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Points From The Pacific
Thank You! – The Blog Is Back & Going To Be Better Than Ever

I know I know, the lack of posts the past year (almost 2) has been pretty disappointing, I first of all want to sincerely apologise for that. I hate making promises that... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Qantas Are Currently Offering Another Double Status Credits Offer

Often a couple of times a year we see Qantas run a promotion offering double status credits on bookings. It’s a great incentive for people wanting to chase a... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Emirates Has Placed An Order For 70 New Airbus Aircraft

It’s no surprise, the middle eastern carriers are known for their extravagant lounges, onboard products and everything in between. The big 3, Etihad, Emirates and... Read More

Wild About Travel
Riding the Quaint Beautiful Jiji railway in Taiwan

There is something magical for me, about train rides whether slow steam hauled locals  or super high speed expresses that criss cross parts of Asia and Europe.... Read More

Wild About Travel
Happy 50th Birthday to the 747-the first plane I loved!

On the 9th of February 1969, the first 747 flew for the first time, a nearly two-hour flight from Everett, Washington and back again. My first flight with the 747 was on... Read More

Wild About Travel
Air NZ Worst safety ad -pulled. What went wrong?

I have not met anyone who has disliked the highly creative Air New Zealand safety briefings until now. After hree months of criticism from NZ Politicians, celebrities,... Read More

Wild About Travel
HK Airlines Trip Report -good airline -lousy Business?

  There is an old adage about Australian airline Ansett before it collapsed that it was “a great airline, but a poor business”. Virgin America,... Read More

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