IT: Airline computer systems go down. Flights delayed/cancelled
Aircraft worldwide have been affected by an IT outage caused by a fault in the CrowdStrike Falcon security platform. The outage has affected computer systems worldwide in a range of industries. In Australia, Qantas Group systems have been affected, resulting in Jetstar flights in Australia and New Zealand being cancelled...
THAILAND: Visa exemption now allows for 60 day stay
Australians and New Zealanders, in fact, citizens of 93 countries who are eligible for the visa exemption program, can now stay for 60 days. Here is the Thai government’s public relations release. Previously, the maximum stay without visa renewal was 30 days, so you now have double the time to...
LOUNGE REVIEW: Manaia Lounge, Christchurch, New Zealand
I’m not going to spend too many words on this lounge. It’s an OK lounge with a mixture of clients. Emirates, Qantas, Fiji Airways, China Southern Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Jetstar use the lounge. It also has paid access when capacity allows. It’s also a Priority Pass lounge. It’s a...
MALAYSIAN AIRLINES: Remembering the downing of flight MH17
On July 17, 2014, a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER was shot down by Russian separatist forces in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine. The scheduled MH17 flight was on its way between Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. All 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed. 38 of those were Australian citizens....
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The SAGA Museum: Where Iceland’s History Comes to Life… Literally!
I recently received a Facebook reminder that it has been three years since our memorable trip to Iceland. Looking back over the past week, I’ve seen so many wonderful memories…
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Buy Choice points with as much as a 50% discount (0.51c per point)
Choice Privileges has launched two new promotions to buy points. One is the normal promo that offer up to a 30% discount; that can get points down to as low as 0.72c per point. This promo appears to be targeted to various members at either 25% or 30%. There also...
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Avianca LifeMiles: Buy miles with up to a 160% bonus
Avianca LifeMiles are out with the next buy miles bonus! This time they are back with a bonus of up to 160%! This is a tiered bonus as shown below and when you buy the miles at the 160% level you are paying 1.27 cents per mile. The offer varies ...
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Crowdstrike Outage Cripples Hotel Operations
Hotel operations have been crippled due to the Crowdstrike IT outage with hotels unable to process payments or make room keys. The post Crowdstrike Outage Cripples Hotel Operations appeared first on ATX Jetsetter.
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Global Systems Outage Wrecks Havoc on Air Travel this Friday
Thousands of flights were grounded Friday in the U.S. as a technical disaster impacted operations at government agencies and businesses worldwide. The post Global Systems Outage Wrecks Havoc on Air Travel this Friday appeared first on Miles to Memories.
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Robocop vs. Guest: A High-Stakes Chase Through Las Vegas Hotel Parking Lot [Roundup]
A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Robocop vs. Guest: A High-Stakes Chase Through Las Vegas Hotel Parking Lot [Roundup]...
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What are Capital One Credit Card application rules?
What are Capital One application rules? We break down the rules so you can be most successful in your application The post What are Capital One Credit Card application rules? appeared first on Monkey Miles.
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Walmart.com Amex Offer: Save 10% on up to $200 in purchases (targeted)
There’s a new Walmart.com Amex Offer out that offers a 10% discount on up to $200 in purchases. Neither my wife nor I were both targeted on any of our twenty-seven Amex cards, so it may be tightly-targeted (or Amex/Walmart might not like us). Usually, when Walmart runs these offers,...
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Why the Las Vegas Strip Doesn’t Have Strip Clubs
Las Vegas. The City of Second Chances. Gluttony Central. The adult playground. Perhaps most famously known as Sin City. With gambling, booze, legal prostitution and now legal pot, Las Vegas…
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American Airlines Finally Reaches a Contract Deal With its Flight Attendants After More Than Five Years of Negotiations
After more than five years of negotiations, persistent threats of a crippling strike, and high-level intervention from the Biden administration, a tentative contract agreement has finally been reached between American Airlines and its 28,000 strong workforce of flight attendants. The deal was reached on Friday following a week of secretive...
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American Airlines Flight Attendants Get a Tentative Contract Agreement
American Airlines’ management and the union representing its flight attendants have reached a tentative… The post American Airlines Flight Attendants Get a Tentative Contract Agreement appeared first on The Bulkhead Seat.
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Avianca LifeMiles on sale with 160% Bonus (1.27 cents each)
Avianca has its monthly bonus available on LifeMiles purchases, this time it’s 160%. That brings the cost per mile down to 1.27 cents, just below our reasonable redemption value for LifeMiles of 1.3 cents each.  At that price, buying for a specific high-value redemption could make some sense (like business...
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American Airlines and the APFA Reach a Tentative Contract Agreement
American Airlines and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. The post American Airlines and the APFA Reach a Tentative Contract Agreement appeared first on ATX Jetsetter.
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Major: American Flight Attendants Get Tentative Contract
For a long time now, American Airlines management and the union representing flight attendants have been in contentious negotiations over a new contract. There’s now a significant update…
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American Airlines Reaches Contract Agreement With Flight Attendants
The Association of Professional Flight Attendants has updated its members, sharing that they've reached a tentative agreement with American Airlines. Knowing that they were negotiating this week in Phoenix, not D.C. and without the involvement of federal mediators, it was clear that they were close to a deal and simply...
