Renés Points
Autistic Passenger’s Family Claims Delta, SkyWest Discriminated Against Them

  A family traveling with a member who has autism spectrum disorder claims they were discriminated against before a Delta Connection flight operated by SkyWest... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Can A Flight Attendant Force You To Keep Your Window Shade Open/Closed?

The Flight Detective recently wrote a post about wanting to keep the window shade open while on a flight, even though the flight attendant said to close it. And it got... Read More

Voyage Avance
ハイアット ライフタイムグローバリストへの道#43(Hotel Haven)

ヘルシンキでオフ会を行った際、宿泊したのは... Read More

The Amex Schwab Platinum Card Has a 100,000-Point Targeted Offer

The Charles Schwab version of the Amex Platinum Card now has a targeted offer worth a whopping 100,000 points. Check out this post for details! The post The Amex Schwab... Read More

Ingeniero de Millas
Por Qué Ahora Puede Ser un Buen Momento para Asociarse al Club Smiles

Hace unos meses Smiles Argentina lanzó el Club Smiles, una forma de sumar millas a cambio de un pago mensual. No sólo recibimos millas, sino también... Read More

Five Cool Castles in France

France is much more than just Paris. Venture outside the city and discover amazing castles and chateaus that will give you a glimpse of what it's like to live like a... Read More

Renés Points
Construction Causes TSA Line Problems at MSP

If you’re based in Minneapolis-St. Paul — or travel there — prepare for TSA security line headaches at MSP. Or maybe alleviate them and treat yourself... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Wow: Backstory Of Cathay Pacific CEO’s Resignation

Last Friday I wrote about how Cathay Pacific's CEO suddenly resigned. Rupert Hogg had been CEO fo the company since May 2017, and by most accounts did a really good job.... Read More

View from the Wing
Marriott’s Twitter Team Can’t Fathom Anyone Complimenting Bonvoy on Social Media

Twitter used to be the “go-to” way of getting personalized customer service, and with some brands it still is. Many companies assign super competent agents... Read More

Video: Cops step in to stop a fight on delayed Delta flight

Over the last month or so, we’ve not fallen short of witnessing bizarre in-flight incidents. One such incident happened on a Delta flight that was delayed at JFK... Read More

Обзор: British Airways First Class Lounge, Йоханнесбург

Лаунж British Airways в Йоханнесбурге на... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
A Splendacious Weekend In Yerevan, Armenia

I spent the weekend in Yerevan, Armenia…it turned out to be a lot of fun. This was not my first trip to the Armenian capital. In fact, I even wrote about my last... Read More

Frequent Miler
Targeted 100K offer for Schwab Platinum

Charles Schwab is out with a targeted offer on the American Express Platinum for Schwab card that is good for 100,000 Membership Rewards points after $5,000 in... Read More

Points With a Crew
10,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards for switching energy providers

By switching energy providers to NRG, you can get a bonus of 10,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards. But watch out for... Read More

One Mile at a Time
My EasyJet Flight Cost How Much?!?

I had an incredible review trip trying all kinds of amazing business class products. Suffice to say that this portion of the trip ended on a low note. I actually... Read More

Miles To Memories
DOSH Offering a $25 Bonus for Booking a Hotel Stay

Recently they started offering cash back for hotel bookings. Now they have even added an extra bonus of $25 if you book by the end of the month. The post DOSH Offering a... Read More

Milhas e Destinos
O problema da Avianca Holdings

Recebi diversos pedidos para comentar sobre a situação da Avianca Internacional, tratada nos blogs Passagens.Top, Meu Milhão de Milhas e Mestre das... Read More

Travel With Grant
Get $50 When You Sign Up for Chime

Chime is one of the fastest-growing mobile banking apps in the US, and you can get $50 when you sign up and receive at least $200 in direct deposits within the first 45... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
Avianca Brazil to exit Star Alliance

Star Alliance’s footprint is shrinking slightly in Brazil, with Ocean Air Linhas Aéreas S/A – more commonly known as Avianca Brazil will exit the... Read More

God Save The Points
Why I’m Obsessed With Tablet Hotels “Plus” Membership…

It all started this spring when I needed a hotel in Milan. A nice hotel, but not too nice, but one that had some soul – not just some corporate cookie cutter crap.... Read More

Avianca Brasil покидает Star Alliance

Бразильское национальное... Read More

Miles To Memories
eBay Bucks Offer – Up To 10% Back On Purchases

There is a new eBay bucks offer that can get you up to 10% back on your purchases. This is targeted as usual but we have the direct link for you so you can easily check... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
The Train Station That Has No Stairs, Ramps, Ticket Booth, Entry or Exit

Train stations are usually, of course, the point where people enter or exit a city or part of town. But a train station was recent opened in Japan where the only way you... Read More

View from the Wing
How to Earn a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass Quickly Without Getting a Credit Card (or Flying)

The best deal in travel has to be the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. There's no question that a rewards card with big initial bonus offer is the easiest and fastest... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Update On American Who Killed Anguilla Hotel Worker

I'm not trying to be Nancy Grace here, though there's a story that I wrote about in April that has stuck with me ever since. It's a story where just about every week... Read More

Points of Arabia
London to Middle East and Beyond

A few days ago, an interesting data came from aviation industry analysts OAG – the 10 most lucrative aviation routes. You can read a Forbes article on this topic... Read More

Monkey Miles
5 Healers you should visit on your next Bali trip

If you're looking to visit a healer on your trip to Bali, we put together a list of 5 healers we recommend for intuitive readings, chakra alignment, energy flow,... Read More

Miles To Memories
Make $$$ & Rack Up Ultimate Rewards – $15 Off Office Depot/Max Deal!

Office Depot Mastercard Gift Card Deal Office Depot/Officemax has a new promotion on Mastercard gift cards. This is a profitable deal that allows you to make money and... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
More Donuts in Dublin – Back through the Irish Shopping Maze…

Back through the Irish Shopping Maze- Donuts in Dublin In this fun day out Donuts in Dublin Off to BHX EI263 Birmingham to Dublin Airport Watching planes on the mound... Read More

Miles To Memories
Negative SLH Change, (Video) Tourists Attacked by Restaurant Owner & New Mid Day Disney Ticket

My latest edition of articles from around the web. Around the web is collection of articles that I found interesting that are travel related. The post Negative SLH... Read More

Loyalty Traveler
SAS Scandinavian Airlines USA sale. Book by Aug 27, fly Nov 1-June 10.

I might be the only excited American when I see a Scandinavian Airlines SAS sale for ticket buying opportunities on USA to Scandinavia travel. The deal with SAS tickets... Read More

Traveling For Miles
IT’s Back! Get 10% Off Most TAP Air Portugal Fares (Includes Business Class)

The last TAP Air Portugal promo code ended at the end of July (and was for a 5% discount), but now the airline is back with a new and improved promo code that offers 10%... Read More

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