Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most when frequent flyers are reading BoardingArea.

What is BoardingArea?

Simply put—

BoardingArea was founded on the idea of making it easy for you to follow your favorite travel blogs and along the way discover new ones. Imagine that, all your favorite frequent flyer blogs in one place. Publishing over 2,000 stories a month, you’ll find new interesting blogs or simply stay up to date with what’s the news is right now.

BoardingArea is an incredible content discovery engine and when you use My BoardingArea, you’ll be able to refine your experience by blogs, topics and even regions and languages. Welcome to your read.

Worried about data privacy?

Then worry no more. If you notice, we don’t require you to register to read BoardingArea so we’re not collecting any information about you there. We don’t know your name, your frequent flyer number or even what your last award redemption was. And we’re good with not knowing that.

However, we do place a few cookies in your browser for two reasons and these cookies can contain some data:

  • If you decide to use our My BoardingArea feature, it will set what is known as a preference cookie — also known as a “functionality cookie”. This cookie allows us to remember choices you have made in the blogs, stories and even regions you have decided to follow—this is its only purpose. No name or password, just a cookie that will remain on your device until you erase it or your browser does.
  • The other cookies that are set on your device and browser are those related to advertising, comments to a blog or our Contact page, similar to almost any and all other websites you may visit. All information related to that data and our policy on them can be read here.
How do I complain about a blogger?

Complain about a blogger or a blog? That’s OK, we don’t take it personally and there may be good reason for this. There’s two ways you can complain:

  • Complain directly to the blog / blogger themselves by following these instructions.
  • Complain to us. We’ll read it and reply to you with how we feel about the complaint and just as important if we think there is anything we can do for you. There’s not a long line, but the best thing to do is use our Contact form.
How do I contact a blogger?

It is possible. Each blogger on BoardingArea has a way to be contacted directly from their blog. Here’s How:

  • Follow this link to Our Bloggers.
  • Click on the name of the blog you wish to contact.
  • When the card turns, you’ll see a link to the blog as well as a link to their Contact page.

  • Click the link and you’ll be where you need to be.
Why am I not getting the BoardingArea newsletter?

We hate that when it happens. The most common problems are that it has ended up in your junk/spam folder (obviously by accident) or a filter with your email provider doesn’t like us as much as you do. And trying to sort all that out will cut into your travel time.

BEST ADVICE: Start all over by going here where you will be prompted to enter your email address again and let’s go from there.

How do I update my email address for your newsletter?

Glad you asked. We’ve made that easy by including a link at the bottom of each newsletter. See the “Update your preferences.” link. Click. Change. You’re done. #readmore

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Good question. We’ve made that easy by including a link at the bottom of each newsletter. See the “Unsubscribe from this list.” Click. You’re gone.

Do you accept guest posts?

The short answer is—NO. BoardingArea is a collaborative of the best blogs for the frequent flyer and they create more than 60 stories a day for our readership. Each blogger is a frequent flyer who’s passion stands out in their content. As such, we see no need for outside content of any type. #sorry (and truly, thanks for asking.)

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?

We do. It is a weekly newsletter curated by our readers who select the top 12 stories for the week among all the blogs of BoardingArea. For the frequent flyer—by the frequent flyer.

You can subscribe here.

I’m not finding my question.

Hmmm, it’s here somewhere. We’ll go find it (the question and the answer) if you use the Contact page to ask it.

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