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니가 가라~! (6): Park Hyatt Seoul
안녕하세요? otherwhile입니다. 오늘은 “니가 가라~!” 시리즈로 Park Hyatt Seoul로 가보겠습니다^^ 작년 60박을 못해서 올해 3월부터 globalist에서 explorist로 강등당하는 상황에서 마지막으로 guest of honor (이하, GOH) 해줘야겠다 싶어서… 처제네를 또 보내게 되었습니다~!   약간은 모종의 deal을 하였습니다~! 호텔 소개를 위해서 사진 쫌 이쁘게 잘 찍어서 보내달라고...
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Porto, Portugal 2022 #1 – Day 1: Train to Porto, Cafe Santiago, Azulejo Portugal – Moxie w/out Borders
안녕하세요, Moxie입니다.  Moxie의 2022년 포르투갈 포르투 여행기 1편에 오셨습니다.  지난 8편의 리스본 여행기에서 보신 4박 5일간의 여행을 마치고, 포르투로 이동하였습니다. 오늘부터 보시는 여행기에서는 포르투의 2박 3일 여행 모습을 보실수 있습니다.  포르투갈 여행관련글들과 리스본 여행기 8편은 본 포스팅 맨 아래에 가시면 링크가 있으니, 한번씩 읽어보시면 좋겠습니다. ...
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Tier Last Call 2023 Promotion (힐튼 티어 유지 프로모션)
우선은 1/23일자로 Hilton에서도 tier last call 2023 promotion이 나왔는데요, LoyaltyLobby에서 이 소식을 조목조목 설명하였는데요, 저희 플막에서도 알려드리면 좋을 듯 해서 추가된 내용과 조금 더 상세하게 말씀드리고자 소식을 알립니다^^
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InterContinental Hotel Porto – Palacio Das Cardosas Review
지난 10월말 포르투갈 여행중에 다녀왔던 InterContinental Hotel Porto 숙박 리뷰입니다. 4박 5일간의 Hyatt Regency Lisboa 숙박과 리스본 여행을 마치고 아침 기차를 타고 포르투로 왔습니다. 기차는 Lisbon Orient역에서 Porto Campanha역으로 3시간을 타고 갔고요. 원래 여행전에 예약은 Hilton Gaia로 했었다가, 주변 사람들이 하도 오늘 보시는 호텔 좋다고, "포르투에서는 여기에 자야지"... 막 그러셔서 경험해보기로하고...
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Paddle Your Own Kanoo
FedEx Express Plane Nearly Lands On Top of Packed Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Amidst Dense Fog at Austin Airport
The National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) said on Saturday that it was investigating a “possible runway incursion and overflight” in which a FedEx Express aircraft nearly landed on top of a packed Cancun-bound Boeing 737 operated by Southwest Airlines at Austin Bergstrom Airport. The terrifying incident occurred after the Southwest...
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Saturday Selection: Marriott half credit, Book Alaska with Singapore miles, and more
This weekend’s Saturday selection includes confirmation that it is indeed possible to book Alaska Airlines flights with Singapore KrisFlyer miles, a concerning Marriott move, end of of easy Star Alliance Gold, and more. Click the headlines below to read these interesting pieces from around the net. Huh: Marriott Bonvoy Starts...
The Gate with Brian Cohen
What Is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 183
Ruby Tuesday — which is a chain of restaurants with greater than 200 locations worldwide; and two of those locations are near the world headquarters of Delta Air Lines — is at it again since this article of What Is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 173 was published back on...
Points Miles and Bling
Patagonia, Part 1: Trip to the End of the World – Ushuaia, Argentina
Background on the City at the End of the World Our first stop in Patagonia was the city at the… The post Patagonia, Part 1: Trip to the End of the World – Ushuaia, Argentina appeared first on Points Miles and Bling.
Your Mileage May Vary
Earn Airline Miles When Eating Out: Airline Dining Programs Master List
If there’s an easier way to earn airline miles without flying on an airplane than signing up for a dining program, I’m unaware. For those who don’t know about these…
One Mile at a Time
Weekly Review: February 04, 2023
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! I’m at home this weekend spending time with family, before heading out on a big review trip next week. On the points & travel front, this week Delta SkyMiles introduced a new 15% credit card award discount, Qatar Airways and Airbus reached...
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Château LaFake: Should Importing Counterfeit Wine And Other Luxury Goods Be Illegal?
Interesting in U.S. law you cannot protect the recipe for wine. You can only have intellectual property in its packaging. If the wine tastes identical, then customers are really getting what they expected right? And it's just the famous brand that isn't making profit off of it. If...
