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Wild About Travel
Airbus’ 2035 Zero emissions Hydrogen planes

With the drive to shift the world from fossil fuels, companies across the world are looking for new types of aircraft fuel. Norway’s government have already announced... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Thai Airways 747 First Class Review, Bangkok – Sydney

Thai Airways first class has long been a product I’ve wanted to test out for myself, especially on board the iconic 747. The airline only operated the aircraft on a... Read More

Wild About Travel
Following the Farewell to 49 years of Qantas 747

What would I have given to be on this 747 as it made its last voyage across the Pacific? Sadly, no passengers were aboard, sadly,  nor any cabin crew. I would not have... Read More

Wild About Travel
Farewell Air France’s 380

Another impact of COVID19 is Air France’s early retirement of their ten A380s, just eleven years after the airline first received them. The CEO of the Air France-KLM... Read More

Wild About Travel
Walking 116 miles across Bangkok for MS

  Multiple Sclerosis is a disease where the body’s own immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. This results in many different symptoms,... Read More

Wild About Travel

Watching the US protests, riots and with frustration, sadness and anxiety. So many places I know and so many people I know are being impacted by a the current events. I... Read More

Wild About Travel
We Need a Holiday. WizzAir Flashmob Dance

Wizzair staff took advantage of downtime and an empty Budapest airport to remind us “we need a holiday“. Wizz Dance from WATER FILM GROUP on Vimeo. Budapest seems to... Read More

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