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New TUMI & McLaren Premium 9-Piece Luggage Collection is Stunning

Luggage and Formula 1 collaborations have been done before, but few will argue so successfully as this. The new premium luggage collection between TUMI | McLaren really... Read More

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Deal of the Day: Portable Storage Drives for Your Tech

If you want to get some new portable storage devices - or some at home - here are some great deals for you! These are great to throw in the carry-on as well! The post... Read More

Travellers can now take that Sonos Sound on the Road with the New Roam Portable Speaker

Sonos has just announced its first truly portable Bluetooth speaker for travellers, the Roam. Back in 2019 Sonos took the first steps into making their premium speakers... Read More

Act Quick, Away are Having a Surprise Sale

2020 will be remembered for many reasons, but for travellers, one of the few highlights was Away hosting their first-ever sale. We can all agree with '21 isn't off to... Read More

Get a Better Nights Sleep on your Next Hotel Stay with the New Bose Sleepbuds 2

Bose has gone to the drawing board, listened to its customer's feedback and has fixed the faults to deliver a new SleepBuds 2. The post Get a Better Nights Sleep on your... Read More

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Deal of the Day: Anker Video Projectors – An Awesome Portable Projector

Check out this deal of the day! Anker has some of their video projectors on sale, from their ultra-portable projector to more powerful projectors as well. The post Deal... Read More

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The New Insta360 Go 2 – The Go Anywhere Camera, Perfect for Travel, Running, and Life

The new Insta360 GO 2 camera is here! This would be a great addition to your bag - or pocket - to help you capture things on the run, in your travels, or just in your... Read More

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How Good Are $50 Noise Canceling Headphones? Review of the Anker Soundcore Life Q20

How good can $50 noise canceling headphones be? Are they good options over the $300+ headphones? A review of the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 - under $50! The post How Good... Read More

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Your Smartphone Could Soon Help You Test for Covid-19

You could soon use your smartphone to help identify if you have Covid-19! Find out about this new test that is just awaiting approval before rolling out! The post Your... Read More

So, You’re Under Hotel Quarantine for 14 Days – A Tech Survival Guide

Some frequent travellers could well take a 14-day hotel quarantine & lockdown in their stride, while others may dread it. This got me thinking about how I would... Read More

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Is Your VPN As Secure As You Think?

We’ve written plenty about why you should always use a VPN when connecting to an unknown wireless network. No matter if you’re in a hotel lobby, on a plane,... Read More

Apple sets Sights on the Best Travel Headphones with the New AirPods Max

We all knew it was coming, Apple moving into the high-end headphones market. They brought up Beats a few years back, and although I'm a fan of them, they're not in the... Read More

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Great Deals on Jabra Earbuds – Including Noise Canceling Jabra Elite Earbuds!

Jabra makes some great erbuds and here are some great deals on those Jabra earbuds - as low as $29! Plus, there are noise canceling models on sale also! The post Great... Read More

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Even Lower! Apple AirPods Pro Now $70 Off – One of the Lowest Prices Yet

The Apple AirPods Pro have dropped in price again - now they are $70 off! This makes it the lowest price ever, after the Black Friday pricing. The post Even Lower! Apple... Read More

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Google Fi Bringing New Feature to iPhones for Online Security

Google Fi is about to introduce a new feature for iPhone users that will help them to stay secure online - for no extra fee! The post Google Fi Bringing New Feature to... Read More

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Great Deal! Apple AirPods Pro on Sale for $60 Off and In Stock

Grab a pair of the very popular Apple AirPods Pro now while they are on sale for $60 off and in stock! These are great for noise canceling and fitness - as well as... Read More

New RIMOWA Mars & Mercury Collection is Out of This World

Maybe RIMOWA knows something about the advancement of space travel that we don't. As it has taken inspiration for its latest collection from Mars & Mercury, and the... Read More

Business Travel has a New Look – Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium YOGA

There were plenty of new laptops on show during #CES2021 and one of the most eye-catching & important, for me anyway, is the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga.... Read More

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30+ BEST Travel Gifts for Couples (That They Will Definitely Love!)

Looking for a travel inspired gift for your favorite traveling couple or a gift for your significant other that you can both enjoy when traveling together or even at... Read More

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Deal of the Day: DJI Osmo Pocket – Great Camera for Travel and Running

Here is a great deal of the day for anyone that wants to be able to capture smooth video anywhere - the DJI Osmo Pocket! This is great for travel and running! The post... Read More

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New TripIt Update Shows You the Covid-19 Information You Need for Your Trip

This new TripIt update gives you a ton of information related to Covid-19 so you know what to expect for that upcoming trip. Check out the details! The post New TripIt... Read More

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New iPhone Update Will Let You Unlock Your Phone with a Mask On – with a Catch

If you are trying to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, it may soon get a little bit easier to get this done! This is a welcome change - but you will need one more... Read More

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Valentine’s Day Themed Travel Gifts

Valentine's Day is a mere two weeks away and while a trip might be the best gift you could get that special someone most of us are still on travel lockdowns. Instead, a... Read More

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What To Do When Connecting To A VPN Kicks You Off The Network

As we find ourselves on our computers more and more when we’re traveling, I’ve tried to keep up with protecting our data. Connecting to WiFi networks is one of... Read More

Project Hazel from Razer makes the Face Mask Smart

The reason so many tech fans enjoy CES every year is for the new and exciting launches and concepts the event dishes up. This year at #CES2021 Razer took the... Read More

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Great Deal on the Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones!

If you want a great pair of noise canceling headphones at a sale price, check out this great deal on the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones! The post Great Deal on the Sony... Read More

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Apple AirPods Pro Earbuds On Sale and In Stock – $50 Off

The Apple AirPods Pro are on sale and in stock. If you want to get these very popular noise canceling earbuds for $50 off, here you go! The post Apple AirPods Pro... Read More

New Apple Watch SE – Overview & Specifications

The big surprise during the Apple 2020 Fall event for me was the new Apple Watch SE and more specifically the specifications and price! The post New Apple Watch SE –... Read More

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series has a New Style and a Lower Price

At its first Unpacked event of 2021, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S21 series. Three new flagship handsets boasting a change in design, an attractive lower entry... Read More

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More Countries Require Proof Of COVID Testing. Are They All On the Same Page?

Reuters reported the other day that, “The World Health Organization on Friday refrained from advising proof of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity as a condition for... Read More

Lenovo Launches Affordable Android Tablet with new Tab P11

Following on from the 2020 Pro model, Lenovo has announced a family focused affordable mid-market Android tablet. The new Tab P11 was confirmed in the lead up to, and... Read More

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