Points, Miles & Martinis
United Airlines New Domestic Routes, Delta A220 Routes, Membership Rewards Pay with Points

Martini Review of the Week:  It’s Saturday and it’s time for the Martini Review of the Week. Take a look at this week’s top news, deals, and... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
American Airlines Mocked By Regulators, Now Suing Them

American Airlines’ lawsuit against Expedia is not its only lawsuit currently pending. After being continually denied copyright protection for its logo... Read More

View from the Wing
Why Now is the Ideal Time to Prepare to Earn a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass

Getting a Southwest credit card now means you have three months to earn the bonus. Hit your minimum spend in the third month, the month that ends in January, and that... Read More

One Mile at a Time
British Airways Massively Increases “Fuel Surcharges” For US Flights

British Airways is known for their pesky "carrier imposed surcharges," often referred to as fuel surcharges. When it comes to revenue tickets there aren't many... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
Summer Tier Points – Early start at San Francisco Airport

Early start at San Francisco Airport – Summer Tier Points In this… epic. When will I learn to jump on a fare? Wednesday Afternoon.. off to the airport EI273... Read More

The Wandering Aramean
DLD 215: Can Clippy start an engine??

Engines, engines, everywhere! Even more of which are now broken. Plus many inaugurals and maybe your biometric security data will be sold to an airline or airport soon.... Read More

Miles To Memories
Class Action Lawsuit Goes After Google for User Data Leak

Google and its parent company, Alphabet Inc., have been hit with a class action lawsuit after the company announced a “bug” had gotten into its social media... Read More

The Winglet
(VIDEO) Airport Worker Destroys a $35 Million KLM Boeing 747 Engine in Tarmac Accident

Courtesy: KLM Airport Worker Destroys a KLM $35 Million Boeing 747 Engine in Tarmac Accident Surely if you’ve ever driven, you know it’s a good thing to have... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
Review: The Library Lounge Nice Airport (NCE)

The Library Lounge in Nice Airport, a Priority Pass lounge, offers a quiet work environment, but not much in the area of food. I did not deliberately arrive early, but... Read More

Michael W Travels
TSA Social Media Loses A Star, RIP Bob Burns

Many of us might not be big fans of the TSA but one thing that this government agency does right, is it’s hilarious Instagram account. The success of the account,... Read More

Points With a Crew
Rome Airport lounge review: Giotto lounge

Traveling through Rome Fiumicino airport? Check out this Rome Airport lounge review of the Giotto lounge to find out about seating, food and wi-fi and what you can... Read More

Live and Let's Fly
My Experience Using American Express Premium Cabin Airfare Discounts

Is the American Express International Airline Program worth your time? At Award Expert, we are seeing an increasing trend: more and more bookings directly through... Read More

Running with Miles
See What Happened Inside this Airplane After the Turbulence Hit

This flight was hit by turbulence and these photos and videos show the absolute mess that was made inside the aircraft as a result. Service items, personal belongings,... Read More

One Mile at a Time
My 10 Favorite Credit Card Bonus Categories

It's amazing to see the progression of credit card category bonuses the past few years. When I say "category bonuses" I'm talking about the ability to earn bonus points... Read More

Miles To Memories
Negative Admiral Club Changes, Hidden Ireland Treasures, Leave Your Fruit On The Plane & More!

My latest edition of articles from around the web. Around the web is collection of articles that I found interesting that are travel related. The post Negative Admiral... Read More

God Save The Points
What’s The Best U.S. Airline In 2018?

It’s a simple question, but the answer simply isn’t… Aisle or window? Coke or Pepsi? Tea or Coffee? Simple questions – but far from simple to... Read More

View from the Wing
Delta Award Sales Expose the Egregiously Low Value of SkyMiles

During Delta's earnings call the airline's CEO said miles are worth a penny apiece. What Delta has done is adjusted its mileage program so you get more consistent... Read More

One Mile at a Time
American Airlines Compensation For Four Hour Delay?

It's not often I complain to airlines nowadays. I maybe send in a note an average of once per year, or so. With that in mind, I figured it would be interesting to share... Read More

Miles To Memories
3 Amazon Gold Box Gift Card Deals Including 20% Off Legal Sea Foods

Legal Sea Foods is on sale on Amazon today plus 2 deals left over from last week. The post 3 Amazon Gold Box Gift Card Deals Including 20% Off Legal Sea Foods appeared... Read More

God Save The Points
The Amazing Value British Airways Avios Promo Brings Frequent Flyers…

Spend 5,000 points, get 10,000 back? Through the weekend, British Airways is offering a fantastic promotion. Select any long haul economy return flight from the UK, and... Read More

Loyalty Traveler
Initial impressions on Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Initial impressions of a place I am visiting for the first time is information I like to jot down before familiarity diminishes the observations. I generally have images... Read More

Mestre das Milhas
Azul e Turkish irão firmar parceria entre seus programas de fidelidade

Quem está trazendo a notícia é o site Mercado e Eventos. De acordo com a reportagem, no próximo dia 24 de Outubro de 2018, a Azul e a Turkish... Read More

Renés Points
Who has the BEST BBQ in Austin Texas? Franklin’s? Coopers? Kreuz? Blacks? Salt Lick? Delta Frequent Flyers find out!

Who has the BEST BBQ in Austin Texas? Franklin's? Coopers? Kreuz? Blacks? Salt Lick? Delta Frequent Flyers find out! Continue reading → The post Who has the BEST... Read More

View from the Wing
American Airlines President: Wifi Shouldn’t Be Free

For more than six years I've been saying that inflight internet will eventually be free. Since I started making that prediction JetBlue introduced free inflight... Read More

What do Australian business travellers want from a new airline?

Recently I conducted an online survey of Australian people who travelled by air for business purposes. The aim was to find out what a new airline entering the market... Read More

Milhas e Destinos
Associação para a defesa dos direitos dos clientes dos programas de milhas

Gente, já tem algum tempinho que estou pensando em criar uma associação para a defesa dos clientes dos programas de milhas. Como muitos sabem, sou... Read More

God Save The Points
Here’s A Wrap Up Of All The Best Hotel Sales + Bonus Offers…

Double points, 35% off or better… It’s a flat out arms race between hotels right now. Marriott and SPG joined forces to form the world’s largest hotel... Read More

Loyalty Traveler
Roaming Romania on $27 Wizz Air London-Cluj ticket

Budget airline Wizz Air is the leading airline for travel around Central and Eastern Europe with over 600 routes. Wizz operates nonstop flights between London Luton... Read More

Frequent Miler
Is cash king? Is there a key to Delta award space? Those answers and more…

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should be focusing on miles or cash back, I have a simple answer: both. In this Frequent Miler week in review, we’ll... Read More

Pizza in Motion
Is It Tru? A Review Of Tru By Hilton

Is it Tru? Did I enjoy my first experience at a Tru hotel? Or was I Tru Blue? Only one way to find out! The post Is It Tru? A Review Of Tru By Hilton appeared first... Read More

Updated: Daftar Negara Yang Bisa Dikunjungi Orang Indonesia Tanpa Memerlukan Visa

Sebelumnya,  terdapat 74 negara yang bisa dikunjungi oleh orang Indonesia tanpa memerlukan visa atau dengan mendapatkan visa on arrival di bandara tujuan. Kini,... Read More

Распродажа авиосов от 0,0095 € на Groupon

Авиосы Iberia Plus снова можно... Read More

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