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Man Thrown Off Southwest Airlines Flight For Pathetically Childish Reaction To Flight Delay
A man was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight for repeatedly berating gate agents over a flight delay beyond their control. Some things never change… Man Pulled Off Southwest Airlines Flight After Refusing To Stop Yelling And Cursing At Gate Agents This is not a recent incident. In fact, it...
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US-Bound Air India Flight Diverts To Russia, With Solid Rescue Effort
Yesterday, an Air India aircraft scheduled to fly from India to the United States diverted to Russia, creating a rather uncomfortable situation for many passengers (both literally and figuratively). I wanted to provide an update, as Air India has done a pretty good job with its ”rescue” effort here…
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Secret Service Blocks VP Nominee’s Plane From GOP Convention Airspace, Forces Diversion
Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President on Thursday. His Vice Presidential running mate, Senator J.D. Vance, almost wasn't there because his team had forgotten to secure clearance for the charter bringing him to the convention to enter its restricted airspace. Continue reading Secret Service Blocks VP Nominee’s Plane...
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How to Use TripIt Pro’s Price Alerts to Your Advantage
I’ve been paying for TripIt Pro for many years. It’s been worth the $49 fee to get immediate updates on flight changes and travel information quicker than the airline alerts.…
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Earn Up to 5,500 Bonus Miles Through Alaska, Southwest, and United Shopping Portals
You can earn up to a total of 5,500 bonus miles through the Alaska, Southwest, and United portals. The post Earn Up to 5,500 Bonus Miles Through Alaska, Southwest, and United Shopping Portals appeared first on Miles to Memories.
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Buy Lifemiles With A 160% Bonus (1.27 Cents Per Mile)
Buying miles & points strategically can represent a great value, especially for first and business class travel.The avianca lifemiles program has just launched its newest promotion on purchased miles, which has the potential to be a great deal.
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Get $250 back on Virgin Atlantic flights with new Amex Offer
There is a new targeted (but widely available) Amex Offer out that’s good for $250 back when you send $1,800 or more with Virgin Atlantic. For those still looking for Summer/Fall European travel, this could be a useful accoutrement and could take some of the bite out of those inflated...
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Where Do You Keep Your Passport When Traveling?
A longtime OMAAT reader posed an interesting question about traveling with a passport:
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5 Takeaways From United Airlines Q2 2024 Earnings Call
In a freewheeling Q2 2024 earnings call, the C-Suite at Untied Airlines focused on the future and the positives in the latest earnings report, but also shared several tidbits I found interesting. 5 Takeaways From This Week’s United Airlines Earnings Call On July 18, 2024 United Airlines held its Q2...
LOUNGE REVIEW: First Look – Air New Zealand Sydney Lounge
This is where my latest adventure began. I was travelling on a Thai Airways A350 from Sydney to Bangkok, so my journey started in this lounge. Thai Airways in Sydney uses this Star Alliance Lounge run by Air New Zealand since it doesn’t have one of its own. The lounge...
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Navigating Travel Risks in a Complex World
Introduction: The Importance of Safety in Travel Travel brings unexpected challenges, from lost baggage to plane delays to car accidents to heart attacks. I have travelled or lived in 80 countries now, including four war zones, and I do all I can to protect myself, my property, and my data.”...
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Ten Busiest International Air Routes out of Europe in 2024
In 2024, around 23 million people will fly on the top ten busiest international air routes out of Europe. These passenger numbers reflect the rebound in strong demand for travel to major destinations around the world from key European cities. As an avid traveller, I was very curious to see...
REX: Regional Express airline board trouble
The Ex-Executive Chair, having stepped down, now wants to eject the entire board. Singapore-based Lim Kim Hai stood down as chairman of REX (Regional Express) last month (June 2024) days after the ASX queried related party transactions. His replacement Chair was to be former Howard government minister John Sharp, with...
FIJI AIRWAYS: Bound for Dallas Fort Worth?
The winner of Skytrax Best Airline in Australia and Pacific 2024 has applied to fly three times a week between Nadi and Dallas Fort Worth (DFW). DFW is a major hub for fellow OneWorld member American Airlines. This makes sense since Fiji Airways has recently adopted American Airlines’ AAdvantage scheme...
QANTAS: Worst performance -100 days to resolve complaints
Qantas had the worst performance in responding to complaints, taking an average of 97 days during 2023. Jetstar took 18 days, REX 19 and Virgin 16 days on average. The participating airlines publish a commitment to a 20 day timeframe for handling complaints. The Airline Customer Advocate, an industry-based complaints-handling...
QANTAS: Flexible Qantas Club Membership – limited benefits
As has been rumoured recently, Qantas today (10 July) introduces a new monthly Qantas Club membership plan for infrequent flyers who want some of the benefits of lounge access. Qantas seems to be on a mission to squeeze every dollar it can out of its customers. This includes charging for...
BOEING: Pleading guilty to criminal conspiracy
Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has agreed to plead guilty to a felony charge of criminal conspiracy to defraud the US. The agreement has been reached after the Justice Department found that Boeing had not kept faith with an earlier settlement following the two fate crashes of its 737 MAX aircraft. If...