No Work All Travel
Airline Meals, Part 1
Looking through photos of the pre-pandemic travel days, I began to feel nostalgic for something unusual…or so I thought, until coming across news of Malaysians being able to order AirAsia meals at Kuala Lumpur malls. Then, in October 2020, I found out about Singapore Airlines catering economy and business class...
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Grand Hyatt Scottsdale Resort & Spa Rebranding in 2024
The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch will be rebranded to the Grand Hyatt Scottsdale Resort & Spa in late 2024. The property currently has 493 guestrooms and suites. As part of the rebranding, the property will undergo a $110 million property renovation including guestrooms; pools; food and...
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Hotel Review: Grand Hyatt Nashville Corner Suite
Looking for an upscale place to stay in Music City USA? Check out our review of the Grand Hyatt Nashville and all it has to offer. The post Hotel Review: Grand Hyatt Nashville Corner Suite appeared first on Miles to Memories.
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Lombardi’s: The First Pizzeria In the United States
Although I was born and raised in the city of New York, I am embarrassed to admit that I had never partaken in the offerings of Lombardi’s — the first pizzeria in the United States — until last year when I returned to New York and that oversight was finally...
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Iberia seat sale: Fly from the U.S. to Spain from $419
Iberia has a new seat sale for their flights out of the U.S.. Fares start as low as $419 for basic economy round trip fights to Spain. The offer needs to be booked by February 10 for travel completed February 14 – March 31, 2023. Click here for more details...
Photos: American Airlines Revamped Admirals Club Experience at Washington National Airport
Opened in October 2022, the third Admirals Club location at Ronald Reagan-Washington National Airport stands out compared to other lounges. The first lounge to feature the “new and reimagined” design, American Airlines intends to implement the design concept in many of its Admirals Clubs across the United States. In late...
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Steakhouse Cheeseburger On United Airlines
It seems that every month United Airlines offers a slight variation on its cheeseburger, so for this week’s Meal of the Week let’s review the “steakhouse cheeseburger” I enjoyed earlier this week. Steakhouse Cheeseburger On United Airlines – Yea Or Nay? United Airlines promises that improvements to its onboard catering...
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Close to $300K, laid off, and this year’s goals – February 2023 Freedom update
I feel like my life is on hold. Like I’m on hold, but life just keeps on life-ing. We’re days away from getting the judge’s ruling for a set of cases that have been going on for the past year, hopefully early next week. We think it’ll be in our favor,...
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Delta Launching New York To Buenos Aires Route
Delta Air Lines is launching a noteworthy new route to South America out of New York.
Monkey Miles
How to use the IHG credit card free night awards to get top value ( Anniversary Night Award )
A guide on how to use the free night award from Chase IHG Credit Cards The post How to use the IHG credit card free night awards to get top value ( Anniversary Night Award ) appeared first on Monkey Miles.
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Years Later, I’ve Discovered My Best Use of Food Delivery Services
I've enjoyed using credits from food delivery services for years. But only recently have I found my optimal use for these credits. The post Years Later, I’ve Discovered My Best Use of Food Delivery Services appeared first on Miles to Memories.
Points With a Crew
Why Do Some Airlines Weigh Passengers?
There are many factors that determine an airplane's ability to safely fly. While some airlines weigh passengers before takeoff, there is currently...
Point Me to the Plane
Fun New Online Game For Travelers
If you like to travel, play games, and think you're a whiz at recognizing places and famous sites, check this out!
Point Me to the Plane
Don’t Miss Out On Paying Less For Your Hotel Rooms
Maybe you can’t avoid resort fees, but you can pay less for your hotel room! Here's how.
SAS Upgrade Bidding: My Experience Trying to Snag Business Class
How much is business class worth over economy? Here's my experience and price point entering the SAS upgrade bidding fray on a recent flight.
Sam Chui
Hong Kong to Giveaway 700,000 Free Airline Tickets
With Hong Kong fully reopening to the world, it announced a plan to distribute nearly 700,000 free airline tickets to residents and visitors. This plan called “World Of Winners” was first announced on October 2022 to promote the recovery of the aviation industry, tourism, and economy of Hong Kong. Well,...
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Check The Hotel Bible, People Are Leaving Cash Inside?
There's an urban legend that you can find cash tucked into the bible in your hotel room. And I'm here to say that I cannot tell you that this won't happen. Some of you will want to check, at least leaf through the pages of the book in...
