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50 Hours in Qatar Airways QSuites: My Full Review
50 hours in Qatar QSuites in just a week's time. Click through because it might really live up to the hype. The post 50 Hours in Qatar Airways QSuites: My Full Review appeared first on Andy's Travel Blog.
Frequent Floaters
The Power of a Complaint on a Cruise Ship – Think Before You Speak!
Let’s face it. Things aren’t always going to be the way you planned or hoped. Pipes will burst, flights will get delayed, that rental car may not be available, and you better believe that steak won’t be medium rare as ordered. Cruise ships are no exception. Crew members will, in...
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What is it like to fly a SpiceJet Boeing 737 MAX in 2023?
I flew a SpiceJet 737-8 MAX aircraft so that you could decide if you wanted to fly them or not. Here is how that went... The post What is it like to fly a SpiceJet Boeing 737 MAX in 2023? appeared first on Live from a Lounge.
Nonstop Points
Trip Report: Winter Holidays in French Polynesia
Just over a year ago, Marriott announced a large devaluation in which they removed their award chart in favor of dynamic pricing. At that time, I had been sitting on a large chunk of Marriott Bonvoy points and I wanted to use them before the new pricing went into effect. ...
Eye of the Flyer
A Rather Bland Tart: Delta’s Pulled Beef Tart First Class Dinner [Review]
A recent ride in First Class provided us the opportunity to try Delta's Pulled Beef Tart Dinner. Here's the tasty, the gross, and something actually tart. The post A Rather Bland Tart: Delta’s Pulled Beef Tart First Class Dinner [Review] appeared first on Eye of the Flyer.
Miles To Memories
Beautiful Scenery, Exciting History & A Burglary: Our 5 Euro Swedish Campervan Adventure!
Sweden Campervan Experience & Our 5 Euro Deal I’ve always had the romantic notion of traveling across a new country in a camper van. I envisioned my husband and me cruising down the open road. Bob and I have camped together plenty – both backpacking and car camping. But we’d...
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Canceled Cruise Ports, Cruise Deals, Avoiding Cruise Weight Gain and more!
This past week was the first “full” week of the newly launched Frequent Floaters and what a week it was. ThatGuy onboard post was really popular with tips when (and it happens all the time btw) your cruise line cancels a schedule port day or changes where you are going....
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California road trip during atmospheric river apocalypse week
New Year’s Eve was a washout for my area of California around Monterey. I spent the first week of 2023 driving 900 miles from Monterey to Orange County and back. On New Year’s Eve, the day before my road trip, San Francisco saw 5.46 inches of rain, ranking second in...
Miles To Memories
Vdara Las Vegas Review: A Great Room in a Great Location
Vdara Las Vegas Review As a Vegas local, it is always a treat to stay at a property on the dazzling Las Vegas Strip. My stay at the Vdara was excellent, and I have always enjoyed my time here. It is a different property than you are probably used to,...
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Vistara 8: Vistara’s eighth anniversary commemorative flight
Vistara recently took to the skies to celebrate its eight years with a special commemorative flight. Here is how the commemorative flight went for those of us on board. The post Vistara 8: Vistara’s eighth anniversary commemorative flight appeared first on Live from a Lounge.
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My Visit to a Sake “Buffet” in Niigata, Japan
After a number of years repeating to myself, “I’m going to visit the world of Japanese sake,” I finally did last month … even though it was cut short by a winter storm. Nevertheless, before getting into the good stuff, I should probably clarify something. Sake — the word many...
Eye of the Flyer
Autoslash saved me almost 50% on a one-way rental to Chicago O’Hare.
The other day I teased with an overview of my amazing month long vacation that included a 21 day Norwegian Cruise Lines crossing. I wanted to start with how the adventure began and to maybe have you consider ways you too could save some cash getting to / from the...
Sam Chui
Trip Report: Ethiopian Airlines A350 New Business Class + Addis Ababa Premium Lounge
After a behind-the-scenes tour of the Addis Ababa hub of Ethiopian Airlines, I am flying out of Addis in the morning to Cape Town onboard Ethiopian Airlines A350. Video Addis Ababa Airport The airport has a typical setup in Africa, only ticket holders are allowed to go inside the terminal....
Economy Class & Beyond
TRIP REPORT: Birthday Adventures to Geneva – To New and Old Adventures
To New and Old Adventures Birthday Adventures to Geneva Where the heck do I want to go? Off to Elmdom International Airport EasyJet EZS1498 Birmingham Airport to Geneva Airport Into Switzerland and Geneva Crowne Plaza Geneva A Morning Walk Around a Quiet City Back to Geneva Airport EasyJet EZS1493 Geneva...
View from the Wing
Review: Hyatt’s Royal Palms Resort, Phoenix
The Royal Palms Resort Phoenix may be my new favorite hotel in the area. The grounds are beautiful, service is excellent, and the food is even good. My own quibble would be with the rooms, which could very much use a refresh. Continue reading Review: Hyatt’s Royal Palms Resort,...