuffing my face with the food of my Italian heritage, I’m usually eating at a Vietnamese... Read More

One Mile at a Time
AirAsia X Plans To Fly To US West Coast Using A330-900neos

For those of you who may not be familiar with AirAsia, they are Asia's biggest low cost airline. I've flown them several times, and found them to be fantastic at what... Read More

Heels First Travel
Visiting Crater Lake During the Wildfires

My luck with Crater Lake is rather nonexistent. Or perhaps its my planning abilities? The first time I went to Crater Lake I was not expecting huge snow drifts in the 70... Read More

God Save The Points
A Conspiracy Theory About The $560 Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Deals…

That was one fun roller coaster ride… Let me start by saying this: the Airbus A350 is my favorite plane. Bali and Thailand are two of my favorite destinations,... Read More

View from the Wing
Today One Airline Deserves More Respect Than Any Other

There is something to standing behind the fares that you offer. There's something to treating consumers at least on equal footing with large corporations. That's not... Read More

Renés Points
Mind blowing results from 2018 J.D. Powers Airline Loyalty Study (btw Delta ranked 4th)!

Mind blowing results from 2018 J.D. Powers Airline Loyalty Study (btw Delta ranked 4th)! Continue reading → The post Mind blowing results from 2018 J.D. Powers... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Airline Serves Raw Chicken, But I Blame Passenger For “Starving”

We can draw an important lesson from a story of raw chicken served on a commercial flight. The UK Sun tells the story like this. 26-year-old Jamie Farrar ordered... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Ein Emirates First Sale ab Tunis

Mit der Emirates First von Tunis nach Asien oder Südafrika ... Read More

God Save The Points
Amazing Deal: £411 London To Las Vegas Flights + Five Nights 4* Hotel…

Is it still ok to say “Vegas baby, Vegas”? Las Vegas = fun. Travel = fun and deals = fun. That makes today a fun day. British Airways has launched some... Read More

One Mile at a Time
New Amex Offer Can Save You Money On Delta

For those of you not familiar with Amex Offers, it’s a program available through most Amex cards, where different cards are eligible for different savings and... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
DEAL: Condor Business Frankfurt – Kuala Lumpur (Return): 1480 Euro

Condor hat einen wirklich spannenden Business Deals geladen ... Read More

Bald Thoughts
Body Scanners in LA Subways, Shopping Cart Trick For Credit Cards, LA to Seattle for $97 on Amtrak

Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Die Oman Air Business Sale Angebote ab Deutschland

Mit der Oman Air Business von Deutschland nach Asien ... Read More

Первый класс Emirates из Туниса от 1870€!

Отличная распродажа Emirates из... Read More

Pizza in Motion
Southwest Early Bird Check-In Moving To Dynamic Pricing

Southwest Airlines appears to be moving to a dynamic pricing model for their popular Early Bird Check-In. That means you may end up paying more the next time you fly.... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
HOT: Ein TOLLER Oman Air Business Sale ab Mailand

Oman Air verkauft mal wieder super geile Business Tickets ... Read More

The Gate
Thank You For Twelve Years: The State of The Gate 2018

Twelve years. That is one dozen years ago today unofficially. Where have they gone?!? “As for The Gate, I never did quite figure out how to celebrate its tenth... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
Ein Oman Air Business Sale ab Paris

Mit der Oman Air Business von Paris nach Asien oder Middle East ... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
DEAL: LATAM Business Rom – Osterinsel (Return): 1660 Euro

Mit der LATAM Business von Rom auf die Osterinsel ... Read More

Live from a Lounge
I got myself the Jet Airways ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card

I received my new Jet Airways ICICI Bank co-branded credit card and in the first week of holding the card have gotten myself 10,000 JP Miles and a free movie ticket,... Read More

Sam Chui
My Nepal Flying Adventure (Nepal Airlines MA-60 & Y-12)

Recently, I went to Nepal from Dubai for a flying adventure. There are many turboprops flying domestically inside Nepal, such as ATR, J-41, Let-410, Twin Otter, Dornier... Read More

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