Review: The Wingtips Lounge at JFK Airport, Terminal 4

During my trip last month, I had a long layover at JFK’s international terminal. My family and I originally planned to get out of the airport and make a half day... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
Driver Creates Uber Ride “Menu” For Passengers

One Uber driver is so accommodating that he's created a ride "menu." Need life advice? Need silence? He's got you covered. Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Thinking of Storming Area 51? Here Are Some Things To Help You With Your Travel Plans

Area 51 is a U.S. Air Force military installation located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada. Acquired by the U.S. in 1955, the installation has been the focus of numerous... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
CEO Doug Parker Should Fix American Airlines, Not the Market

Following yet another co-operative op-ed, CEO Doug Parker of American Airlines had time to meet with President Trump this week to discuss Middle East airlines infringing... Read More

View from the Wing
US Airlines are Helping Fund China’s Belt and Road Foreign Policy Initiative

Two years ago American Airlines provided $200 million in funding for the state-owned carrier whose overseas investments are being used to further Chinese government... Read More

One Mile at a Time
5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Destination

I've written before about how my "urge" to get on a plane has lessened lately. My sweet dog and his abandonment issues have a lot to do with it, as it's heartbreaking to... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
British Airways & Lufthansa Suspend Flights To Cairo: What’s Happening

Both British Airways and Lufthansa have announced they will suspend flights to Cairo immediately amid heightened security risks. Read More

Monkey Miles
How to choose seats on an Alaska Airlines partner booking ( Japan Airlines )

How to choose seats on an Alaska Airlines partner booking ( Japan Airlines ) The post How to choose seats on an Alaska Airlines partner booking ( Japan Airlines )... Read More

Miles To Memories
Two New Visa Gift Card Deals at Safeway/Vons

Safeway, Vons and other affiliated stores have two new coupons available that can get you a discount on Visa gift cards. The post Two New Visa Gift Card Deals at... Read More

Points With a Crew
Get Your 6th Day Free on Your Next National Rental!

If you need a rental card for a week this summer, this offer from National may be the right move! Get your 6th day free through September 9th. Read More

Michael W Travels
A Family-Friendly Must Visit: The Icelandic Museum of Rock and Roll

During our trip to Iceland, we primarily visited some of the country’s incredible, natural sites. We also made it a point to visit a few museums to learn more... Read More

4 Days in Buenos Aires: Day 2 – Lomito and La Boca

Our second day in the Argentinian capital was spent enjoying the city and the lovely sunny weather by bicycle. My favorite part of the city is... The post 4 Days in... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Review: Courtyard Marriott Santiago Las Condes

Our quick trip to Santiago presented us with a little bit of a quandary: with only one full day to see the city, but two nights at our disposal, our goal was to maximize... Read More

The School of Travels: Staying Put to Grow Your Dreams

What does travel have to teach us? How does travel change us? Join host Becky Gillespie as she dives into these questions and shares travel stories from the road.... Read More

Miles To Memories
Chase Closing Cards for Inactivity, Disneyland MaxPass Guide, Housesit Guide, Copenhagen Airport to City Center Guide

My latest edition of articles from around the web. Around the web is collection of articles that I found interesting that are travel related. The post Chase Closing... Read More

Your Mileage May Vary
Mystery Flight Solved!, Citi Shenanigans, Large Hotel Closed, What Do With Cards You Don’t Use Often, & More!

Happy Sunday to all of our travel friends, both near and far! Here are some articles we’ve read from other bloggers (and other sources) that we think you may like,... Read More

View from the Wing
VIDEO: Buzz Aldrin Punched a Moon Landing Denier in the Face

If nothing else, walking on the moon is the ultimate cocktail party mic drop but it's understandable that some don't believe it actually happened. After all, without... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
Copenhagen to Oslo on the DFDS Ferry — What to Know

   If you’re planning a trip to Scandinavia, you’ve made a great decision. Prepare to be humbled by some of the planet’s most beautiful... Read More

Frequent Miler
Here Are All The Latest Third Party Gift Card Deals

Tons of new third party gift card deals have become available over the past 24-48 hours, so here’s a list of them to help ensure you don’t miss out on any... Read More

One Mile at a Time
American Airlines’ Inconsistent Delay Compensation

I had an interesting experience involving contacting customer relations at American recently, which I figured I'd share. First let me provide a bit of background. I get... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Flight Review: Delta One Business Class JFK – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is Delta’s largest hub in Europe, so I was excited to finally fly here from New York’s John F. Kennedy this summer. Delta offers 2 daily flights... Read More

The Secret to Great In-Flight United Service

United isn't necessarily known for their service, but there is one way that flight attendants consistenly go above and beyond. The post The Secret to Great In-Flight... Read More

Wild About Travel
I have now flown every One World member airline.

I wonder how many people have traveled on every One World airline? There are One World alliamnve mmebers  and with four flifhts across Russia woith S7M, I reached... Read More

Visiting San Francisco’s Treasure Island

After our post-hike treat at Salt & Straw, headed to a light lunch at Boudin. Then, I wanted to get a view of the Oakland Bay Bridge, and the best way to do that is... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
NICE: Air Italy Business NONSTOP Mailand – Sansibar / Mombasa (Return): 1390 Euro

Mit der Air Italy Business von Mailand nach Sansibar oder Mombasa ... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Disney Airline Coming, Best or Worst Idea?

Disney has announced they will soon launch their own airline, but is this the best or the worst idea they’ve had in recent memory?  If you haven’t... Read More

Miles To Memories
Great Deal Alert – $50 off $500 in Gift Card Purchases at Meijer! (Most Cards Included)

The awesome Meijer Mperks gift card deal is back! You can snag $50 off of your next $500 in gift card purchases, most 3rd party cards are eligible. The post Great Deal... Read More

Frequent Miler
Safeway/Albertsons/Vons, etc: Save Up To $25 On Visa Gift Cards With 2 Digital Coupons

Stores using the Just For U program have a couple of new digital coupons today offering savings of up to $25 when buying Visa gift cards. This offers the opportunity to... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Ingenious: Lagos Airport Getting A Fence

A couple of days ago I wrote about an incident that occurred at Lagos Airport, where a man climbed onto the wing of a plane just shortly before it was due to take off.... Read More

Обзор: AC Chicago Downtown, Чикаго

Бюджетные АС есть и за... Read More

The 5 Best Luggage Deals During The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s that time of the year again. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is underway which means you can score some amazing deals on designer clothing, accessories, and... Read More

View from the Wing
Travel Agency Scam: Take Customer Money, Don’t Actually Book Their Travel

There are supposed travel agents online that will sell you packages, hotel rooms, tickets for activities. They will charge your card. You'll show up, and they've... Read More

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