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Wild About Travel
INSIDE the Aeromexico 2431 Crash

Like many passengers, I sometimes film the take off or landing whilst en route. Some of my films are interesting and some are not. The video below is definitely very... Read More

Wild About Travel
New Turkish vid combines humour, safety, Lego and planes!

The boring safety announcements are looking more and more endangered as airlines increasingly use their on board safety videos to differentiate their brand. The videos... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Qantas’ First Dash-8 With New Interior Is Now Flying

My apologies on the lateness of this post as it’s a few days old but still worth posting about nonetheless. Qantas have unveiled their brand new interiors on their... Read More

Wild About Travel
Stupendous Shanghai

I  rank every city I visit across a variety of factors including aesthetics, culture and transport. Shanghai is the 200th city of over 100,000 people I have... Read More

Wild About Travel
When the change fees cost more than a new ticket

On two occasions, this month, I have had the need to make future changes to flight bookings. On one booking, travel was 75 days away. Each time, the option of changing a... Read More

Wild About Travel
Which airlines have names for their planes- and why?

For centuries, sailing ships carried names, had captains, were Christened, experienced water salutes and had their left side referred to as port and right side as... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Review – Park Hyatt Bangkok Diplomatic Suite

Last week I decided to go visit 2 of my very good friends over in Bangkok. I’ve only transited through Bangkok before so I was quite excited to be able to leave... Read More

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