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감정이 이끌려 즉흥적으로 가게 된 여행 (2): New Orleans에서 Houston까지 [찔러나 보자 (55): 2023년에도 계속되는 찔러나 보자^^]
지난번 "감정이 이끌려 즉흥적으로 가게 된 여행" 1편에 이어서 이번에는 두번째 절반의 일정을 소개하고자 하는데요, 우선 Gulf Shores에서 출발해서 New Orleans를 거쳐 Houston까지 가는 일정이 되겠습니다^^ 지난번과 비슷하게 mapping을 한번 보여드려요^^
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하얏 비지니스 카드 승인 후기와 지난 카드신청 기록정리
오늘은 지난주에 승인받은 하얏 비지니스 크레딧카드 얘기와, 크레딧카드 신청의 전반적인 얘기의 아주 일부(ㅋ)만 조금 해 볼까 합니다. 저희에게 최근에 가장 Hot 한 크레딧 카드는 아래 보시는 체이스 발행 잉크 비지니스 크레딧 카드 두장인데 말이죠. 연회비도 없는 두 카드가 기간 한정으로 유알포인트 9만포인트를 제공하고 있습니다. 비지니스 카드를 하실수 있는 분들께는 놓쳐서는 안될...
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World of Hyatt – Targeted Promotions (Q1 2023)
지난주 언젠가부터 하얏에서 전체 회원에게 2023년 1사분기 프로모션 이메일을 보냈습니다. 예전에는 Bonus Journey 라고해서 회원마다 크게 다를것이 없는 같은, 혹은 비슷한 프로모션을 공개적으로 선보였었는데 말이죠. 이번에는 조금 방법을 바꾼듯 합니다. 지난주에 각각의 회원들에게 보내어진 이메일에는 그 회원에게만 적용되는 다른 프로모션이 들어있었는데요. 오늘 포스팅에서는 그 내용을 한번 알아보고, 만약에 이메일을 못받으신 회원분이 계시면 어떻게...
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Staycation : Grayson Hotel, New York City
2022년 크리스마스를 맞아 맨하탄 스테이케이션을 했습니다. 하얏트의 글로벌리스트 달성을 위한 마지막 60번째 숙박이기도 했네요.   이번 스테이케이션의 주인공은 Grayson Hotel 입니다.   Grayson Hotel 30 West 39th St New York, NY 10018   하얏트 호텔의 Unbound Collection 으로 2022년 11월에 오픈한 제가 아주 좋아하는 초.신.상...
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Kimpton Shane Hotel (Feat. 다이아몬드 티어 무료 조식), 스테이케이션 #24
2022년 마지막 여행으로 새로 오픈한 킴튼 호텔에 다녀왔습니다. 부부 이름으로 방 하나씩, 총 2개 예약했고요. 호텔 간판이 없어서 입구 찾는데 약간 어려움을 겪었어요. GPS 잘 보고 가셔요.   주차 발렛 파킹 fee가 $45인데, 같은 건물에 주차장이 있어서 셀프 주차했습니다. 오버나잇하니까 상대적으로 저렴한 $22 나왔어요.  ...
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감정이 이끌려 즉흥적으로 가게 된 여행 (1): Jackson에서 Gulf Shores까지 [+찔러나 보자 (54): 올해 마지막을 찔러나 보자로^^]
매번 "감정이 이끄는 여행계획"이라는 제목으로 여행계획 및 여행장소에 대해서 소개하고 하였는데요, 이번에는 그런 거 없이... 그냥 정말 감정이 이끌려 즉흥적으로 가게 된 여행이었습니다! 그냥 매년마다 저희 가정이 좋아하는 코스가 있는데요 ... 딱 1주일치기로 roard trip 하기는 이 코스가 좋아서 2년 요런 식으로 몇번을 했네요~! 질릴만도 한데... 이상하게 좋더라구요! 그래서 이번에도 또...
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Lisbon, Portugal 2022 #8 – Day 4: Jeronimos Monastery (제로니모스 수도원) – Moxie w/out Borders
안녕하세요, Moxie입니다. Moxie의 2022 포르투갈 여행기 8편에 오셨습니다. 오늘 보시는 여행기 8편은 리스본 여행 마지막편으로서 리스본 여행시에 꼭 가보셔야 한다는 제로니모스 수도원(Jeronimos Monastery)으로 같이 가보시겠습니다. 지난 여행기 7편에 보셨던 곳들(국립 전차 박물관, 디스커버리 모뉴먼트, 벨렘타워)이 모두 같은 벨렘지구에 길만 건너면 되는곳에 밀집해 있습니다. 그래서 열거한...
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만화로 보는 2022년 여행기
  2022년 마무리를 색다른 방식으로 해볼까해서, 만화로 다녔던 곳들 정리해보려고 합니다. 제가 직접 그린건 아니고 핸드폰 편집 기능 활용했습니다. ^^   #1 한국 방문 코비드 때문에 그동안 갈 수 없었던 한국에 오랜만에 다녀왔습니다. 저희집 6살 막내는 이번이 첫 한국 방문이었어요. 한국에 있는 가족들과 맛있는 음식도...