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Air NZ: Santa’s Naughty List brings International Change

I look forward to two Christmas advertisments each year: John Lewis and Air New Zealand’s (even though I had some concerns with last year’s). The NZ one was... Read More

Wild About Travel
Qantas A380 Business to Singapore-sailing to one million km

Today’s flight was special because whilst aboard I reached a “milestone” of one million kilometres flown with Qantas. This has taken me an enjoyable... Read More

Wild About Travel
One Million Kilometres with Qantas

This week, a beautiful Melbourne, Australia to Singapore A380 flight tipped me over one million kilometres flown with Qantas. This is about a third of my total flying.... Read More

Wild About Travel
Air Malta, CityJet, LEVEL, Qantas , Wizz CEO and WOW win 2018 Excellence Awards

The CAPA – Centre for Aviation was launched in 1990, to build aviation knowledge. I find them a great go to site for good deep air research. Since 2003, their... Read More

Wild About Travel
Lion Air’s Woeful Safety

Have you seen those rants (usually on Facebook) from passengers  fuming because “their” plane has been cancelled or delayed. The tone they use often... Read More

Wild About Travel
Flight Report Thai Airways Business -787 Bangkok to Brisbane

By the numbers. This was my 1276th flight ever and my 46th flight this year. It was my 79th time at Bangkok aiport and my 55th into Brisbane, Australia. It is my 8th... Read More

Wild About Travel
Upgrading my Qantas experience-How I get Top Elite status in three round trips (almost)

I was sitting down to lunch a few years, with the family when my airline called to tell me my flight to Auckland was cancelled and I would miss my connection to Samoa.... Read More

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