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Points From The Pacific
Closed – All Qantas Lounges Are Shut As Of Today

Last week, Qantas put forward their plans for the routes that would be cut and the aircraft grounded amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Among the other important news... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Emirates Will Cancel All Of Their Services In A Couple Of Days

As the situation regarding the virus continues to worsen, more and more airlines are updating their schedules to reflect all of the travel bans and the lesser amount of... Read More

Wild About Travel
Virgin Atlantic Sucks- COVID19 Fail

II try and avoid these type of posts but I have become so disillusioned with Virgin Atlantic. Imagine if in December, I had bought a non refundable airline ticket... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Qantas Points Club – What Is It & Who Is It Aimed At?

Finally, it feels fantastic to write about something other than coronavirus related news. This week, in between all of the route changes and fleet grounding, Qantas... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Very Soon, Brisbane Airport Could Be Home For Up To 101 Grounded Aircraft

All of our airlines in Australia right now are facing events I never even thought I’d see in my lifetime and it’s pretty crazy to think about. So far,... Read More

Points From The Pacific
All Of Qantas’ International Lounges Will Be Closed Temporarily

It’s pretty evident, international travel has almost stopped around the world, and that’s pretty crazy to gasp and get your head around. Airlines are facing... Read More

Points From The Pacific
Qantas To Give Flyers A Status Extension Amid COVID-19

The past few weeks have been nothing but stress, confusion, cancellations and anything in between for a lot of people. Not only has the virus been causing trouble for... Read More

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